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Mornin '12
Filed under: TAKEN 2, HOLLYWOOD
The trailer for Taken 2 is here. For those of you who haven't seen Taken yet, you probably should, because it's an action movie that got Liam Neeson reestablished as a hard-edged action hero. And it's a really intense, action flick. Loved the original (although this trailer promises the same sort of ride more or less):

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Marku5K Jun 22 2012, 04:07 am EDT

Does not have the same feeling to it!
Bubu Jun 22 2012, 04:27 am EDT
Yeah the first one was bloody amazing ... it didn't need a sequel. Still gona watch it though.
  Bubu: Why?
Bubu: Cuz I'm a sheep and Liam gives me a bonner.
KraGeRzR Jun 22 2012, 04:49 am EDT
Yup this. Liam Neeson raping motherfuckers. Do want.
im_stardust Jun 22 2012, 05:16 am EDT
A very, very dumb movie with laughable scenes. A retarded version of Bourne Ultimatum which was also retarded.

The ex-whatever dude go and saves his daughter. Can't get more cliche than that. Plus Arnold Schwarzenegger already saved his daughter and killed all the kidnappers in COMMANDO, 30 years ago.

You really have to be a dried up vegetable on life support and almost brain dead to enjoy this movie.
RenegadeCZ Jun 22 2012, 05:22 am EDT
Have you seen the top five throat chops by Liam Neeson?
im_stardust Jun 22 2012, 05:26 am EDT
And anyway, this ex-agent or whatever is smart enough to track down his daughter but not smart enough to figure out that she's actually a whore and she likes to suck a dick.

A shame, the movie could have ended with a big bang, a gang bang.
  Cheddar: "but not smart enough to figure out that she's actual…
im_stardust: I was just describing young girls from my perspective…
tei187 Jun 22 2012, 05:53 am EDT
i liked the first one plus i fkn love liam neeson (not in a gay way, you know...)
Doomsday. Jun 22 2012, 06:18 am EDT
Cheddar Jun 22 2012, 06:24 am EDT
Well, revenge/retribution-flicks are definitely low-brow entertainment. But they can be entertaining, I suppose. The same way an occasional fast-food splurge can be gratifying.

Still rolling my eyes a bit at this getting a sequel, though.

Oh, poor poopsie Head Bad Guy, your embarrassingly incompetent scumbag sons got their ass handed to them by one old man, poor you. Better stop everything you're doing, risk your family business further, and take revenge!
  CJ_Parker: Commando > all ... no one needs this geriatric Neeson…
CJ_Parker Jun 22 2012, 06:46 am EDT
Liam Neeson is so old he can prolly not even get it up anymore without any Viagra and needs to get his diapers changed every two hours. Might as well set up camp in front of a retirement home instead of watching this shit. Same kind of "action".
Vader [STAFF] Jun 22 2012, 07:13 am EDT
Holy crap! He's 60! Thought he was 50-something.
Vader [STAFF] Jun 22 2012, 07:14 am EDT
He's still good-looking for his age.

Let's talk sexy men now!
  tei187: that's a topic for another mornin' post right there. …
CJ_Parker: Sexiest man alive right here, baby! :p
Reikhardt: Mike Mentzer.
Doomsday. Jun 22 2012, 07:53 am EDT
^ Lets cock slap everyone!! :D
  CJ_Parker: No. Let everyone cock slap *YOU* :D
Reikhardt Jun 22 2012, 08:02 am EDT

Liam Neeson, cock slapping and gang bangs. Good wholesome fare.
Terminator Jun 22 2012, 01:57 pm EDT
Liam Neeson is excellent in every movie. Love him!
  im_stardust: Can you remember if you were molested when you were a…
Breedy_Mcfluff Jun 22 2012, 05:14 pm EDT
I enjoy Liam Neeson taking down shitloads of bad guys.

Stardust, why does it sound like you've got some crabs and sand caught in you're genital places?
fenixfire Jun 22 2012, 07:10 pm EDT
Hell ya!!! Liam Neeson is the shiznit!!
antonphd Jun 22 2012, 10:42 pm EDT
if you can't enjoy Taken then how the hell can you enjoy a video game?
Vodoo Jun 23 2012, 02:21 am EDT
Liam Neeson succeeds only when coupled with his greatest strength, his beard.
it's the source of his power, think about it, you know it to be true.
PigMaster Jun 23 2012, 02:51 am EDT
the kia commercial i was just forced to watch is sick

it's sad how the trailer just told the entire story, up to it's end, including some catch phrases. they could atleast save those for the movie...


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