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Mornin '12

Anybody eager about Dark Knight Rises? I know I am. Plus, the first reviews are in and they're pretty positive. Then again, the first reviews usually are.

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GrgoljBlaster Jul 16 2012, 03:18 am EDT
Yes! Can't wait to go and see it (assuming our local cinemas will start to show it before the end of july)
Vader [STAFF] Jul 16 2012, 03:28 am EDT
I'm sure they will.
zaeb Jul 16 2012, 03:35 am EDT
jebes betmena sto si iseko both? fu
Vader [STAFF] Jul 16 2012, 04:07 am EDT
Take a shrewd guess...
septictooth Jul 16 2012, 04:14 am EDT
Haven't been interested in a batman movie since Christian Bale took over the role of Batman and introduced us to his 90 year old lung cancer patient voice.

Disappointing really because I like Christian Bale as an actor and have enjoyed him in other films but as Batman he just outright sucks. The moment he turns on the 'Bale Voice' I want to step through the screen and put Batman out of his misery.

Even Kevin Conroy thought the voice was bad. So unfortunately for me I'll have to pass until they re-reboot the series with another actor.
Vader [STAFF] Jul 16 2012, 04:22 am EDT
Are you insane? Batman movies won't get better than this!
RenegadeCZ Jul 16 2012, 04:26 am EDT
Considering that Nolan is getting better and better with every movie, if it is anything worse than the Dark Knight, I will be disappointed. I'm a huge fan of Nolan's, but the only thing I'm willing to forgive is the absence of Joker. Failure on any other level will be remembered.

Edit: WTF is wrong with today's babe? I think you messed up with the thumbnail. Or was the low-res face intended to be today's dose of sexiness?
Shpongle Jul 16 2012, 04:36 am EDT
dude wtf is up with the botd, all i can see is face
Vader [STAFF] Jul 16 2012, 04:50 am EDT
FYI, botd's working just fine now. Refresh the page.

Sorry, folks. I actually have no clue what happened. Maybe our server got too excited...
  RenegadeCZ: No it ain't.
Vodoo Jul 16 2012, 07:31 am EDT
im displeased with the visual aspect of bane, the voice however is great. speaking of voices, i agree with the improper voice of batman and don't tell me it's to mask his identity.

for fuck sake, people don't recognise superman with a pair of spectacles.

i've re-watched nolan's bat movies 4 times so far, im eager for the third.
Un Om Bun [STAFF] Jul 16 2012, 08:06 am EDT
Batman dies in the end. [/spoiler]
  PainZero: good riddance
Doomsday.: another Jesus/Shepard story! *sigh*
im_stardust Jul 16 2012, 09:23 am EDT
I like the voice.
Vader [STAFF] Jul 16 2012, 09:26 am EDT
The voice is cool.
Doomsday. Jul 16 2012, 09:29 am EDT
  im_stardust: shut up
touretul: Ha-Ha-Ha!
Doomsday.: Uuthiinniii!!
PigMaster Jul 16 2012, 10:41 am EDT
I love Batman as a character, some of the comics is amazingly good.
The joker's death was a disappointment for me, as he is a major part of Batman's

I'm gonna go to a good cinema, watch it, then get stoned and watch it again.
  GrgoljBlaster: spoilers ahoy!
BmmB Jul 16 2012, 02:41 pm EDT
Yeah, I like the voice and that's about the only thing I like about those new Batman movies. The first one, prequel, I barely remember. The second one was too long, too mild, killed my erection somewhere in the middle of it. If it only was made without that two-face idiot, it would be much better.
Also, what's up with all the ugly bitches in these new Bat movies?
  RenegadeCZ: You weren't supposed to have erection, I'm afraid.
Breedy_Mcfluff Jul 16 2012, 06:03 pm EDT
Christopher Nolan is all the reason to see the movie. He's the opposite of Michael Bay.
  KraGeRzR: This. Also the Dark Knight was all the things you …


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