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Mornin '12

Went to bed late last night, but got up early in the morning. Sometimes, just sometimes, it's not an entirely bad feeling at all. Depends why you're waking up. Again, I'd like to think each day is reason enough to get up. Every day's beautiful and full of new adventures. Well, unless you're in prison, of course. Or a soldier fighting in a war behind enemy lines... somewhere. Damn, this was supposed to be a positive Mornin' post, what the fuck happened?

Oh well, anyway, did you hear the Pete Jackson finally named the third movie his new movie trilogy, The Hobbit? Evidently, here's how all three movies are now called:

  • The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey (December 14, 2012)
  • The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug (December 13, 2013)
  • The Hobbit: There And Back Again (July 18, 2014)

Yeah, I know what you're thinking, the second one used to be called 'There And Back Again' but Pete wanted to change those. All sounds okay to me. I'll give him the benefit of the doubt. Even though I'm not completely sure about The Hobbit being a trilogy, I guess I trust Pete. He made The Lord of the Rings trilogy and that's enough of a testament that he should know what he's doing.

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Marku5K Sep 01 2012, 01:57 am EDT
Marku5K Sep 01 2012, 02:12 am EDT
Good news everybody...My Aus trip is now official, 1 month from now I'll be down under!
  Terminator: Congratz. Enjoy your time down there.
Marku5K: Thanks man!
CJ_Parker: Extra credits if you post pics of your penis up a kan…
Marku5K Sep 01 2012, 02:46 am EDT
I really hope that R* manages to put in some kind of 'in you'r face joke' in GTA V about the Apple inc. idiogracy considering Samsung!
Marku5K Sep 01 2012, 02:49 am EDT
*Tap* *tap* Hello is this thing on....anybody here??
  Vodoo: hello to you too morning glory. mind sharing your …
Marku5K: Aww man, I would but I just ran out! Sry DUUDE!!
Reikhardt Sep 01 2012, 03:03 am EDT

Bit early isn't it?
Bubu Sep 01 2012, 03:17 am EDT
Are you guys doing a Guild Wars 2 review?
  Dick_Swet: It's kinda poopy, from what was expected. 7/10. Done.
Bubu: The thing the bothers me the most is the complete lac…
PigMaster Sep 01 2012, 05:03 am EDT
Morning! I am officially baked. Saturdays are all about Masala chai and a joint
Morkrul Sep 01 2012, 05:35 am EDT
back from a 3 days wedding, now head on into studying (fuck..)
Terminator Sep 01 2012, 05:51 am EDT
Morning. It's disgusting to see how much they are milking The Hobbit. There isn't enough material for two movies. Three movies is insane.

Oh well. It's the first day of September and I've got my new PC. Windows 8 can kiss my ass. I'm keeping Windows 7 as long as possible!
  shaneh39199: Right there with ya. win7 is the new XP for another 3…
Terminator: Oh man, I sure hope not. Damn Microsoft!
RenegadeCZ: Terminator, all you do is bitch! About Microsoft, Ubi…
Terminator: Hah! I'm satisfied with plenty of things. Actiontrip …
RenegadeCZ: Nah, I only switch OS with a new computer. I have no …
Batdog Sep 01 2012, 10:03 am EDT
I think it's fine to remain skeptical about the Hobbit being turned into a movie trilogy, but I too implicitly trust Peter Jackson & crew to do the right thing. If he thinks he has enough written material to give us three films from one book and some extra notes, then I'm all for it. I'd rather have one more opportunity to re-enter that world then not.
Morkrul Sep 01 2012, 02:12 pm EDT
it doesn't bother me that much that jackson is making a trilogy of the hobbit, it bothers me more that this offends(IMO) the other 3 books.... i mean, 3 movies for one book that was good, but 3 movies for the other 3 excellent books?!!?!
KraGeRzR Sep 01 2012, 02:36 pm EDT
Books should not be adapted into movies, in many cases. A lot of the meaning derived from the source art form is lost, and even the transposed art form has to fill in the gaps with other material.

I'll watch it. I won't be in a hurry, though, I won't be impressed.

And then all the illiterates go and start reading the book it popularized, having never bothered to read it growing up and allowing it to inform their mental development when they actually needed it.

run_like_snot Sep 01 2012, 04:30 pm EDT
I wish my life was a trilogy
im_stardust Sep 01 2012, 07:00 pm EDT
I never thought I will get annoyed of this constant nagging. Shut the hell up already about The Hobbit and about anything else too.

The Lord of the Rings trilogy is a god damn masterpiece.
  Breedy_Mcfluff: Yo momma was a masterpiece.
KraGeRzR Sep 02 2012, 06:53 am EDT

What, epic introduction, weak sequel, and forgettable third?
BmmB Sep 02 2012, 08:57 am EDT
Hobbits are gay and these movies will be too!
Shpongle Sep 02 2012, 02:30 pm EDT
awesum! moar muweez i can haz eet mshrooms wen i watch em to
  Terminator: Can someone translate that into English?
Reikhardt: *Splendid! More cinematic photography I can view whil…
Vodoo: you sir have made me expectorate sounds of amusement.
Doomsday. Sep 02 2012, 06:55 pm EDT
good night peeps
Breedy_Mcfluff Sep 03 2012, 02:11 am EDT
I saw real-life titties on a beach!

Maaan, were they pretty.


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