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Mornin '12

Two major 2012 blockbusters I'll remember:

  • The Avengers
  • The Dark Knight Rises

Both are definitely worth watching. Oh and don't watch The Avengers unless you've already watched Iron Man (1,2), Thor, Captain America and The Hulk.

As for The Dark Knight Rises, well, it's a great ending to a terrific trilogy from Christopher Nolan. It's one of those movie trilogies you can easily put up there with George Lucas' Star Wars and Peter Jackson's The Lord of the Rings.

Apart from those two flicks, I hope The Hobbit will be another exciting addition to the 2012 collection of blockbusters.

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Reikhardt Sep 07 2012, 03:04 am EDT

Bit premature isn't it, unless I slept in big style, there's still the best part of 4 months to go this year.
PigMaster Sep 07 2012, 03:27 am EDT
Avengers sucked. Not enough hulk action. And I read too much comics to enjoy a dull story line. Acting was good though.

Batman rises sucked so much I wont even bother.

I'll watch them both again on blue ray, to see how they work when I'm stoned
Vader [STAFF] Sep 07 2012, 03:37 am EDT
The Avengers sucked and The Dark Knight Rises sucked, and I think that's precisely why so many critics and viewers love them.
  Dick_Swet: Critics shmitics.
PigMaster: My own opinion, you know... Avengers was a fun film,…
EricHalfBee: FWIW, I'm with you PigMaster.
Marku5K Sep 07 2012, 03:40 am EDT
I found my self a world of modes in Skyrim (newer used any mods in any games).
Having tons of funnn! I'm using Skyrim Nexus mods and manager, nothing to do but download and install...instant profit! :D
  Vodoo: thumbs up.
archangel5: It's even easier if you have Skyrim on Steam.
Miliowilix Sep 07 2012, 04:47 am EDT
Batman 3 was actually much worse than I expected but was fun still. But really why so many plot holes? Nolan went bananas on this one.

The Avengers, for witch I thought would suck bad. was a pleasant surprise. I love it! As far as action blockbusters go it's really really good. A wacky pleasure like The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen.
  RenegadeCZ: I also felt like there were many plot holes. But I ha…
fringe: TDKR sucked and I had wanted to love it so much. It w…
im_stardust: Name one plot hole.
PigMaster: There are no plot holes. Just an easily expected stor…
gray fox: After Bruce had his back broken the guy fixed his bac…
im_stardust: That's not a plot hole. The acting ain't dull at all…
Miliowilix: A message can still be told with a much better... wel…
fringe: While we are at it, what is so special about Talia th…
im_stardust Sep 07 2012, 06:58 am EDT
Worth watching?? ..Like I'm gonna listen to you.
BmmB Sep 07 2012, 09:21 am EDT
No, you fucking cannot put those stupid batman movies alongside greats of SW and LotR level! Not even close!
  PigMaster: LotR? That's your example of a good movie? 8.5 hour…
BmmB: Yes, far better than those batgay movies. However, to…
PigMaster: Didn't say they weren't well done. Too long and spac…
BmmB: Yeah, I agree about that comparison, my bad.
Bubu Sep 07 2012, 09:59 am EDT
The two "romantic encounters" that Wayne has in Rises are rly stupid.I was like where the fuck is this coming from? Have I passed out and missed the building up to that scenes?
Breedy_Mcfluff Sep 07 2012, 10:21 am EDT
Better than The Artist.
Doomsday. Sep 07 2012, 11:53 am EDT

Avengers, awesome!

TDKR was good but TDK was better!
im_stardust Sep 07 2012, 12:49 pm EDT
The Dark Knight Rises isn't a Batman movie. Apparently you people don't get it.
GrgoljBlaster Sep 07 2012, 02:47 pm EDT
One of my favourite 2012 movies: Cabin in the woods
It wasn't even shown in domestic cinemas D:
  antonphd: I don't like horror movies, but Cabin in the Woods OW…
PigMaster: Brilliant movie! So freaking funny
Terminator Sep 07 2012, 05:57 pm EDT
Avengers & Dark Knight rises are great movies. Hunger Games was also a cool movie.
Morkrul Sep 07 2012, 07:49 pm EDT
all,i.can. was an excellent movie, although i think it was released on 2011
antonphd Sep 07 2012, 07:57 pm EDT
Call me crazy, but my favorite movie of the year so far is John Carter. I also loved Cabin in the Woods and Safe House. I enjoyed the hell out of Avengers and Rises, but I think both will end up at the bottom of my top ten for the year by Christmas. Other than the last few minutes of Rises and the Hulk scenes in Avengers, my favorite superhero movie this summer was actually Amazing Spiderman. But the real greats are this fall: Skyfall, The Hobbit and Django Unchained.
  Morkrul: CARTER?!
LostPcGamer: Agreed Jon Carter wasn't a bad movie but people love …
EricHalfBee Sep 08 2012, 07:56 am EDT
For me TDKR wasn't a great movie. I had reasonable expectations given the first two and I actually quite like this sort of slightly slower paced, more thoughtful action movie. But I found it really ponderous in parts, like there was a much tighter movie of about two hours hiding in there somewhere. To be specific, for me, the following aspects spoilt this movie: the perfunctory, out of place 'romances'; the attempt to site Gotham in a wider America and wider context felt awkward and detracted from the main conflict; school children on buses on bridges to no great conclusion; a really poor final confrontation with Bane.

This felt like a film that really did need more ceraful editing and a more tightly controlled plot. Most bizzarely apart from Batman's defeat, which was well done, visceral and intense, the action sequences in this film were generally poor. The cops versus mercs sequence stood out in this regard: too much slow-mo panning and emoting made for a terribly unrealistic confrontation.

I'm far from saying that this movie 'sucked'. I enjoyed the character of Bane and the whole redemption trope. I also thought the acting was good throughout. But far too uneven to be considered a great film.


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