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Mornin '12

Been playing I Am Alive all morning - on the PC, of course. I feel compelled to recommend the game to any of you guys out there who still haven't tried it. Although I've been playing for about 2-3 hours, there's something cool about the premise and the way Ubisoft made an effort to create a very convincing post-apocalyptic ambiance. There are also some subtle touches that make me want to play on. The story is interesting enough to keep you going and there are choices to be made every step of the way. You encounter people, decide if you want to help them or just move on and save your own skin. Another interesting element is having the stamina bar, which depletes rather quickly when the main character tires himself out by climbing, shimmying, running or jumping. It's a smart addition to the gameplay mechanics and it also helps perpetuate a realistic atmosphere in a game that's really all about survival.

The graphics aren't brilliant and mostly look quite outdated. It's sad that Ubi decided to rush this project and turn it into an XBLA release. The franchise has some potential, as well as the gameplay itself. The concept could've easily evolved into something more serious and better than what the game is in its current state.

On the other hand, if you're looking for a solid, modest survival/action game to enjoy on the PC, I Am Alive is actually a solid piece of entertainment; well, if we exclude the slightly awkward controls (pressing the left mouse button to run, etc.) and the uglyish visuals.

I was thinking about reviewing the PC version, but there's really no need, 'cause I've pretty much said all there is to say about the game in our console review.

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Terminator Sep 14 2012, 03:02 am EDT
Morning. I Am Alive looks cool, but I'm still on Deus Ex: Human Revolution. Taking my sweet time with that game :)
  Vader: That your first playthrough?
Terminator: It's my second playthrough. I'm exploring everything …
Ftmch Sep 14 2012, 03:31 am EDT
I Am Alive had some great concept, but unfortunatly they didn't get to go all the way. A more open game in this style with bigger budget etc. would have had potential to be bloody incredible. Imagine if this met Fallout 3 or such, oh yes.
  Vader: There wasn't enough time to make this into an open-wo…
Ftmch: Indeed, that's what's so sad about it, it had potenti…
Morkrul Sep 14 2012, 03:35 am EDT
another game that i'm not gonna play.... anyways i'm driving south today, 'till next thursday guys
Bubu Sep 14 2012, 03:38 am EDT
I'm back playing The Secret World aka keep wasting my privileged white life.
Reikhardt Sep 14 2012, 03:52 am EDT

At it's dirt cheap release price I'm vaguely tempted by I Am Alive, but the reports of the poor port job put me off.
Vader [STAFF] Sep 14 2012, 03:56 am EDT
I haven't spotted any major differences so far (between the console and PC version).
  Reikhardt: That's the problem!
Vader: That's not a bad port then. It's just the same game.
Ftmch Sep 14 2012, 05:21 am EDT
I didn't have that much problems with controls etc. There wasn't that usual moronic mouse-acceleration either (like in Sleeping Dogs and LA Noire etc.), although the mouse did get stuck sometimes,could have been a problem on my end though. The only console-ish elements that bothered me was doing everything with the left mouse button and the auto-aiming which caused more problems instead of helping for me. Other than that it mostly worked quite well.
Reiko Sep 14 2012, 05:28 am EDT
About how long is the game length for I Am Alive?
  im_stardust: About 5 hours, so I've read.
Ftmch: yeah, something like that if you take your time, it's…
im_stardust Sep 14 2012, 05:51 am EDT
Users and critics alike have usually rated I am alive bellow average. After 10 minutes of playing the game, I had to agree.

Also I've heard that most of the game is based on climbing and jumping. That's not really survival.

And after I've seen a few trailers from "The last of us", I really didn't wanna play I am alive.
  Vader: Yeah, The Last of Us features some of the most amazin…
raingod: I tried it, uninstalled it. Prince of Persia with a t…
Dick_Swet Sep 14 2012, 06:31 am EDT
I usually don't pay more than 1e per hour of game's length/time I will invest in it. Weird, I guess. Besides, watched some playthroughs on twitch, didn't really like what I saw. Liked the concept.
Marku5K Sep 14 2012, 07:23 am EDT
Posted this yesterday, but I mean come on people, the fuck!? :D​feature=player_embedded
  Reikhardt: Was that Hulk Hogan on there?
Vader [STAFF] Sep 14 2012, 07:33 am EDT
Vodoo Sep 14 2012, 10:31 am EDT
America voted for George Bush Jr.....twice.

i rest my case.
  BmmB: Indeed.
Marku5K: oh so true.
Breedy_Mcfluff: So many people should have slit their wrists before t…
Terminator: Don't get me started on Bush Jr.
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Doomsday. Sep 14 2012, 11:36 am EDT
  im_stardust: Good morning useless fucktard!
Marku5K: ...or fuckless ...fine then!
im_stardust: Are you gonna get married? "cause someones needs to p…
Doomsday.: *yawn*
Cheddar Sep 14 2012, 11:15 pm EDT
Using the triggers to rotate the camera in I Am Alive is so profoundly, fantastically, inexplicably stupid that I literally just sat staring at the screen with my mouth agape for 45 seconds.


Hilariously and ironically, for the first time in 5 years I am grateful to have my mouse and keyboard for a mediocre PC port of a console game.
  Vodoo: reading your comment with Totalbiscuit's voice in min…
Dean_Demon Sep 15 2012, 11:34 am EDT
It's the control that let's it down badly otherwise it would be a very good game,so much for the pc version having optimised controls


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