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Mornin '12
Filed under: BORDERLANDS 2

Already several hours into Borderlands 2, folks, and I'm having a great time. Unfortunately, I've also managed to discover two glitches this early on in the game. It's nothing too serious, but it may piss off some gamers. I know it annoyed me. Not it's not so much a glitch in a technical sense, but more like a poorly executed move by the level design department. There's a segment in the game where you fight a boss character on a high platform. In order to reach the platform, you have climb for a long time, taking out numerous baddies in the process. Well, I did that and I reached the highest point in the area and the boss fight ensued. The boss has a rather deadly melee attack, which causes a nasty shockwave that catapults anyone who gets caught in it. When my character was struck by the shockwave, he fell off the high platform and plummeted all the way down. So, that meant I had to run back up and march throw ordinary baddies (most of which have respawned). An annoying occurrence and I'm not entirely sure if the developers made it possible on purpose or if it's just a stupid coincidence and a blunder made by someone in the level design team.

This happened twice in the game on several spots.

Oh well, there's more to the game than that. See you later...

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Reikhardt Sep 18 2012, 06:04 am EDT

When's the review likely to be up?
Dean_Demon Sep 18 2012, 06:18 am EDT
Sometime next year,lol.
  Reikhardt: ROFL, true.
Dick_Swet Sep 18 2012, 06:18 am EDT
Sounds to me like you need to switch to easy.
  Vader: Sounds to me like you need to... never mind.
Dick_Swet: GIVE IT TO ME!
Dean_Demon Sep 18 2012, 06:37 am EDT
Yes isn't a bug or a design flaw.
  Vader: it's gay whatever the fuck it is
Dean_Demon: It's just one of those designers tricks to prolong a …
Doomsday. Sep 18 2012, 07:34 am EDT
finaleve Sep 18 2012, 07:41 am EDT
It sounds like a design flaw but honestly, this isn't the first millionth boss that has a knockback attack in which there is the possibility of falling.
araczynski Sep 18 2012, 08:11 am EDT
sounds like its intended to me. i mean, putting a shockwave/knockback boss high up on a pedestal you have to climb and then fight, knowing (finding out the hard way) that you can get knocked off makes for a more interesting fight.

if all you want to do is stand there and mash buttons you should probably be playing diablo3 or something. :)
Bubu Sep 18 2012, 10:34 am EDT
How can this game be appealing to anybody is beyond my understanding. All you get to change is your weapon at that's it.Is it supposed to be an RPG anyway? Or is it a shooter with guns that have stats on them written in quirckie colours.
PigMaster Sep 18 2012, 12:30 pm EDT
How could it happen only twice - and still - in several places?
Vodoo Sep 18 2012, 01:01 pm EDT

it's an FPS with 12 guns, 500 colours for every gun and 10 novels worth of numbers and percentages.
Breedy_Mcfluff Sep 18 2012, 01:50 pm EDT
Hehe, sucker.
shaneh39199 Sep 19 2012, 03:25 pm EDT
lets talk about how gamers could edit the INI settings file day 1. and give themselves a million fucking golden keys.

they just stabbed there own "RPG-shooter" in the face. why grind now when you can cheat the system and just try over and over at getting the best loot.

fucking dumb.

Why co-op when everyone's gonna show off there pro weapons they cheated the system for.

Why bother pre ordring for something you think is unique and super awesome when you can clone that shit billions of times.

Seriously im fucking pissed. I wont cheat the system. Although i was givin 2 keys. not exactly a complaint but WTF GEARBOX. lock your fucking settings files.

I also love the HUGE performance drops when you encounter more than 1 enemy. from butter smooth 60fps to 10fps horseshit in under 5 mins.


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