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Mornin '12
It's Saturday and I'm in the office again, which, oddly enough, doesn't feel that bad. Got my 4-year-old daughter here as well. She's sitting right next to me. Gave her a peace of paper, 'cause she wanted to draw me. So, according to her imagination, I have a blue head, green ears and brown body and dark-blue feet. It's a most creative interpretation.

Another interesting thing about my daughter is that she loves video games and that's something I do not intend to nourish. "No video games for you! What? You want to end up like your father? Playing video games all day, writing about video games all day and getting paid for... hmm, hey, wait a minute."

Anyway, kids are awesome.

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McSwifty Nov 03 2012, 04:32 am EDT
post the pic, I always wondered what u look like......
gotta love young drawing abilities
Un Om Bun [STAFF] Nov 03 2012, 04:59 am EDT
Scan it or GTFO.
  Morkrul: +1!!!!!!
Reikhardt Nov 03 2012, 05:55 am EDT

It's how I always picture you.
Terminator Nov 03 2012, 07:00 am EDT
Your daughter is 4 already? Sheesh, time goes too fast.
touretul Nov 03 2012, 08:44 am EDT
I love kids also... for dinner.
Doomsday. Nov 03 2012, 08:56 am EDT

Lots n lots of Well wishes for ur little angel mate! :)
Vodoo Nov 03 2012, 11:12 am EDT
may she be in good health.
and not grow to be in the 99% of imbeciles roaming the planet.

i mean fuck sake, there are kids in america and england who can't peel a fucking banana.

some people, and i use the term people very loosely, should be fertilizer by the age of 30.
Bubu Nov 03 2012, 11:25 am EDT
Aye kids are awesome. I keep forgetting you're a family man Vader.
im_stardust Nov 03 2012, 01:45 pm EDT
yeah yeah... a family man.
Breedy_Mcfluff Nov 03 2012, 03:08 pm EDT
Kids are a menace, but the "good" kind of menace that adults happen to outgrow and just become a plain ole' menace.

Family guy. Love strongly and endlessly yer "little angel", buddy. I'm sure humanity is in fine hands, although it is hard to hold that belief.
  Vodoo: are you a politician or a miss universe contestant ? …
Breedy_Mcfluff: Hehe, Mr. Universe contestant, actually. And I was al…
Cheddar Nov 04 2012, 02:51 am EST
So I finally finished Dreamfall, due to the announcement that it will actually get a sequel. Glad I waited for that confirmation, because the ending of the game truly is practically a troll. Of course, I knew that ahead of time since it's notorious knowledge at this point, but I've actually seen it for myself now, and... wow.

People complain about Half-Life's cliffhangers? Well, those ain't got shit on Dreamfall's ridiculous bullshit.

Also, I now remember why I quit playing the game all those years ago in the first place.

It should really be titled:

Backtracking: The Longest Backtrack

That's a much more appropriate title, with respect to the gameplay.
  Un Om Bun: I could write till the cows come home about my issues…
KraGeRzR Nov 04 2012, 04:28 pm EST
I spent my Saturday being mauled by sheep. Sprayed 1300 of them. They are some of the most moronic creatures on the planet, and yet, bruised shins and a horn to the ribs later, I still find them pretty cute.
Terminator Nov 04 2012, 06:24 pm EST
Evening. It's hard to believe 2012 is in the final two months already. I haven't done half the things I wanted to do this year, and gaming is a big reason why. Too many hours wasted on this addiction when I should have done more important things.

*sigh* That's it. I'm going to try quitting gaming again. I will probably fail, but maybe I will get lucky this time. Vader has the right idea with his daughter. Don't let her get addicted to video games. Don't want her to become an addict like me.


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