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Mornin '12

So, a few days ago, I went to watch Skyfall and I must say, the movie proved to me more interesting than I expected. Quantum of Solace was a big load of horse shit. Although Daniel Craig would be the last man on Earth I'd pick to play Bond, this movie somehow feels very Bondish (unlike the previous two). The characters have grown and are more believable this time. Also, I love how they've dispensed with all the Bond clich's. Setting up a new 'M' character is a slick move and how it's done in the movie will be appreciated by most people, I think.

All in all, a good Bond flick.

Just that I never understood why anyone would put an ugly bastard like Daniel Craig to portray a character like Bond. He's a fine actor and all, but that's not enough for Bond. Whoever made the decision was blind as a bat. Put Craig next to Sean Connery and you'll know what I mean. Judging by appearances, it just doesn't make sense. At this point, it would've made more sense if they chose Stephen Hawking.

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Reikhardt Nov 09 2012, 04:43 am EST

My understanding is a good many women find Mr Craig attractive. I know what you mean about the Connery comparison, but as you have pointed out, so many of the Bond cliches have been thrown out, so what's wrong with the lead looking more rugged. After all, 007's history is a naval one, stands to reason he would look a little rougher round the edges.

Also, the second Craig bond movie should be referred to as 'Question of Sport'
KraGeRzR Nov 09 2012, 04:43 am EST

That BotD's skin looks very suspect.
araczynski Nov 09 2012, 05:00 am EST
I think craig is the best bond out of all of them. He's the only one that looks like an agent that's capable of doing all the ugly that needs to be done. All the other "spot 'o tea mum" posers can go back in the closet.
  Vader: Honestly, when ridiculously gorgeous women approach D…
PainZero: And what about when ridiculously gorgeous women appro…
BmmB: araczynski, man, I strongly concur!
araczynski: i look at the actors from the perspective of the amou…
Vader [STAFF] Nov 09 2012, 05:23 am EST
That's precisely my point. He looks like a construction worker.

But that's not what I'm talking about.

Bond needs to have charm and sex appeal. He's not supposed to look like a goon.

Sean had charm, even Pierce and fucking Roger Moore.

This guy? No. He's just a good actor whose head looks like a potato with clumsily carved human features on it.
Erandore Nov 09 2012, 05:43 am EST

Right for the charm but he isn't a idiot like Pierce and not a clown lie Moore. I prefer a great actor then a good looking morons. Sean Connery play the playboy MI6 Bond but i really prefer the MI6 real agent of Craig. Sean Connery is James Bond for sure, but Craig are my second one... And for the charm hmmmm.... you can't judge that, like said Reikhardt, lot of girls say he are attractive and charming. You just remind the shower scene in Casino Royal ;) .
Bubu Nov 09 2012, 06:04 am EST
"ugly bastard"?! Anyway I never liked the old character ..... the smooth, baby face with perfect hair cunts. Craig is the only Bond I enjoyed watching and from what I understand is closer to the Bond from the books.
Bubu Nov 09 2012, 06:08 am EST
Also one big city in GTAV with planes is kinda stupid. I mean what's the point? You take a plane and fly in circles?
  Marku5K: There is 1 big city + the huge world around it.
Breedy_Mcfluff: Sounds like someone forgot GTA, indeed.
Morkrul: you take one and spectacularly crash-land it over you…
Snowy007 Nov 09 2012, 07:23 am EST
My definition of a Bond movie is cool gadgets + humor.
They removed both in the last 3 movies.
Honestly, i think these are completely different movies but with the same title.

Okay, i haven't seen the last one yet but i'm guessing they didn't re add the gadgets and humor.
PigMaster Nov 09 2012, 07:24 am EST
Notice that the last bond (skyfall) was directed by Sam mandez (American Beauty, Jarhead). He's an artistic director, an indie director.
All in all, it's a good bond and a good movie on its own.

DB5 is the only car in history that's better looking than the 1967 mustang Fastback (Elinor from Gone in 60 seconds)
Roland19 Nov 09 2012, 09:24 am EST
Doing away with all the camp and silly gadgetry was a good decision, a few of the more recent bond movies before Casino Royale were terrible, and the series needed a reboot badly.

I also like Craig's Bond, he might not be fantastic looking, but he's one of the few Bonds you can actually imagine doing dirty work, killing folks and chasing people around. As far as I'm concerned, Craig and Connery are the only two who've had the necessary vicious streak for the role.
Doomsday. Nov 09 2012, 10:12 am EST
Breedy_Mcfluff Nov 09 2012, 10:23 am EST
Mornin, feckin' tagline.

Craig ain't much of a bond. He ain't slick looking. He'll be thrown out when Nolan gets his shot at directing a bond film.
PainZero Nov 09 2012, 10:34 am EST
I watched Skyfall 2 weeks ago and I must say it's one of the shittiest Bond movies ever made. It doesn't even have that Bond appeal at all, it's just like any generic action movie out there. Maybe my expectations were a bit too high because I liked the previous 2 movies even though they were not so typical for the Bond franchise.

Anyway I'm going to watch Looper and Sinister on Sunday so hopefully I can wash of this bad taste that Skyfall left on me.
  Roland19: Have to disagree. I thought Skyfall was a good movie,…
antonphd Nov 09 2012, 11:15 am EST
007 is a killer, who gives a fuck how he looks? gay men aren't the audience.
BmmB Nov 09 2012, 12:36 pm EST
Well, Vader, you know shit about movies (and I mean that in a negative way)... about games... well, I'm not convinced yet. Anyway, If you want to watch handsome men, find some good male gay porn.
Like some people already pointed out Craig is the best Bond ever. Not like all the previous ones just posing around the whole movies, looking pretty and throwing bad jokes. I haven't watched the last one yet, but Casino Royal is the best Bond movie ever to me. But, I'm not really a Bond kind of a guy. My play is Jason Bourne. Now, those movies (those with Mat Damon I mean) are awesome. Since new Bourne, everyone is trying to mimic that type of action. Including Bond.
Vader [STAFF] Nov 09 2012, 02:10 pm EST
Okay, let's give Star Wars to Christopher Nolan.

The time for fantasy is clearly over.

I agree.

Oh and you're gay too. We all are. Why do you think we cockslap our way to greatness every day of the week?
im_stardust Nov 09 2012, 02:29 pm EST
Apparently, most of you fucktards, don't know what James Bond stands for.

This guy, Daniel Craig, represents the modern average joe, your garbage man, your plummer, the postman, that dude who fucks your wife or the cop that gives you a ticket, the asshole.

Charm? Sex appeal? Sophistication ? The women that appreciated those qualities are either 80 years old or fucking dead.

Look at what most women AND men prefer this days...

  Marku5K: wow, I actually agree with Stardust
Cheddar: Actually, 'classic' James Bond is the DEFINITION of '…
Vader: Nope still with stardust on this one...
Cheddar: You like what you like, but get the labels right. Wh…
Terminator Nov 09 2012, 03:10 pm EST
In my humble opinion, Craig is the best Bond ever. Can't wait to see Skyfall this weekend!
Cedtsmk Nov 09 2012, 05:03 pm EST
Craig looks old in that pic. It's odd that in Casino Royale he just got his 007 status and now he's weathered
Cheddar Nov 09 2012, 05:26 pm EST
Classic James Bond is just a walking cliche representing cardboard alpha male perfection. He has no depth. No humanity. No soul. No real emotions. No vulnerabilities.

Boring. As. Fuck.

And it's why the franchise was in the shitter after Brosnan stumbled away from it.

Quantum of Solace sucked (I literally fell asleep in the theater), but at least in Casino Royale, Craig was the first Bond ever to be more than just a lame cliche. The guy actually seemed like a real human being, for once. And it's why the franchise took back off again after the horror that was Die Another Day.

I haven't seen Skyfall yet, so I don't know if it's more of Solace's disappointment or a return to Royale's form.
  Roland19: It's on par or better than casino royale, at least th…
antonphd: it's more definitely CR than QS, although, it's actua…
vodny Nov 11 2012, 09:51 am EST
The worst Bond movie with Craig and maybe the worst Bond ever. Plot? OMG, what a mess with absolutely no logic. There are so many scenes that don't make sense at all. There were moments I was thinkinkg that this is not a bond but some anonymous TV movie. For me, the biggest dissapoinment of this year and I wasn't even following the trailers or any info about it. I just expected a polished Bond movie like Casino Royale and Quantum of Solace were. I was wrong, so wrong and I regret my free ticket.
Whisky Nov 11 2012, 06:55 pm EST
He's a decent action guy but he just isn't smarmy enough to be Bond. Casino was "meh" and Quantum "sucked donkey balls".

But I haven't seen this one yet we'll see.


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