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Mornin '12
This is just wonderful. I'm fucking sick again. It's the stomach this time. Looks like my immune system is all fucked up right now. Been sick three times in the past month. Back to eating cooked rice and drinking nothing but mild tea all day. Crap!

Oh, and by the way, anyone who said that Coca-Cola is good for an upset stomach is an utter moron. It just doesn't work. Not even if you take it in sips. I've always thought that recommending Coca-Cola as a stomach treatment was a stupid idea. While it may replace fluid and electrolytes, the damn thing still contains bloody caffeine as well as phosphoric acid - last I checked, neither of those are good for a digestive system that's totally screwed up.

Remember, next time you have a sick stomach and you lose fluid, don't take a Coke.

Here ends this edition of Vader's Chronological Health Disorders.

Tune in next week, when it will definitely be more interesting, as we conduct an experiment to see if small, cute kittens can stay sane after being exposed to cut-scenes from Black Ops 2.

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Marku5K Nov 12 2012, 03:35 am EST
2 things that suck in Australia:
*the beer is too expensive
*the internet is from the stone age!

Edit: Too bad about Your stomach though!
Dick_Swet Nov 12 2012, 04:05 am EST
Told you you're dying. Hope I'm in your last will.
KraGeRzR Nov 12 2012, 04:23 am EST
Yep, the internet is absolute shit here. Enjoy the ping, too.
Reikhardt Nov 12 2012, 05:02 am EST

Vader, I believe you may have mis-interpreted the suggestion of coke as a cure.
im_stardust Nov 12 2012, 05:24 am EST
I feel very bad for your stomach, Vader! Hope your stomach is going to be ok! Tell your stomach, I wish it all the best!! Take care stomach!
Neil Nov 12 2012, 06:23 am EST
Fucking fuckity fuck fuck fuckin! There's lots of other clever words in the English language to make a point, so why do people stoop to this sort of level so often these days? Just unnecessarily abrasive and plain lazy IMHO!
  Reikhardt: For the same reason the people use IMHO instead of ty…
Cheddar: This is a video-game news website with a daily "babe …
Neil: "For the same reason the people use IMHO instead of t…
Neil: "If you don't want casually written staff updates the…
im_stardust: Hey Neil! ? Go fuck yourself!
Reikhardt: My God, I agree with Stardust....
Neil: "Go f*ck yourself!" - Bravo! -…
Vodoo Nov 12 2012, 08:16 am EST
if you remember correctly jerkwad, Coca-cola is for an upset stomach in the case of sugar imbalance where low levels of glucose can cause woozyness.

there is so much concentrated sweet shit in Coke, a few bottles could send Doomsday on the moon.

Echinacea purpurea (small bottles of medicinal syrup for immunity boost)
Propolis (same stuff)
Salvia (same stuff)

a few drops of each in tea every few hours and you'll be right as rain.

i know serbians are stubborn assholes but trust me on this one.
  Doomsday.: Ooooh! I wanna go to the Moon!! :D
Cheddar Nov 12 2012, 08:39 am EST
Carbonation, in and of itself, can help an upset stomach.

The problem is that people's first thought for carbonation = soft drinks like coca-cola. And that's taking one step forward and two steps back, because soft drinks like coca-cola also dehydrate you, in addition to the aforementioned caffeine and other chemical crap.

Sparkling mineral water is what you want, Vader.
  Cabled: Or if mineral water tastes like licking a battery (li…
Ravenitrius Nov 12 2012, 11:16 am EST
Woah woah, I never heard anyone say coke. I only heard that sprite is the one that helps with upset stomachs. Sprite has no caffeine. That came from paramedics for some reason.
im_stardust Nov 12 2012, 12:05 pm EST
Don't listen to this bunch of idiots. Just go for a walk and eat from the trash cans for a few'll be fine!
Breedy_Mcfluff Nov 12 2012, 02:09 pm EST
I don't like coke.

Mornin'. Fuckin' tagline.
Doomsday. Nov 12 2012, 02:23 pm EST

Get well soon buddy!
RenegadeCZ Nov 12 2012, 02:40 pm EST
Hah, Vader your only so lucky that you work at AT where you can work from home or something! Everywhere else they'd probably just have you fired if you couldn't work the necesarry hours.

It just so comes to my mind, you have to think very lowly of us. We all like to enjoy a moment of maliciousness (hope I'm using the word right) every now and then, maybe once a month, but you offer us this pleasure like once a week! That's very kind of you, but I'm also kinda offended.
Morkrul Nov 12 2012, 04:42 pm EST
just slam some vit. C daily down your throat, helps with small diseases.
Also, Coke?!
Whisky Nov 12 2012, 05:34 pm EST
Whisky cures all ailments. Kills germs, smacks the stomach back in line, and makes you feel sexy. Go get some!
  Vodoo: if by sexy you mean it nullifies the existence of fat…


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