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Mornin '12

Assuming straight away that news is gonna be scarce today, given the traditional annual fuss about Thanksgiving. Not complaining, not complaining one bit. After all, we even got a day off work, so that's nice.

Btw, Happy Thanksgiving to all who are sumberged in the festivness of that particular holiday. Enjoy!

Oh, has anyone tried Faster Than Light? Can't seem to understand the appeal of that one. Also, when I first heard the game was called Faster Than Light, I thought it was about my sex life. As it turns out, it's about space ships and space combat. Not a bad concept altogether. Still, with all the games that arrived in the past two moths, I just couldn't find the spare time for that one, so I thought you guys might know.

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im_stardust Nov 22 2012, 05:43 am EST
You're not celebrating thanksgiving, you dissimulated prick, you're from Belgrade!
Reikhardt Nov 22 2012, 06:04 am EST

Thanksgivings great for everyone, loads of good sales for games!
Vodoo Nov 22 2012, 07:07 am EST
Faster Than Light is an indie Star Trek simulator Rogue-like.

You start the game with your space ship, a crew of 3 humans and set off to battle the boss ships at the end of the galaxy sector which in total are about 7 or something like that.
The premise is: you have some critical codes about pizza than can destroy the Rebels...or something like that....and you have to get it to the finish line, battling pirates, doing quests and evading the impending fleet of Rebel scum reminiscent of the Reaper conquest in the Mass Effect 3 mini-game.

the thought that Jean-Luc Picard is a dashing young space cadet manning the Enterprise fearing for his life due to the evil Luke Skywalker closing in on his tail is a good enough reason to love this game already.

Over time you unlock in-game achievements (not online) and many other ships, you gain more crew members of dubious race and gender, you find cool and impressive weapons, you blow up pirates in some distant nebulae, board ships with your fancy multi-cultural crew.....

or you die six ways from sunday before reaching the next repair depot.

There are many intelligent mechanics in the game that offer a diverse outcome to almost any situation. you have to upgrade your ship, take care of any oxygen leak, put out fires or just open ship doors (just be careful which ones) and let the fires die out from lack of oxygen, manage power output to shields and various other systems. There isn't that much micro-management involved as it first seems, the game is simple and very fun from the first few minutes into the game.

wholeheartedly recommend !
Terminator Nov 22 2012, 08:23 am EST
Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

After one week of debate, I finally bought an Xbox for Halo 4. I've spent too much time playing Halo games to avoid the next chapter. I sure hope Halo 4 is as good as Halo: Reach.
  Vader: Actually, to me personally, Halo 4 is better than Rea…
Doomsday. Nov 22 2012, 09:13 am EST

^ U bought another Xbox just for Halo fucking 4!! Oh God honestly!! Whats wrong with u man!!!! ?? :(
  Terminator: LOL! It's not just Halo 4 dude. It's Red Dead Redempt…
Vader: Finally!
Doomsday.: hmm... that be true yes! :)
Breedy_Mcfluff Nov 22 2012, 03:59 pm EST
Playing Black Ops 2. Not anything special, to say the least.

Trying turkey for the first time. Shiiiiit. Steam deals. Aaaawesome.

Poor fucking native americans, really got the short end of the stick. Except now, with the casinos. Stupid native casinos, not spreading the wealth. Money and greed is everything.



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