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Mornin '12

Grabbed the opportunity to watch The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey last night. To put it simply, I'm struggling to understand why so many critics aren't giving it much praise. True enough, there was plenty of room here to give the audience something new and different. It feels a bit like you're back watch Lord of the Rings. Correct me if I'm wrong, but that was the whole point wasn't it? It's Peter Jackson and it's the same setting and there many familiar faces from the old LotR cast have returned, including Cate Blanchett, Hugo Weaving, Elijah Wood, Sir Ian McKellen, Ian Holm and so on. So, some critics have even called this film tedious. It's anything but. Trust me. It's a lovely little fairy tale and an exciting journey, especially for viewers who appreciate Peter Jackson's earlier flicks. J.R.R. Tolkien fans should be pleased as well. Emphasis on the word "should" though.

My only gripe in this instance is that they've done little to elaborate on Tolkien's incredibly rich lore. I would've like to have seen more of the elvish kingdoms and a deeper story about some of the fleeting characters. It's obvious that they're saving this for the next two installments. On the other hand, I do understand that the dwarves are supposed to be the center of this tale and in that respect Pete and Fran give us a lot to hold on to. Thorin Oakenshield is a bad-ass to say the least and the movie delves deep into the history of the character, as well as the dwarven race.

No matter what you expect to see yourself, nothing will change the fact that these are still good storytellers and great movie makers. Don't miss out on watching this one on the big screen and in 3D.

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im_stardust Dec 15 2012, 02:55 am EST
Never waiting for opinions and reviews. If I wanna watch something, I'll go judge for myself if it's good or bad.

Anyway, I consider all three Lord of The Rings to be one the best movies, ever made.
Doomsday. Dec 15 2012, 03:01 am EST

Will watch this soon!
Btw the trailer for Pacific Rim and Man of Steel look awesome!
Un Om Bun [STAFF] Dec 15 2012, 03:12 am EST
I'm glad to hear it Vader. I'm sure I'm gonna enjoy every minute of it. Unlike some of the critics, I'm going to see it with the right expectations. I get the feeling most of them went for the action and never cared much for this universe. They must have secretly hoped for a LotR 4.

From everything I've read so far, The Hobbit was made for the hardcore fans and I hope Jackson won't shorten parts 2 & 3 because of the short attention span crowd. I saw Cloud Atlas and I hated it for being crap, not because of it's length. The Hobbit's a few minutes shorter so I can't imagine it's length will make me anything but happy.
  Cheddar: Have you read the books? Because you have no busines…
Un Om Bun: I have. I've also read Jackson's explanations for pre…
FesterSilently: Regardless of any of his explanations, I just don't s…
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Cheddar: Ah, code-speak. Ever the boon to a stubbornly optim…
Un Om Bun: Ah, typical internet cynicism...
perineum: They thew a lot of info from The Similarion and appen…
Ftmch Dec 15 2012, 05:01 am EST
I enjoyed the movie aswell, I didn't have much expectations, but it was nice. The 3D was just annoying though, but I guess that might vary from person to person and theatre to theatre, for my part it just made it hard focusing during action-scenes etc. and made my eyes hurt a bit, I would recommend seeing it in 2D. I though it had a bit too much of a "disney-feel" and too much exagerrated CGI-action scenes etc. not enough subtle stuff. But that's just a matter of taste, and the CGI was very well done. Apart from that I liked the movie a lot, many of the more atmospheric scenes were bloody good, and it felt a lot shorter than 2hours and 40 minutes, and a lot of things were happening, those complaining about it being dull etc. must have seen another movie, there was a lot of action and adventure, maybe even more action than slow-scenes, at least that's what it felt like. Looking forward to the next one.
Cheddar Dec 15 2012, 05:08 am EST
Let's get something straight here: the consensus criticism isn't saying the movie is bad. It's just getting good-but-not-excellent reviews because it's nearly 3 hours long, padded with tedious scenes and poor pacing. That's all. And that's completely valid, wholly objective criticism.

They've taken a book with at most two climax scenes (and even two is debatable) and somehow stretched it into three movies... and the first one is already longer than it would take me to read fully a third of the actual novel! The book isn't even particularly long for a fantasy epic (about 300 pages, which is pretty short... to give the non-readers here a frame of perspective, Fellowship of the Ring alone was 500+ pages long).

I don't mind long movies, myself. I expect I'll like The Hobbit just fine. Hell, it'll probably even be a bit of an improvement over the novel itself, which frankly is overrated (by grace of its association with the far superior trilogy written 15 years later) and isn't representative of Tolkein's best form as a writer.

But I can still keep off the fanboy goggles and see the reality here for what it is: The Hobbit is being made into three movies because it's effectively three times the profits.

You're damn right its for the fans.

Specifically, it's for the fan's wallets.
  Un Om Bun: Fans' wallets my ass. Jackson's passionate about Tolk…
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Un Om Bun: Not even close mate. You couldn't possibly know what …
BmmB: Ok then, I'll leave you and Mr. Pete alone.
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Cheddar: Just goes to show, even a normally dedicated cynic wi…
Un Om Bun: You can speculate all you want but you don't know for…
perineum: I'm not a fanboy and I completely agree with un om bu…
Reikhardt Dec 15 2012, 05:21 am EST

Exactly what I was going to say Cheddar. It is way too long a film and a book which can never justify 3 films. In Mark Kermode's review he said that Peter Jackson could really have don with an evil editor sat on his shoulder and forced him to cut the film drastically in length.
run_like_snot Dec 15 2012, 06:36 am EST
Yeah I read the book when I was NEGATIVE THREE years old and it took me an afternoon. PETE! you're full of yourself.
I'm still pissed off that they CHANGED THE COUNTRY'S LAWS in order to get this thing made here.
I'm sure it's a nice movie though.
GrgoljBlaster Dec 15 2012, 06:56 am EST
Saw it last night. Kept my attention the whole time, it was glorious!
BmmB Dec 15 2012, 08:46 am EST
I think LotR movies are simply amazing. I really love them. But I simply cannot bring myself to watching this. Hobbit as the book and the movie(s) is too inferior to LotR.
touretul Dec 15 2012, 09:51 am EST
What? Cloud Atlas is crap? I can't believe it.
CJ_Parker Dec 15 2012, 11:56 am EST
Dwarves can suck me standing up, k?
KraGeRzR Dec 15 2012, 01:11 pm EST
The fact is, Tolkien was a man who pioneered a genre for reasons most of you, including the cast and crew and audience of this movie will never understand, and then spent the rest of his life adding to his mythology, again for reasons none of you will ever realize.

The LOTR and Hobbit movies simply cannot do justice to the books, and the books, including the Hobbit, are masterpieces of fiction far and above most of the tripe that's been written in the last century.

The first reason for this is that Tolkien was a descriptive genius, and any filmed work won't look anything like the images that you or I imagined while reading it.

The second reason is that the movies were made in a completely different era by people who don't share the same convictions, for an audience who don't share the same convictions, and so it can't possibly be a faithful adaptation in that regard.

But you don't believe me, nor should you. Enjoy.
  BmmB: No movie can do justice to the book(s) it's based on.…
Cheddar: Before Hollywood effectively took it over, the broadl…
KraGeRzR: But not only that, it was actually an attempt to re-e…
Breedy_Mcfluff: Don't do the movie-won't-live-up-to-book bullshit arg…
Terminator Dec 15 2012, 05:19 pm EST
I just saw The Hobbit. It's a welcome return to Middle Earth, but the storyline is being stretched out too much. This is one book, and it should have been one movie. LOTR did this just fine!
Cheddar Dec 15 2012, 06:48 pm EST
Given a choice, I'd rather people be stubbornly optimistic than stubbornly pessimistic, come to think of it. So I think I'll stop protesting certain people's willfully positive perception of the Hobbit trilogy. All things considered, it's probably healthy.
im_stardust Dec 15 2012, 08:33 pm EST
Why? Why stubbornly optimistic?
  Un Om Bun: Cheddar's just being stubbornly cynical.
Cheddar: Generally steers me right. Generally. You too, I e…
perineum: Yeah, I'm with Cheddar. It helps a lot in life.
Un Om Bun: Yes, generally I'm a cynical bastard with low expecta…
Vodoo Dec 16 2012, 03:18 am EST
LoTR and The Hobbit are not movie adaptations, well they are but they're not, they are translations.
Peter Jackson read the novels and turned words into pictures, more exactly his understanding of those words into whatever picture he deemed worthy of presenting to the world.

a movie is a movie, a book is a book.
you compare books with other books and movies with other movies; regardless of which came first.

learn to differentiate the medium you are criticizing.
Bubu Dec 16 2012, 07:24 am EST
Fucking nerds.
  Un Om Bun: I'm having fun being a nerd.
IcedEarth: I think he's saying he is fucking nerds.
Un Om Bun: Oh, I think you're right.
Superastic Dec 16 2012, 09:20 am EST
Just saw the movie. It went like this: The oranges were running from the oranges through the teal then fought them with teal while trying to find an orange. Then the oranges fought some vicious teal with oranges and kinda won. Inferior credits song.
  GrgoljBlaster: Just be glad that no bananas were harmed!
Vader: Right. Bananas should be left out of this altogether.


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