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Mornin '12
Okay, need to set the record straight regarding this Peter Molynuex business. I may have overreacted just a tad when I dissed the prototype video for Molyneux's Godus project. On the other hand, I still cling to the sentiment that such videos are useless if you're not gonna provide further explanation or show at least something concrete. When you release a video and slap a big label that says: "Hey, this is something new from the guy who made Black & White, Fable and Syndicate." So, yeah, I know it requires the usual marketing bullshit, but that's just what people want and people are asshats. I'm an asshat sometimes.

Also, I don't know if Microsoft is to blame for fucking up Fable or Peter. I'm guessing MS wanted to continue the franchise in the direction it was going and Peter wanted to incorporate something "different" and that's where things went pair-shaped. Of course, it may be Peter's fault entirely. Who the hell knows... It doesn't matter. What matters is that games like Fable are becoming relics of a by-gone era and now the industry's becoming crammed with over-ambitious user-funded projects and it may still be a while before history shows that Kickstarter is a good way to develop games. It may be easier for small devs to fund their projects, without publishers ever having to meddle in the creative process. That's what we're all hoping.

Just realized I willingly calling myself an asshat. Happy now?

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Reikhardt Dec 19 2012, 05:35 am EST

I don't think you did overreact. This model of funding is potentially very promising for the development of new groundbreaking or risky games, but the devs must put foward something much more substantial for potential investors.
If they went to a traditional publisher with this, they'd be laughed at.
Vader [STAFF] Dec 19 2012, 05:45 am EST
But that seems to be the point of things like Kickstarter. If you have a name like Peter Molyneux, then you could manage the whole thing without a publisher. No investors required. The whole thing can be user-funded.
paradoxjast Dec 19 2012, 07:47 am EST
On kickstarter I refuse to 'invest' in something that doesn't show they at least put a fair amount of effort into what they want to make and a plan to follow during the course of the kickstarter.

Granted, Double Fine started it all and there's wasn't 'all that', per-se, but you have to start somewhere. Then along came inExile wanting to do Wasteland 2, but that had already been planned out for a while and it had a constant stream of updates.

So far only RPG's have gotten through with nothing but concept art and ideas, with the only exception that comes to mind being Legends of Eisenwald - they were pretty much already in alpha and just needed money for the home stretch.

As far as Peter Molyneux... he's got that whole Molyneux-effect thing going on. PC gamers feel betrayed, whether because of him or Microsoft, who knows... but they do. Besides extreme enthusiasm that causes him to spew blown-up promises, many people's latest reminders (PC gamers, more accurately) of Mr. Molyneux are of the entire Fable clusterfuck, from 1 through 3... and how we kept getting shafted.

LostPcGamer Dec 19 2012, 10:11 am EST
I see people bitch about every pitch video now, I think peoples expectations are also growing exponentially.

We should take some care that Kickstarter doesn't end up dominated by slick PR pitches that are as bad as publisher trailers or ends up as a preorder service for nearly finished AA games.

That seems what people want. There now I come off as an asshat but don't really care.
Bubu Dec 19 2012, 10:26 am EST
Wasteland 2, Dead State, Grim Dawn, Shadowrun Returns, Project Eternity. KS is the best invention since .... the first female sucked a dick for money.
  LostPcGamer: And many more that could of been but apparently peopl…
Breedy_Mcfluff Dec 19 2012, 11:12 am EST
Peter... Peter...

I stopped caring about that guy after Fable II. He still makes video games?
Rick_Hunter Dec 19 2012, 02:47 pm EST
Peter... Peter... Jackson? Oh yes, that dude, awesome guy, he gave me 169 minutes of fapping time just recently with a movie about a midget. Glorious!
Un Om Bun [STAFF] Dec 19 2012, 04:11 pm EST
I can't stop listening to this shit:

And look at that fuckable piglet !
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Morkrul: mish


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