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Mornin '13

Likable and interesting characters - that's what's really important for a good game (and a good movie for that matter) and yet we see so little of those lately.

Think back to the last game you played where the characters were interesting enough to make you actually care about what's going to happen to them.

When I think about it, there are a few games on the list, but few of them were released in 2012. The Walking Dead, understandably, comes to mind first since it was released only a few months ago and it's really one of the most memorable adventure games I've played.

You'd think that games like Dishonored and Diablo 3 would offer more in that department, but they really don't. The truth is that they leave a lot to be desired.

Still, remember games like Dragon Age: Origins and Knights of the Old Republic where the developers clearly put a lot of thought into how the characters should be allowed to shape during a playthrough.

Characterization has become one of the key ingredients to a worthwhile gaming experience. That, of course, and a well-written storyline.

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touretul Jan 09 2013, 07:11 am EST
For somebody that thinks The Hobbit has a good story, you bitch too much about Dishonored
ashmasters Jan 09 2013, 07:26 am EST
dragon age origins yes, soul reaver legacy of kain, you know nobody talks about ALICE anymore. I thought the story was pretty good.
CompanionCube Jan 09 2013, 08:09 am EST
Dishonored had some pretty amazing gameplay but most of the characters were just flat out boring or really just not relatable to an audience. I mean, the problem with most games nowadays is males are either these hurr durr muscle guys or a bunch of slimy gits. KOTOR and DA:O were good in that characters were 3 dimensional. Name one 3 dimensional character in Diablo. The main characters were Deckard "Dead-Man Walking" Cain, "hurr durr my family is a bunch of evil evil basterds but I'm gonna be ok" Leah "just kidding I'm Diablo". I think Captain Rumford was the most likable character in the whole damn game.

Not to mention the whole reason Diablo was fucking scary in the first place is because less is more. He is the nightmare behind the curtain. When you enter heaven, the first cinimatic is amazing at first because Diablo says "Even in heaven, angels still feel fear". Awesome line. Then he goes into a fucking long diatribe silly ass villian speech that makes him into a cartoon character. If that's not bad enough, he makes these silly apparences throughout heaven trying to mock your progress or something. By the end of it I was like, "QUIT TALKING DIABLO NOBODY GIVES A SHIT".

Sorry, still bitter.
  im_stardust: Why is "Even in heaven, angels still feel fear" an AW…
PigMaster: Second that
CompanionCube: I thought it was kind of a cool line to say and then …
PigMaster Jan 09 2013, 09:38 am EST
are you seriously demanding more character from diablo 3? are you serious?
seriously? games like diablo demand nothing but being fun.
not scary or thrilling or anything else, just fun.
it's like watching movies like pirates of the caribbean -
story is stupid, characters are as deep as an A4 paper- a blank A4 paper - but everyone loved it - why? cause it was fun to watch. it hit the target audience. and it looked top notch, which was great, same as diablo

now, if the characters here were as deep and complex as solid snake - we'd have a totally different game. maybe better - maybe worse.
no one knows...
im_stardust Jan 09 2013, 10:06 am EST
Such an idiot you are Pigmaster.
  PigMaster: Such an idiot I am. Care to explain where my though…
im_stardust: Character development is a plus and it's welcomed in …
RenegadeCZ: Yeah, right after Pong, that is.
Vader: I don't know why, but it never bothered me in Diablo …
PigMaster: True to that, character development is welcome - but …
PainZero Jan 09 2013, 11:33 am EST
I guess Bioshock was the last one where I liked both story and characters.

Regarding Diablo 3, as pigmaster said what can you expect from a hack'n'slash rpg, I really don't remember any one of those kind of games that had some character development.
Reikhardt Jan 09 2013, 12:41 pm EST

Longest Journey/ Dreamfall, KOTOR games, Dragon Age: Origins, Mass Effect series all had good characters, but I have to admit, other than the Walking Dead, I'm struggling for new games that really do have great characters in.
*edit: To The Moon, great characters that you really care about!
  Vader: Mass Effect - good characters, piss-ugly ending.
Rick_Hunter Jan 09 2013, 01:32 pm EST
Rockstar games I enjoy quite a bit in their narrative and characterization. It's not fantasy, it's not RPG, but still delivers. Example: Red Dead Redemption.
  RenegadeCZ: Or any other Rockstar game that is. I liked Passos fr…
Doomsday. Jan 10 2013, 01:46 am EST

Revan lives in TOR! But not for long though haha!


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