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Mornin '13

The industry is just fine the way it is.

Well, apart from all the retarded casual games for mobile devices and touch pads...

... and the generic shooters.
... and countless cloned 3rd-person action adventures.
... and all the stupid 3D platform for kiddies.
... and the numerous social network games and browser games.

Apart from all of those, the industry is in a fairly decent state. Well, if we disregard the fact that less people are buying the new Wii U console. And that less people are buying the Xbox 360 and the PS3.

Apart from those minor details, the industry's really okay.

Really. It's fine. No I'm not being sarcastic here. It's just fine.

It could be worse, ya know.

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Marku5K Feb 06 2013, 01:26 am EST

Yep that's the way things are...
  Vader: They're bound to get better... surely.
Marku5K: ...surely!
Doomsday. Feb 06 2013, 02:31 am EST
PigMaster Feb 06 2013, 03:55 am EST
You forgot the piracy thing, which the industry is handling well
Bubu Feb 06 2013, 04:49 am EST
Witcher 3 in 2014. Thank god there are kickstarter projects too keep me from hanging myself. Also the redkit 2 for eitcher 2 will be released this year so we can expect some nice new adventures:D
Reikhardt Feb 06 2013, 05:06 am EST

No use complaining about it, the market has changed now. Gaming is no longer the nerdy activity for spotty boys and reclusive men. I can remember growing up and wishing the general populace had a better understanding about my pastime and that not everyone who played Doom was an unproductive member of society who almost certainly was going to go and brutally murder people.
Now gaming is acceptable and the developers have largely changed to cater for the huge wider market.
Moesha [STAFF] Feb 06 2013, 09:58 am EST
I like the cut of your jib.
Tobias_Rieper Feb 06 2013, 12:04 pm EST
I now, nostalgically, recall as a kid begging to be driven to the closes store that sold PC games, a ComputerCity/CompUSA about a hour and half drive away, seeing if they had the game, forking over 50-70 bucks which was a lot to me back then and then having to spend the next few hours getting it to run, trying to download drivers at 56k with a bad connection, dealing with driver conflicts, incompatibility issues, spontaneous shutdowns, BSODs, someone else needing the computer, gremlins and the piece de resistance "Power Outage" which happened at at a annoying regularity. If you were still alive and/or sane you entered a world of games where a games success was measured in the tens or hundreds of thousands not millions, developers took risk, games weren't worried about being too complicated for your tiny insignificant mind since you obliviously where skilled enough to fix a conflict between 98, your creative SC and a stupid Compaq driver that a dead monkey must have wrote by writing some code yourself, there was us(Geeks/Nerds) and there was everyone else, no one pretended to be one of us, why would they, we weren't cool or "mainstream".

Man I miss those days:(
  Zenmuron: I kid you not, once I built my first real custom PC w…
Terminator Feb 06 2013, 12:06 pm EST
Don't get me started on the GARBAGE they put on mobile devices and touch pads. These "games" are pathetic!
BmmB Feb 06 2013, 01:01 pm EST
Yeah, I agree.
But, on the bright side of things, I just finished playing Machinarium on my smartphone. It's a perfect game for such devices, except for two possible negatives: display may be too small for one's taste and your fingers may be too big to touch those tiny spots here and there. But if you own, say Galaxy Note 2, with big display and a pen, then both those negatives disappear instantly.
Otherwise it plays the same as on a PC. My favorite game now always with me, I like it.
Breedy_Mcfluff Feb 06 2013, 01:21 pm EST
Gaming went mainstream. We now get many Katy Perry/Usher/Lady GagAnADick games.

Industry will live. It'll be juuuust fine. It won't be great. Lucky we got Naughty Dog, CD Projekt, Mojang, Obsidian, etc.


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