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Mornin '13

Hey folks. Hope you're having a very nice morning, working in your favorite office, drinking your favorite exotic coffee brand, doing your favorite job, looking at your favorite boss.

Anyway, just wanted to direct your attention to our latest voting poll, which went up a few days ago.

Also, those of you who wish to know the results from our previous voting poll, come right this way. Hm, so it's as I suspected. Most people still just want to play Half-Life 3, more than any other title on that list. Granted, it's more of a personal list of favorite potential projects, but still it's interesting to see what people are keen on these days.

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Terminator Apr 02 2013, 03:41 am EDT
Morning. As far as the poll goes, I'm genuinely sick of the direction the gaming industry is going. It's all about money, to heck with quality. We are lucky to get five good games a year now. Franchises like Call of Duty and Assassin's Creed are being milked to ridiculous lengths.
im_stardust Apr 02 2013, 03:54 am EDT
Shut the hell up you dumbass ! You like almost each and every major title released every year.
  Terminator: Bullshit! I've been critical of several games on here…
RenegadeCZ: Yeah, fucking right, argue about who hates more games!
touretul: HA-HA-HA!
optimus slime Apr 02 2013, 04:08 am EDT
I see nothing has changed here. Kudos for consistency.
TrevorOreius Apr 02 2013, 04:50 am EDT
I think HL3 will be released when all of us have white hair already...
GrgoljBlaster Apr 02 2013, 05:18 am EDT
Yep, in my office right now, not much work today. I voted for "I'm sick of shooters", but on a second thought I'm not actually sick of that kind of games, more like the direction where are they now (modern military, ironsights, regenerations, cinematic shit...) and how they're undeservingly popular.
On a side note - Bioshock Infinite is great. Playing it for the past couple of days, exploring every bit of map... It really lets you immerse in it's world.
Doomsday. Apr 02 2013, 05:23 am EDT
Reikhardt Apr 02 2013, 05:25 am EDT

I don't have a particular complaint with games today. It does feel like there are less top quality games being released, but as I get older I have less time to play.
RenegadeCZ Apr 02 2013, 07:09 am EDT
I'm sick of casual games, without any depth, made just to entertain for al little while. I don't have no problems with shooters in general, as long as they're not shallow. CoD or BF singleplayer lacks depth, replayability, it's too short, etc etc. That makes me sick.
Bubu Apr 02 2013, 08:09 am EDT
Heart of the Swarm's campaign is so fucking disappointing. One would expect that a bloody SEQUEL done by BLIZZ would be at least as good as the fucking first part. But no after 3 years we get fewer missions, MEDIOCRE story that feels like filler until the third part.

The reason why Kerrigan transforms back in the Queen of Blades is so pathetic it hurts. There's no exploration of Kerrigan and Jim relationship, no insight on how she feels about all the she has done as Queen of Blades. FUCKING NOTHING. Just some nice cinematics. This sequel proves that those retarded writers just didn't have enough ideas for a trilogy, yet we still got one because of $$$$$$$.

I thought Blizz lost it with all those WoW expansions. Then Wings of Liberty came out and hope was restored. Then Diablo 3 which felt like a punch in the balls. And now this. Fuck me.
  RenegadeCZ: I've never ever touched any Blizzard game except WoW.…
Terminator: I hear that Bubu. It's insulting to make us wait thre…
RenegadeCZ: Why do you take this shit personally? It's business, …
Terminator: We can't change it until the legions of mindless game…
RenegadeCZ: The change won't happen overnight, that's for sure, b…
zgEdgar: wait, wait, wait.. you played WoW, but not d1-2? that…
Doomsday. Apr 02 2013, 10:48 am EDT
^ HoTS was good! U expected too much,

'The reason why Kerrigan transforms back in the Queen of Blades is so pathetic it hurts. There's no exploration of Kerrigan and Jim relationship, no insight on how she feels about all the she has done as Queen of Blades. FUCKING NOTHING.'

U r an idiot for expecting such deep stuff from Blizzard, Bahhahahahahahaaaaa!!!
  Bubu: Well the first game was rather good with it's charact…
im_stardust Apr 02 2013, 12:08 pm EDT
Thank you for ruining the game for me! You assholes!
  Terminator: Serves you right, you fucking PMS bitch!
Breedy_Mcfluff: Holy shit, I honestly burst with laughter right there…
Doomsday. Apr 02 2013, 01:06 pm EDT
^ Blame the bear! He put spoilers without saying *SPOILERs*!!
Breedy_Mcfluff Apr 02 2013, 06:59 pm EDT
I'm generally sick of shooters. I can't really enjoy the mainstream ones like Call of Duty or Battlefield (thanks a lot, BF3, fucking sack of dicks). It has a lot to do with mods, because mods can make almost every game better, especially Battlefield.

I guess I'm actually generally sick of the mainstream video game industry direction. Agreeing with 'T-dawg', some franchises have become carrions, pretty much leaving some of us feeling disappointed.

Fuck the mainstream. Hit up Minecraft, Terraria, ArmA 3, DOTA 2, Torchlight 2, Metro 2033, Hotline Miami, Mark of the Ninja, FTL, et-fucking-cetera. Give money to developers who deserve it. And don't buy any more fucking Assassin's Creed, Battlefield, or Call of Duty games.

Battlefield 4 trailer looked kinda nice, though. LOOKED. Gameplay and writing looked abysmal as fuck. Love to all, PEACE!


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