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Mornin '13

I'd like to start this week with a question: just where the fuck is Hollywood going? How much is too much?

Now, some things look fun, but again, it all seems to hinge on the same stories that were told a million times before.

Also, why in the name of tits am I still so easily amused and teased with bullshit like this? This shit really makes me want to pay for a movie ticket.

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Reikhardt Jun 17 2013, 04:49 am EDT

White House down looks terrible, yet oddly compelling.
  Vader: Exactly. Maybe it's the way the trailer was presented…
CJ_Parker Jun 17 2013, 05:59 am EDT
Mornin' .. and fuck movies. Games > Movies.
  Vader: Agreed.
im_stardust Jun 17 2013, 06:03 am EDT
I was in the mood to watch a Sci-fi, so I gave Prometheus a chance. What a dumb fucking movie. One of the dumbest movies, I've seen a while.

It wasn't even dumb. It was retarded. It was deeply disturbing on how retarded it was.
  Vader: Prometheus? The worse fucking thing that happened in …
im_stardust: It was scary how ridiculous it was that even Doomsday…
Vader: Doomsday is a perfectly good writer.
EricHalfBee: No it isn't.
Vader: It?
Doomsday.: Hehehehehehehheheeee!! :D
im_stardust Jun 17 2013, 06:22 am EDT
So, let me get this straight: The aliens spawn from a queen that's crossbreed between a giant humanoid-alien thing and giant octupus-alien thing; the octupus being also conceived between a human female and a human male, the male being infected with some kind of bio-weapon of some sort. What a load of fucking crap. Old Ridley has lost his mind.
Vader [STAFF] Jun 17 2013, 06:38 am EDT
Yes, that sounds about right... It's been a while since old Ridley made a movie worthy of his own staggering reputation.
im_stardust Jun 17 2013, 06:41 am EDT
An incredibly, technologically advanced and far more intelligent being is gonna go ape shit and use his bare hands to smash-kill It's threat.

I'd so much like to rant about this movie. It not only goes against any laws of science but against every ounce of logic.


You go to a far away planet in another solar system and having weapons is not allowed because it's an archaeological expedition or some shit like that. And you bring a flamethrower, in 2086?? a fucking flamethrower? are you fucking kidding me? We had flamethrowers in WW 1. They are good for trenches and bunkers and that's about it.

But seriously, you can fly to another solar system and you bring flamethrowers? You don't even know what to expect! At least bring a fucking laser tank or something. At this very moment, we have "light" fire power to make mincemeat to everything that's even remotely "organic". But hold on, we still have hand-held flashlights and axes on space ships in 2086!!!


Another "minor" aspect: in 2086 caesarian will still be used for abortion and you can do it yourself, you only need a fancy laser, a small crane and a staple gun. WHAT THE FUCK ! And no matter how much painkillers you are given, you can barely talk after this type of procedure; you can't even get up or walk and this bitch was doing marathons on the planet few moments later, with her stomach stapled. HAHAHAHAHA!!!


The crew and the captain, where the dumbest in any of the"crews and captains' in movie history. Aside other things, they are just gonna decide in a matter of seconds to kill themselves, crashing into the other ship, just because a dumbass bitch, running horrified and on painkillers who just gave birth to on octupus, said so. Not even knowing that that would even work and most discomforting, that there were almost happy, they were doing it. Jesus Fucking Christ....

It feels good ranting about this but it wasn't even worth watching..

And I just heard this guy is doing Blade Runner 2. Please, someone lock him in a sanatorium . God help us!
  Vader: Hm, it left a strong impression on me for some reason…
Doomsday.: Best stardust rant ever! And it makes sense! :)
TrevorOreius Jun 17 2013, 07:50 am EDT
Stardust, thank you for ranting, because you just made my day.
  Vader: It's a good rant isn't it. The useful kind.
TrevorOreius: It sure is. I liked his caesarian abortion part a lot…
Vader: Good. Good that you laughed. I like that.
Bubu Jun 17 2013, 08:58 am EDT
miserable gimps .... prometheus was good.
PigMaster Jun 17 2013, 09:47 am EDT
how exactly was prometheus good?

oh, and there's this:​arzengger-terminator-5/
EricHalfBee Jun 17 2013, 10:16 am EDT
It wasn't great but it was good. How anyone can, with a straight face, say it's one of the dumbest films they've ever seen is beyond me. If you really think this you *clearly* don't watch many films.

It looked beautiful. It made me think. I can see the same holes that everyone else can but there was plenty there to make up for them.
  im_stardust: Can you see the holes in your fucking, empty head ?
im_stardust Jun 17 2013, 10:17 am EDT
It's irrelevant. Not even a Cameron and a young Schwarzenegger can bring The Terminator back.

It's funny how a lot of people with success, can't pinpoint where exactly their success came from.
  PigMaster: too true
Doomsday. Jun 17 2013, 11:10 am EDT

Can't wait for Pacific Rim!
RenegadeCZ Jun 17 2013, 01:03 pm EDT

I don't give a shit if the movie is clever or original anymore, I'm past that partially pretentious pose. If the movie is fun, good, if it is not, then fuck it. I mean, I did enjoy Battle: LA quite a lot, but not Real Steel. Both were incredibly stupid, but the latter was simply not enjoyable.

So give me one more patriotic flick about kidnapped president of the USA, screw it, give me two (which they will), as long as they're fun to watch.
Terminator Jun 17 2013, 05:27 pm EDT
Hollywood is being driven off the cliff by greedy execs.
Morkrul Jun 17 2013, 10:03 pm EDT
hanna was good, and "god bless america" too


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