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Mornin '13
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Now that I'm done with Company of Heroes 2 there's nothing left to play. I'd gladly go back to it, but some things repel me from trying it again (as I've explained in the review).

There's nothing else for it. I'm gonna go back to Deus Ex Hu... oh no, I've played that recently. There must be something on this shelf of mine. Let's see; geez so much dust and cobwebs here. Oh look, Halo: Reach. Bah! No way. Resident Evil 5? Nah. Play it way too many times. Dragon Age: Origins. Oh why the hell not...

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Spuki83 Jul 13 2013, 04:47 am EDT
How about Skyrim?
  Vader: Skyrim? Hm, not a bad idea.
Bubu Jul 13 2013, 05:10 am EDT
It's so awesome to have this ps3 and all these awesome exclusives hehe.
  Vader: Damn you. Just damn you!
Doomsday. Jul 13 2013, 07:18 am EDT

Aah Dragon Age: Origins!
TrevorOreius Jul 13 2013, 08:11 am EDT
That game never gets old
  Cheddar: Speak for yourself.
Vader: Well, it does get old after you play it from beginnin…
Cheddar: I wasn't able to finish Origins, so evidently for me …
Vodoo: 4 years.....4 fucking years later someone finally bac…
Un Om Bun: I always said it's shit. Never touched the second one…
Vodoo: thank you.
BmmB: I agree on that.
Vader: Wait, wait. So now everyone hates Dragon Age 2 AAND D…
BmmB: DA: O is a borefest, but you're in love with it and d…
RenegadeCZ Jul 13 2013, 09:30 am EDT

Skyrim's Dragonborn DLC is pretty cool, Solstheim brings back many good memories. Plus it was a pleasant surprise to find how large the Skyrim DLCs are, compared to other games. You can even pirate them, and still recieve achievements and shit on Steam, hehe.
  Cheddar: Agreed about how laudably expansive the Dragonborn DL…
Vader: I'll definitely take your word for it. Didn't have ti…
RenegadeCZ: Weeeeeeeeell I wouldn't go as far as saying it's a pr…
Cheddar: I'm just speaking objectively, regarding the width an…
RenegadeCZ: I think that I've so far spent 40 hours with all 3 of…
Cheddar Jul 13 2013, 10:23 am EDT
I'm about to start playing Mass Effect 3 for the first time ever. Finally. Probably in about a week, as soon as I get done with my ME2 replay.
  BmmB: Enjoy it, it's an amazing conclusion to the trilogy.
Vader: You're playing ME3 for the first time ever. My condol…
Doomsday.: Make sure u have all the DLCs!
RenegadeCZ: ME's DLCs were good. Not too long, but worh it noneth…
Cheddar: I know a little bit about the various ME3 endings (a …
RenegadeCZ: I think that majority of the players that complained …
Doomsday.: NO! In RPGs where WE have the control and choice and …
RenegadeCZ: You're crazy, Doomsday. SPOILER ALERT If you …
Un Om Bun: SPOILER The conversation with the star brat is mos…
Doomsday.: Hehheheheheheee!
Vader: So, we all agree that ME 3 is crap then.
Un Om Bun: Overall it's good and in a few moments it's even tits…
BmmB: I agree that all of you are idiots. Which is nothing …
im_stardust Jul 13 2013, 12:31 pm EDT
I played ME 3 with all the DLC and I felt, it was as much the same as the other two in the series.

As I've said before, the problem with Mass Effect and Dragon Age for that matter, is the fact that there is too much focus on story and not much focus on anything else.

And the story is as good as the one in a Steven Seagal movie. The writers are average or below average.
im_stardust Jul 13 2013, 12:53 pm EDT
As for Skryim, I have it installed with all the DLC.

I also installed the maximum amount of mods. I have 254 plugins. The best looking armors and weapons, enb and high res textures for everything, better aounds and a major improvement on all possible gameplay and everything stable and with less bugs than vanilla.

I made the game shine like a mother fucker and after a while it still bores me to death. And the reason is simple, it's like drawing one time, a line of paint with a paint brush. At first it's thick and then it starts to thin out.

At it's core, Skyrim lacks consistency and it's riddled with repetition.
  KraGeRzR: Absolutely true. I tried to enjoy Skyrim but I never …
RenegadeCZ: Don't mean to be a fanboy here, but there are very fe…
im_stardust: Can't argue with. Can't tell you how many games I wis…
EricHalfBee: After a while Skyrim does start to feel a little vacu…
Cheddar Jul 13 2013, 01:18 pm EDT
Did you really just suggest that there are actually some Steven Segal movies with 'average' writing?
  im_stardust: haha
Whisky Jul 13 2013, 01:25 pm EDT
How about the Borderlands 2 Tiny Tina DLC? I started it but haven't had a chance to put in any real time on it
  Cheddar: I hear it's pretty great. Also apparently Gearbo…
Breedy_Mcfluff Jul 13 2013, 04:29 pm EDT
I fucking LOVE steam deals (and discipline).

I picked up Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising. It's has very little in common with anything Bohemia made and it reminds me that Codemasters is only ever going to be good at making race games. They couldn't make a shooter if their life depended on it. I'll still have fun with it though, but Codemasters is shit in anything but racers.

Witcher 2 for $5.... sexy.
  PainZero: Correction, Codemasters used to be good at making rac…
Barzenak42 Jul 14 2013, 07:23 am EDT
Picked up some steam deals...NfS Shift and Hot Pursuit for dirt cheap. I love racing games period. Dirt 2 rocked...3 not so much.

I been playing more indies lately and a game dev tycoon being pretty fun. I also did reload up skyrim with some new mods and a different build to mess with.

Witcher 2 is a must play for anyone loving a good rpg. I still have to finish that up...
  Vader: Witcher 2 is a must play for anyone who wants a game …
BmmB: OMG you stupid people. The game is great, it's you th…


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