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Mornin '13
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I just love how BioWare keeps reminding me of how effectively they've killed off two of their best game franchises - Mass Effect and Dragon Age. Look, I'm happy that games are evolving, but all this hype surrounding Dragon Age: Inquisition escapes me.

Seriously, I used to prefer RPGs to almost any other genre. These days, I'm more likely to just enjoy action games like ordinary shooters or Batman: Arkham Asylum or stuff like the recently released Splinter Cell: Blacklist, rather than wasting my time with RPGs that are not really RPGs or stealth games that are not really stealth games.

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Marku5K Sep 03 2013, 02:35 am EDT

The DragonAge thing looks good and that's about it!
Edited: To please Sir. Vader
Vader [STAFF] Sep 03 2013, 02:38 am EDT
And it looks good. That's it.
RenegadeCZ Sep 03 2013, 02:52 am EDT

Mass Effect is far from dead. I'm just replaying the complete trilogy, and even though I remember much of the content, it's still such a tremendous amount of fun, topped only by the enjoyment of exploring a new ME/TES/GTA game.
Vader [STAFF] Sep 03 2013, 03:02 am EDT
Yes, but Mass Effect also goes downhill from being a terrific RPG-style game with choices and it ends up in a more confined and controlled area, where almost everything is predetermined.
RenegadeCZ Sep 03 2013, 03:12 am EDT
I did not really enjoy ME1's customization options to begin with. In ME2, you could feel every upgrade you made. Not so much in ME1. Other than that, everything ME1 had, ME2 and 3 improved. Much better combat, better dialogs and voiceovers, nicer looking environments. And I feel the level of predetermination is about the same in all 3 games, the most free probably being ME3 (Rannoch, Tuchanka...). It's still Bioware who's telling the story, not the player.
  Vader: It's not about streamlining the development for them.…
Marku5K Sep 03 2013, 03:19 am EDT

Enough said!
  RenegadeCZ: People who let the ending spoil the entire game, or e…
Vader: To me believing something can be truly great when it'…
RenegadeCZ: What exactly is mundane?
Vader: DAI
RenegadeCZ: I had no idea you were talking about that. Wrong topi…
Vader: Oh. Damn :) Misunderstanding then.
im_stardust Sep 03 2013, 05:53 am EDT
There is one huge problem with this Bioware games. There is an incredible lack of detail when it comes to environment, exploration, characters, sound, gameplay. It is like a big box of candy and all candies have only one flavor. That flavor represents the dialogue and without argue, it is one of the best out there; but not necessarily in terms of writing. Because, you don't need to take a close look; if you played all their recent games, you will notice that aliens, orcs, dwarfs, demons and robots, they all pretty much think and do the same thing. But this wouldn't be such a big problem, if the game would have let you exchange flavors from time to time.

That's why I appreciated The Witcher a bit more. It had slightly better writing, a bit more challenging gameplay and more detailed environments.

And I played Mass Effect 3 with all DLC and I enjoyed it just as much as the prequels. I quite enjoyed the ending. I did not understand what was the fuss about.
  optimus slime: Thats because Bioware writing is held back by politic…
Vader: Which Witcher are we talking about here? That's a ver…
optimus slime: Both. Tough first one may be more personal, the setti…
Vader: I dunno, is that because they're sticking to the book…
CJ_Parker: Both Witchers are more awesome than anything BioWare …
Vader: Hm.... are you sure about that? I mean absolutely sur…
CJ_Parker: What if I say no? You going to force-tickle me again?…
Doomsday.: ^ word
RenegadeCZ: You mean that part of DA:O where you get the chance t…
im_stardust: No, you did not.
Morkrul: or did he?
im_stardust Sep 03 2013, 06:13 am EDT
About Blacklist.

It's a big let down, to not hear Michael Ironside's voice. Not only have I gotten used to it for 5 Splinter Cell games, but it just was a "tough guy" voice. It was matching Sam Fisher's character perfectly.

I somewhat understand going from David Hyter to Kiefer Sutherland. It might be a step up. But from Ironside to whoever this new guy is called, he's a bit of turn off.

Aside from that, in terms of gameplay, Blacklist is the best installment yet. Great combination of Conviction and Chaos theory.
optimus slime Sep 03 2013, 06:58 am EDT
I gotta admit, Frostbite 3 is gorgeous. It remains to be seen if they're gonna use it wisely.
  Vader: Yes, it is. Tremendously potent game-making tech there.
Breedy_Mcfluff: BF4 is probably not going to use it wisely. Neither w…
BmmB Sep 03 2013, 07:07 am EDT
Oh, shut it Vader, you slut!
Vader [STAFF] Sep 03 2013, 07:18 am EDT
I have you in my sights, and the sniper bullet's about to hit that tiny area you call your brain. This is Vader the Slutty Sniper, sighing off.
  BmmB: Then you must be an amazing shot :D
Terminator Sep 03 2013, 07:38 am EDT
They didn't kill Dragon Age yet Vader. DA 2 is garbage, but Bioware seems to have learned their lesson. DA 3 is giving me hope that this franchise will turn around.

Like Renegade, I'm playing the Mass Effect Trilogy again. I'm numb to the trilogy's ending now, so it's easier to enjoy it. I just wish someone at Bioware would explain WHY they decided to screw the galaxy in every fucking ending. Did they really think that's what the fans wanted?
  Vader: They didn't kill DA. They crapped on it and are now t…
Doomsday. Sep 03 2013, 09:48 am EDT

I will say again, FUCK everything! Did you watch Pacific fucking Rim or not!!!??
  EricHalfBee: Not. In fact Double Not.
RenegadeCZ: I think you deserve to know. It seems to be pretty im…
Doomsday.: Its an awesome movie a nerd like Vader must see!!
Whisky Sep 03 2013, 04:23 pm EDT
Doomsday, nobody went to see Pacific Rim. It is totally a "renter".
Doomsday. Sep 03 2013, 10:05 pm EDT
Its a 'Renter' for idiots mate... Its a must watch for those who are young at heart, or atleast want to feel that way. It brings out the inner robot vs monster loving kid in you! :)


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