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Mornin '13

Kenneth Branagh - good director and great actor. But I have one problem with his attempt to bring Jack Ryan back to life. Harrison Ford is too old and he's the only Jack Ryan I know. Ben Affleck? Yeah right. And this guy's just too... Star Treky:

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Doomsday. Oct 04 2013, 02:46 am EDT

You didn't watch Pacific Rim did u?? You missed one of the most awesome movies of all time IMHO!

Preordered the blu-ray coming on October 15th, wohoo!
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Doomsday.: I have no limits for stupidity, for what I lack in qu…
Vader [STAFF] Oct 04 2013, 02:53 am EDT
Of all time... I doubt that. But I'll give it a shot, I promise.
  Doomsday.: Coolio! :)
Terminator Oct 04 2013, 03:19 am EDT
Chris Pine is a fine actor. I think he can play Jack Ryan well.
im_stardust Oct 04 2013, 03:49 am EDT
Above my comment, there are 3 comments from 3 fucking retards.
im_stardust Oct 04 2013, 03:54 am EDT
We've got James Bond, Ethan Hunt, Jason Bourne, Bryan Mills, John McClane...Enough with this shit already. I can't watch any of this movies anymore. I fall asleep after 5 minutes in the movie.
Vader [STAFF] Oct 04 2013, 04:02 am EDT
You forgot the utterly fabulous Jack Reacher.
Morkrul Oct 04 2013, 04:03 am EDT
there's no better movie than dance with wolves
  im_stardust: There's no such thing as the best movie, but Dances w…
Morkrul: according to imdb there is, but that's the concurrenc…
im_stardust Oct 04 2013, 04:11 am EDT
Hollywood keeps pouring this unsophisticated, common hacks and apparently, they have success.

I don't think it matters anymore, if the script is good or the actors are good or anything. All it matters is the way you market it. They proved it that they can sell any possible shitty movie, song, etc. you can think of, and make anyone (talented or not) into a world wide celebrity.

But after years of fast food, mountain dew and radiation from cell phones and other devices, the brain of most of this type of consumers is emaciated.
Vader [STAFF] Oct 04 2013, 04:14 am EDT
So, it's all just systematic brain erasure? All of it. Mountain dew, fast foods and lousy scripts. Is that what you're telling me??? It is.

Yeah, you're probably right, as usual.
tRM Oct 04 2013, 05:49 am EDT
Vader [STAFF] Oct 04 2013, 06:06 am EDT
I think I know what you mean.
CJ_Parker Oct 04 2013, 09:01 am EDT
Who da fuq is Jack Ryan??
  tRM: Well, judging by the trailer the makers of this movie…
Whisky Oct 04 2013, 09:20 am EDT
Looks OK. I do need to purge the Ben Affleck version out of my brain though...
PigMaster Oct 04 2013, 09:56 am EDT
oh, look, another one of those spy shit movies that looks and sounds the same as any other spy shit movie.

anyone here ever played spy vs spy? just a thought...
Breedy_Mcfluff Oct 04 2013, 01:30 pm EDT
Looks like a gigantic reboot with all that contemporary action-packed tropes in it.

I don't really like that trailer. Makes it seem like every other action-flick. I wonder if it will have the politics that the other movies had.

And whose fucking idea was it to put "Jack Ryan" in the title of the fucking movie? Imagine this: "Jack Ryan: The Hunt for Red October" or, "Jack Ryan: Patriot Games." Nope. Nope. Bad decision, like naming One Shot, "Jack Reacher."

I like the actors, so I'll probably see it eventually. It's just... that doesn't seem much like Jack Ryan. Or even a movie in any sense of Tom Clancy (like the other movies, sorta, I mean). We'll find out when it comes out. I just hope it doesn't look entirely like that trailer, because that trailer is pretty damn trashy (like almost any other trailer). Thumps, Bwahs, fade-ins and fade-outs; typical trailer cliches.
FesterSilently Oct 04 2013, 02:41 pm EDT I gonna be the first octogenarian to point out Alec Baldwin as a damned fine Jack Ryan?

Although, I'm fairly sure I wouldn't want to see *him* playing the character *now*, either.

Actors aside, NONE of the movie adaptations of Clancy's books (outside of Red October) have grabbed me in any meaningful way; yeah, the action scenes were cool, and the bad guys were *okay*, but...the scripts seem to have lost something between the books and the screen - they ended up becoming the very same Hollywood blockbuster drivel that they should have been rising above.

Even (but less so than all the following movies) my beloved Red October.

FesterSilently Oct 04 2013, 02:53 pm EDT
Just watched the trailer, and...first of all: I like Chris Pine; I think he *could* bring Jack Ryan's pencil-pusher/unwilling hero-vibe to the screen, but...I'm not sure I saw that here.

Secondly, I am VERY confused (not terribly difficult to achieve): this is *not* based on a Clancy book? Are there not *enough* other (Clancy) books to be plumbed and (one hopes) done *right*? I mean, I'm not against going off-canon or anything, but...I dunno, after watching this trailer, it doesn't seem quite right.



REALLY? This is the *same* Branagh I've enjoyed in Hamlet, Dead Again, Much Ado About Nothing...fuck - Conspiracy?

Come on. :/
Un Om Bun [STAFF] Oct 05 2013, 01:52 am EDT
Duckface in the thumbnail made me hate the movie already.


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