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Mornin '13
Filed under: SLEEP

Almost done with Breaking Bad, season four. I feel like shit right now, because I'm hardly getting enough sleep, am I. And it's all Vince Gillian's fault. One thing I really detest about sleep deprivation is that no matter what I have to do during the day, I just can't do it as well as I would if I got enough sleep. So, generally, not getting enough sleep ruins your life. If that's the problem, then I can't see no other solution. The only way I can get enough sleep and not be bothered by all the burdens and responsibilities of real life is -- hope you're ready for this -- to become a nun. Nah, on second thought, it's a lousy idea. Nuns are pestered all the time by non-believers, cars, tiny spoiled children and hairy vicars (sometimes even by all of them at once). There must be something I can do. How to achieve and sustain a good sleep cycle, without drugs or pesky well-endowed vicars with lots of bodily hair. There are many alternatives it seems: sports, porn, biscuits, scientology, permanent brain removal or even human reproduction.

Ah screw it. It's babe selection time... let's seee... Ah, there we are. Now I'm wide a-fucking-wake. 

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Vader [STAFF] Oct 22 2013, 07:47 am EDT
I'm a nun. And no other nuns in sight.
Superastic Oct 22 2013, 08:18 am EDT

Just started season 1 of breaking bad and it's pretty meh so far (episode 6). Does it get so much better that it deserves that 99% metacritic score?
  Doomsday.: I thought the same thing at first BUT Shit gets real …
Cheddar: Walt's gradual metamorphosis into supervillain badass…
kreep69 Oct 22 2013, 08:25 am EDT
Hmmmm choice babe and 'word' to your office. Sleep schedule is a choice once you realize just the thing you are realizing now. About 6-7 hours is all you need and get it at the same time every night ;).
im_stardust Oct 22 2013, 08:55 am EDT
Stupidity was getting quieter here, before you showed up, kreep69.
  kreep69: Heres a nice hot babe for you my little AT troll - …
Doomsday.: AAAArrrrrgghhhh hahahahahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!! :D
RenegadeCZ: I'M BACK!!!
im_stardust Oct 22 2013, 09:09 am EDT
The hours of sleep, an average adult needs per day is around 8 hours. And that depends on the activity during that day, the quality of sleep, state of health, nourishment, age and many other factors.

So, there is no rule. A proper sleep is when you awake and feel rested. Indeed, also with a proper schedule, you shouldn't even need an alarm clock. And you won't necessarily need coffee.

And when an article starts with "A recent study shows....". Close or burn that shit, immediately! 99% it's fucking bollocks.
  kreep69: What you just said ... with the understanding that th…
Doomsday.: True that kreepy! A good Fleshlight session with phon…
im_stardust: The difference between you two is that : you Doomsday…
Doomsday.: Eeheheheheheee! :D
kreep69: Well ... I'm just happy to have earned a label of som…
Doomsday. Oct 22 2013, 10:53 am EDT

I really have a hard boner for the school Principal!! Oooh shake that ass!!

And Vader, you need to buy yourself one of these:​/fleshlight-toys/
Whisky Oct 22 2013, 11:23 am EDT
Breaking Bad SPOILER!!!! Walt dies.
Doomsday. Oct 22 2013, 12:55 pm EDT
^ Bahahahahaa! Idiot, no he doesn't!
BmmB Oct 22 2013, 03:42 pm EDT
A couple of days ago, by pure chance, I watched one of the episodes, somewhere in the middle of don't know which season of that show... I'm aware I shouldn't comment on something I don't know about, but that one episode is enough for me to not understand what the hell is so interesting about that show...
  Terminator: LOL! You can't judge a tv show on one episode. Do you…
Doomsday. Oct 22 2013, 04:22 pm EDT
^ Its all about the drama baby!
Terminator Oct 22 2013, 06:24 pm EDT
I love Breaking Bad as much as the next fan, but some people are taking it too far. Some fans actually had a funeral for Walt....


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