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Mornin '13
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Got rid of the anxiety and now all I have is inertia. Fucking awesome. Sorry, got distracted with my own pathetic life style that always needs changing and the switch from 2013 to 20-fucking-14 won't be a big help either. It just reminds me that I haven't done anything about it...AGAIN!

Anyway, back to less depressing issues. I'm going to put up a voting poll for Game of the Year today, so feel free to name some games you'd like to see up there. 

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Reikhardt Dec 20 2013, 03:00 am EST

Not been a great year for games I think.
Bioshock Infinite or Stanley Parable for me.
  Vader: Funny. I expected those names to pop up straight away.
im_stardust Dec 20 2013, 03:11 am EST
1.Stanley Parable
2.Gone Home
3.Batman Arkham Origins
  Reikhardt: Just got Gone Home yesterday, must play it this weeke…
Vader: Nice choice. Though I'm not sure why pick Origins. Wa…
im_stardust: Yes it is. It's the same Batman as the previous ones.…
Vader: Yeah, I finished it. It was good. Did you even pl…
Un Om Bun [STAFF] Dec 20 2013, 03:30 am EST
1. Outlast
2. Dishonored's story DLCs
3. The Wolf Among Us: Ep. 1
RenegadeCZ Dec 20 2013, 04:01 am EST

In my opinion nominating anything else than GTA 5 for the best game of the year is just ignoring its perfection.
  Reikhardt: Lol.
Un Om Bun: Console exclusives don't even count as games.
Vader: Sadly, they do. You have to accept the fact they do. …
im_stardust Dec 20 2013, 04:41 am EST
Vader [STAFF] Dec 20 2013, 05:51 am EST
im_stardust Dec 20 2013, 06:44 am EST
Walkind Dead Season 2 : Episode 1 is nice but very short. Short episodes and a large gap between them, that's a problem. Otherwise, the story keeps me in front of the screen.

The best thing to do is to wait for all episodes and play the whole season. If not, it kinda loses some of it's charm.

The way the story is told,with great voice actors and good story, script, directing...if they could implement this in a survival/horror, action/adventure...that would be something.
Vader [STAFF] Dec 20 2013, 07:25 am EST
Which is why I decided for wait for the full series.
Doomsday. Dec 20 2013, 07:37 am EST

The only games I played this year are:

Starcraft II: HoTS
DmC: Devil May Cry
and currently started playing
XCOM: Enemy Unknown

Oh and SWTOR of course! :D
  RenegadeCZ: How's SWTOR coming along? Is the new space combat any…
kreep69 Dec 20 2013, 08:16 am EST
X Rebirth :).
Terminator Dec 20 2013, 04:18 pm EST
Bioshock: Infinite gets my vote for game of the year.
Vodoo Dec 20 2013, 05:38 pm EST
Dungeonland, Don't Starve, Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon, Metro: Last Light, Dust: An Elysian Tail, Mortal Kombat, Shadow Warrior, Path of Exile, The Stanley Parable.

these are the games i consider noteworthy for 2013. any flaw one of them might have, is nothing in comparison to the smile it is able to bring you and the hours upon hours of fun.

- Dungeonland is especially great in co-op. if Magicka LAN-party was your thing....holy shit does this capture that feeling.
- Don't Starve is like Terraria but "directed" by Tim Burton. Need i say more ?
- Blood Dragon was a big surprise, it took every stupid-awesome movie shtick of the 80's and 90's and did not give a flying fuck about grittiness, maturity, realism....i approve of that.
- Metro LL lingers in your brain after you play it, like a trip through a foreign cemetery.
-Dust is not a game for furries or whatever they're called, just a damn good action game....think Shank as comparison.
- MK finally for the PC; took them long enough to make the best fighting game in the franchise. I bought it with hard earned money and did not look back....the monitor was in front, i couldn't even if i wanted to.
- Shadow Warrior is what Duke Nukem wanted to be but never managed. A silly old-school arcade FPS but without the sad and embarrassing toilet humour.
- Path of Exile is Diablo 3 done right. that's it.

- The Stanley Parable is GOTY.
if you don't agree or understand why, you didn't play the game.
im_stardust Dec 20 2013, 06:48 pm EST
I forgot about Metro Last Light:great game, great atmosphere.

Also, Gunpoint can be mentioned; another great indie.

Heard a lot of good things about: Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons, but didn't get around to try it.

And Splinter Cell : Blacklist went so stealth that I didn't hear anywhere to be mentioned. Combining gameplay from Chaos Theory with Conviction resulted in probably the best stealth game you can play. Shame for the "Tom CLancy" story which is almost, if not always, dull.
  Vodoo: i have Gunpoint but haven't played it yet. it is inde…


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