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Mornin '14
Filed under: WIND

There's a bloody hurricane blowing outside. This is getting fucking ridiculous. Gusts are so strong, people's faces are being ripped off. Think this might be a good time to swap for a more masculine face. One with a perfect Hollywood stubble

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Marku5K Feb 01 2014, 04:11 am EST
It's fucking hot over here!

PS! You still aren't waking up early enough!!!
optimus slime Feb 01 2014, 05:42 am EST
The wind was ruthless. It ran rampant throughout the city, ripping apart twigs, branches, dumpsters and faces, until a post-apocalyptic wasteland was all that was left.
Suddenly, a clean shaved 'customer' appeared. Or so it seemed. "Easy prey" the wind thought. It would fall like so many before it.
The wind flew through the abandoned streets towards the unsuspecting face, but by the time it noticed something was wrong, it was already too late. A stubble. Every gust of wind was cut in half, over and over again, by millions of barely noticeable, less than a millimeter long facial spikes, dividing every air stream until nothing but a fresh breeze remained, wrapping itself around the victorious face like a pair of whimpering legs of a satisfied lover.
The stubble, unmoved by the event, convinces the rest of the body to go home and beat his wife. Business as usual.
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Reikhardt Feb 01 2014, 05:47 am EST

What Optimus said.
Doomsday. Feb 01 2014, 08:43 am EST

Guess who is playing Lex Luthor in Man of Steel 2!!!!

Jesse Eisenberg!!! ROFL!!!!
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Marku5K: They should have picked the guy from Smallville
RenegadeCZ Feb 01 2014, 09:01 am EST
im_stardust Feb 01 2014, 09:16 am EST
I don't mind the cold. I like this weather.
im_stardust Feb 01 2014, 11:51 am EST
You what I like from the movie "Lone Survivor"?

While the firefight was only half realistic, I like that they've shown how much the human body can be pushed and how much it can withstand.

I have many other complaints. One of them is the jumping of the cliff/falling of the rocks. Nobody jumps that way and nobody falls in such a way. I've been climbing mountains from when I was a child and sometimes I don't go on the usual route and just cut straight ahead. I can guarantee that falling from a just a few meters and in speed, straight on a rock, your bones break like twigs, not to mention your internal organs, internal bleeding, open fractures. Possible to survive but It was poorly executed in the movie. It was very exaggerated.

Also, the firefight is not that intense and the "talibans" are not monkeys. Nobody runs in open space, straight ahead. It's not logical. You don't need to have any military experience to know that.

I haven't read about this but the part when the last remaining soldier is saved and protected by the other village of afghan people is entirely made up, it's bullshit. ( or it's not thoroughly explained or maybe wrongly explained ). Absolutely no reason for those people to put their life and their family's life in danger for one american soldier. It's entirely illogical

And finally, I feel as sorry for the afghan soldiers as I feel for the american soldiers. Should I have respect for assassins? For people who sign up to deliberately kill other people ?

You don't wanna die? What are you doing in Afghanistan in the first place? Doing the "dirty work" for your "superiors".

You ever wondered who supplies armament to all this 3rd world countries? Cause if there was someone to assassinate, it would be those people.

I wanted to enroll at one point in the army of my country to be also sent to Afghanistan. Biggest mistake of my life that would have been. What the hell would I be doing, shooting those people, for what purpose?

I'm curios of an exact list of all the political reasons in why all this wars are being fought in those places.

Overall, I did not like the movie. I consider Black Hawk Down to be better. But what I did appreciate in this movie, was the friendship, the loyalty between those guys, their strength and the fact that they stood fearless against their deaths.

I only wish I could be that strong in front of my own death, when it will come.
im_stardust Feb 01 2014, 12:09 pm EST
One of the best war movies I've seen is "Das Boot" (the 6h verison one).Close to it and a more poetic version of the war, is "Paths of Glory" with Kirk Douglas. I really liked that one too.
RenegadeCZ Feb 01 2014, 01:09 pm EST
Some of the stuff is made up (village firefight, Lutrell did not see the Chinook crash). I know, I don't care. It made the movie more fun, while not hurting the realism (I would be mad about "more fun" yet unrealistic firefights.

I don't really know about the falls that were in the movie. Maybe it was exaggerated. I don't remember, but didn't they have plate carriers? Probably not (it was more of a recon mission), but I once fell on my back on some stones from quite some height (about 2 meters I would imagine) wearing a vest and the SAPI plate caught all of it, I just lost my breath.

About the firefight. I play quite a lot of airsoft (not nearly the same, I know, but some mechanics do apply), and believe me, at the range they were engaging, it is very hard to see a camouflaged enemy, and it must be even harder when they're firing live ammo at you. I have watched quite a lot of combat footage and talked to a few veterans, and the Taliban do seem to fight quite recklessly, often taking terrible risks to get a few shots on their enemy. Also when you account for the difference in training and equipment, I'm willing to believe that the firefight depicted in the movie was very realistic.

So that's why I like the movie. The things I cared about were done very well. Now pardon me if I want to avoid the political and philosophical argument about war.
Vodoo Feb 01 2014, 01:36 pm EST
if you want a beard you can have mine. it's as bushy as a bear's backside.
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RenegadeCZ: Your imagination runs wild.
Vodoo: the only thing i have left.


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