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Mornin '14
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Playing games while growing up is so fucking different to playing games when you're grown up. Our desire and ability to play dwindles with age and that's so sad to me. I'm not saying we should remain spoiled brats and irresponsible immature assholes our entire lives (we all have to pull our socks up at some point), although there is less and less time for games as you get older. Eventually, I'm afraid we'll loose interest entirely. But maybe that'll be a good thing. Because that nurse in the old folks home will hopefully be hot, so there will be something to look at and pinch. The alternative to the old folks home is insanity, cancer or death. 

So, you see, even if our lust for video games declines as we grow older, it's important to keep our spirits up with positive thinking. 

Thank you. 

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Marku5K Feb 05 2014, 01:50 am EST
Good Mornin'
May a say, today's NBotD is juicy!!!
Vader [STAFF] Feb 05 2014, 01:55 am EST
Yes. You may. But don't overdo it.
im_stardust Feb 05 2014, 02:17 am EST
Eh...small ass.
  Marku5K: I don't think the nude BotD has that small of an ass.
im_stardust: It doesn't get any smaller than that.
RenegadeCZ: It doesn't steal the spotlight, but I'm sure you'd ch…
Reikhardt: Agreed, pancake ass. She needs to join in the gym an…
Doomsday.: Its small but nicely shaped... I'd lick and fuck an a…
Vader [STAFF] Feb 05 2014, 02:26 am EST
Complaints. Complaints.
RenegadeCZ Feb 05 2014, 02:32 am EST

Look up Mighty Jingles on Youtube. That bastard is like 70 and he still uploads videos daily. I used to watch them when I played War Thunder. Good times.
Reikhardt Feb 05 2014, 03:12 am EST

I'm the same age as you Vader, I think, and I don't think my appetite for gaming has diminished. The type of games I play has changed though. I don't have the patience to spend a long time learning complex systems like I used to and I certainly don't enjoy punishingly hard games anymore. Last year I replayed Jedi Knight 2 and I couldn't believe I used to play games like that on the hardest difficulty settings.
  Vader: Hahah! Yeah, I played that on hard too :)
RenegadeCZ Feb 05 2014, 03:19 am EST
Vader, can we expect the Disappointments of 2013 (or how was it called) feature, or are you done with it?
Doomsday. Feb 05 2014, 05:14 am EST

Honestly, I have lost interest in gaming but that disinterest is only related to new games. When it comes to old classic games, I love to play them, I still play them like KOTOR, currently playing, loving it!

The only new games that interest me are the ones that are a continuation of the old stories like Diablo, Starcraft, Star Wars (The Old Republic series), Tiberium series, Red Alert Series, DUNE series, Mirror's Edge, Witcher saga, Mass Effect series..... Anything not related to these I just don't give a rats ass anymore!
Vodoo Feb 05 2014, 07:49 am EST
im amused by the idea of someone looking under tables in bars looking for somebody with slack socks and muttering "immature little prick".
touretul Feb 05 2014, 10:33 am EST
with age you're going to lose interest in everything.

but, yes. it's sad that you can't enjoy things anymore, like when you were a child and you were marveled by the premise of eating a pice of chocolate.
im_stardust Feb 05 2014, 12:05 pm EST
"with age you're going to lose interest in everything".

Not really. Not even close actually.
touretul Feb 05 2014, 01:37 pm EST
well, wait until you're 80.
  RenegadeCZ: Speaking from experience?
touretul: yeah
im_stardust Feb 05 2014, 02:26 pm EST
Both of my grandparents had a big interest in life and being alive. More so when they got ill.

I think it's the other way around. When you are young, you make more mistakes, you're more careless and more ignorant. As you grow older, you kinda get to see and understand the whole picture a bit better. You get to know yourself better and focus on the things you like, more.

The older you get, the more you will try to cling on to life and the small things that make you happy or bring you comfort. And not only that, you get to love your kids and live for them and than for your grandkids.

I think that only when suffering almost completely engulfs all those small things that bring you pleasure, that's when you start to lose interest in everything.

I sometimes feel that way. That "i've lost interest in everything" ..but that's not a permanent state of mind. And that's actually all it is.

I believe that our generation is going to be playing video games... until we grow old and die. Just like, now, our parents or grandparents are watching TV.
im_stardust Feb 05 2014, 02:43 pm EST
For me it's has become a bit confusing. My bitterness and my antisocial behavior has made me a very lonely individual. And I could blame a lot of my behavior on the lack of human contact and for the fact that I've been hiding, always, in this virtual environment.

I do not know if it's a vicious cycle or if it's a drug. I know I've never been happy or fulfilled while playing. I know that I've never been truly sad, except this last 2 years, which ... maybe the loneliness is catching up to me and I'm not as strong as I thought I was. I actually came to the conclusion that there is nothing worse and no greater torture in this world, than true loneliness. That's why people sacrifice and endure so much for companionship.

I'm still trying to find out who I am, what I am, what is this world.... I'm over thinking it most of the times, which is never a good idea. The more I dig. the harder it gets. Something holds me and I just can't get out there and live my life how I want it to. And I think I'm afraid. There is no other explanation. I'm afraid of life. I'm starting to understand it but I still fear it, because I've closed myself in this world I've created only for me and it's hard to come out now.
  RenegadeCZ: Man, that's a hard read. :(
Vodoo: interior monologue echoing or social experiment ? …
im_stardust: A bit of both... But it's rather more of a monologue.…
im_stardust: I've become pretty certain that we are the same, more…
touretul Feb 05 2014, 11:08 pm EST
It's true that with age people tend to cling on life, but that's just because of fear of death. I guess some elders can preserve their energy. I've seen veterans of WWII. At 90 he was taking the sack of potatos on his sholder and was climbing a wooden ladder. He died of a heart attack at 98 or 99 in a court of law, where his children were trying to take some land from him.

"I live in an absolut loneliness that is hurtful at the age of youth, but it's full of rewards at the age of maturity" - Albert Einstein

I feel the same.


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