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Mornin '14
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Interested to know why the hell is Titanfall multiplayer-only? The answer to that is simple: we. Or indeed: they. Or in fact: everyone. The truth is that a majority of people do not player single-player shooters. When it comes to classic FPS, statistically, a great deal of people jump straight into the MP mode; that's according to Zampella anyway, one of the designers of Titanfall, and one of the creators of Call of Duty. It could be that he's telling the truth. Or it could be that he exaggerated the truth, which gives him a brilliant excuse not to pour a bigger budget into a coherent, sci-fi story that has some interesting characters and cool gameplay. Nah, man. He's right. Everyone plays multiplayer games. Everyone masturbates. Some asshole reader on gamespot wrote: "if you want single-player shooters stick with Metro, Bioshock and Half Life." 

Metro and BioShock. Sure. But Half-Life? Yeah, thanks. That's like saying: "if you want single-player shooters, go back to 2004."

The industry is one big flappy cock right now. At least in referrence to single-player shooters. I used to love those. What the hell? So, yeah, thousands of people love playing multiplayer, but many other players still like a good story and fun single-player campaign. Do I really need to go through all the great single-player FPS games? Not all of them had terrific storylines, but at least they were fun to play. 

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CJ_Parker Feb 13 2014, 02:00 am EST
Reikhardt Feb 13 2014, 02:07 am EST

Actually I agree with Titanfall being made MP only. Normally when a game tries to cater for both single and multiplayer one side of the game suffers for it.
We certainly need more single player FPS games, but I'd rather not have them made as an afterthought to tack on to an essentially MP game (I'm looking at you Battlefield).
  Terminator: Agreed. Battlefield 4's single player campaign was a …
Reikhardt: Nope. Jokes are funny.
Vader [STAFF] Feb 13 2014, 02:18 am EST
I agree and I don't.
Marku5K Feb 13 2014, 02:21 am EST
Anybody remembers a little gem of a game ''Dilbert's Desktop Games'' from 1997.
Damn, it's still fucking fun. Mmm nostalgia!

...I wish it had Multiplayer though
  Vader: That's strangely familiar.
Marku5K: Hehh, I didn't know the game had any sound, until tod…
Vader: Actually it's not that long ago. It just seems that w…
Marku5K: I was 9 back then, so I think it's pretty long time a…
Vader: That's not a long time ago. 1873. That was a …
PainZero: I remember that one, though vaguely, it was some sill…
Vader: Hm, basically like every game ever made. Without the …
Kominar Feb 13 2014, 02:45 am EST
Pure truth!
Terminator Feb 13 2014, 04:22 am EST
I will take a good Single Player game over Multiplayer anytime.
  Reikhardt: I like both. I just don't like to see them combined. …
Vader: Well, sure. Multiplayers are fun, no question about i…
Vodoo Feb 13 2014, 05:14 am EST
when i first heard about Tom Clancy's The Division, my interest was raised a bit. when i saw the trailers, it spiked to the roof....when i heard it's basically an MMO....

im ok playing with other people but for the past 2-3 years, apparently game developers insist it's the only way to play a game.

i disagree.
multiplayer should be about ROLE-PLAYING, not racing for achievements.
  Vader: The whole problem is that people have less time to en…
RenegadeCZ: Flawed logic. You play SP shooters with preset diffic…
Vader: Multiplayer is an exercise. It's sport and competitio…
RenegadeCZ: I love single player games too, but it's better to ha…
Vodoo: i agree with Renegade, sadly the balance is way off a…
RenegadeCZ: True. Another problem is MP games sell, and they can …
Vader: We're not an endangered species. We're just snobs.
Smiley_ie Feb 13 2014, 05:24 am EST
Woohooo only 792p on Xbox One
Kominar Feb 13 2014, 06:11 am EST
What are the latest news about Xbox360 release date?
Vader [STAFF] Feb 13 2014, 06:34 am EST
Oh that. Well, the Xbox 360 will be released on November 22, 2005.
  Kominar: What about the European version? Is that on the same …
Vader: Titanfall hits Xbox One and PC on March 11. The X…
Un Om Bun [STAFF] Feb 13 2014, 07:01 am EST
I played Crysis 3 for the first time about a week ago. The campaign took me 14 hrs to finish and I loved nearly every minute of it. Fuck the haters. Thank you.
  Vader: :D :D
touretul: liar
Vader: Yeah, I mean liar!! What? No he isn't!
RenegadeCZ: Solid story, memorable characters, despicable enemies…
kreep69: Awesome to hear this ... looking forward to playing C…
Un Om Bun: I'm not lying. I played it using Razer Game Booster a…
RenegadeCZ: Really? I should give Crysis 2 a replay, to reevaluat…
Un Om Bun: I loved C3's atmosphere to bits. The first levels ins…
Doomsday.: Crysis & Crysis Warhead, FTW! Crysis 2 & 3, aka co…
Vader: Yeah, C3 was good. Liked C2 a bit more and I cannot r…
RenegadeCZ Feb 13 2014, 08:16 am EST

Name the last game that had good SP campaign and a solid multiplayer. Disregarding GTA 5, Modern Warfare 2 comes to mind.
  raingod: I'm sorry to say this but F@ck Modern Warfare 2. The…
Reikhardt Feb 13 2014, 08:57 am EST
Modern Warfare maybe. MW2's MP was a broken vile mess, what with all the nasty ninja stabbing.
Doomsday. Feb 13 2014, 09:49 am EST
Barzenak42 Feb 13 2014, 10:18 am EST
Personally, I play most my shooters single player. After 10 minutes of COD stuff I get bored. Just not my cup of tea but I am also an older gamer. Twitch gaming is not my thing nowadays.
optimus slime Feb 13 2014, 02:04 pm EST
It's simple. The A.I.

Developers chose the easy way out. Making a good A.I. takes a lot of effort so they opt to leave it to the other players to make compelling opponents, which is what multiplayer is for.

A.I. doesn't provide enough challenge and replay value, which is especially evident in shooters. Raising the difficulty setting only tends to increase HP and damage or the like, it doesn't really change the behavior of the A.I., which you can learn to predict, unlike a human opponent.

Until they make a breakthrough in A.I. programming, where it adapts to your tactics, applies an appropriate counter and is unpredictable in general, multiplayer will be dominant. At least in shooters.
  RenegadeCZ: Remember FEAR? You could actually feel the AI enemies…
raingod: I love that game.
Killer Klown: This is very true, up to a point - but I think it's m…
Vader: FEAR AI = awesome. Halo AI = awesome. Half-Life 1…
Breedy_Mcfluff Feb 13 2014, 09:18 pm EST
Check out the RPS interview on TitanFall. It's funny as fuck.
im_stardust Feb 13 2014, 09:38 pm EST
Dishonored was good, Bioshock was good (including episode 1), The telltale games are very well written. All the Batman games were good. Battlefield is great to play in multiplayer with friends, CoD is a bit chaotic (but still ok). A lot of MMO's are wonderful if you play them with friends. Metro 2033 is great FPS. Assassin's Creed 4 was pretty good, so was Splinter Cell: Blacklist.

You people sure like to bitch a lot.

What I'm personally missing is a decent horror/survival 3rd person like Silent Hill 1-4 were and a strategy like Homeworld 1-2 or Age of Empires 1-2.
Vader [STAFF] Feb 14 2014, 01:06 am EST
You mentioned a handful of releases, all good but not great. Crysis was great, Half-Life was great, BioShock was great, Assassin's Creed 2 was great. And yeah, I do miss games like Homeworld AoE and even space shooters, but we'll have those in a year or so.

Titanfall is tailor-made for FPS CoD aficionados - period. But just a glimpse of the gameplay also reminds me of MechAssault, for example.

When was the last time we saw a single-player game with Mechs in it? There are none. There's MechOnline and Hawken. Guess what they're both multiplayer.

Yeah, you're right. We bitch way too much...


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