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Mornin '14
Filed under: TYPING, GAMING
Haven't been this tired in a long time. I'm so sleepy I can't keep my bloody eyes open. I'm even typing this with my eyes closed, which is no big deal since I can bllind tpy. Anyway, I've just been wondering if I can blind type, I can probably learn to play some games with my eyes shut. I've replayed some of them so many times, I'd know where to turn and what to shoot. Not that I'd prefer to be completely blind, I'm just saying that it can probably be done. As a matter of fact, I'm gonna try this with a game I know by heart. Hm, I could probably test Deus Ex: Human Revolution like that, in addition to a FPS I know really, really well. 

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PigMaster Feb 18 2014, 05:51 am EST
Tired is not a feeling, it's a way of life
Vader [STAFF] Feb 18 2014, 05:56 am EST
Who said 'tired' was a feeling?
RenegadeCZ Feb 18 2014, 06:36 am EST

That awkward moment when you can't remember whether DX:HR was in first or third person. It was a mix, right? Shit, I'm gonna have to google some gameplay now.
  im_stardust: That awkward moment when you're an awkward moron.
RenegadeCZ: I feel you man.
Kominar Feb 18 2014, 06:41 am EST
I have no idea where you blind typing it from, but the time on the post is 12 PM on my local time and it's time for lunch.
Reikhardt Feb 18 2014, 06:55 am EST

With Banished coming out today I suspect I may be a touch tired tomorrow morning.
  Un Om Bun: Let me know if it's good.
Reikhardt: It is.
Doomsday. Feb 18 2014, 07:13 am EST
akcool007 Feb 18 2014, 08:42 am EST
can anyone tell me the name of BOTD girl :P
  im_stardust: Charlotte Springer
akcool007: thnx mate
im_stardust Feb 18 2014, 10:26 am EST
What retard said he liked Crysis 3 a few days ago?

I choose the hardest difficulty "post human warrior", laughing that it was marked as "don't even try", because it was embarrassingly easy until the very end.

The game took me no more than 6 hours, while being mostly stealthy and finishing all secondary objectives. 14 hours? What? did you die 10 times before every checkpoint and did you stop and admire every patch of lushfull grass?

Funny that It was more challenging when you were uncloaked and in combat, but even then, using body armor an choosing a good cover, made it very easy.

The stealth part is a joke. You can use cloak all the time and pick them one by one with the bow. The bow makes everything even easier. You don't even have to aim for the head and you can one shot almost all enemies.

The environment design was good until you destroy the damn. That's where the game reaches it's peak. After that, everything looks rushed and cramped.

Weak inspiration for the the final boss and a very cliche story, even for a video game.

It has a 76 on metacritic. I would give it less. METRO Last light was far better, so was Bioshock Infinite. It's joke a even comparing them.
  Un Om Bun: I won't like it anymore if it'll make baby feel bette…
Breedy_Mcfluff: I got quarter-way through Crysis 2 when I chose to un…
im_stardust: It's because of Un om bun, that I choose to be a hero…
Reikhardt: Hey, when those green bastards are probing your anus,…
RenegadeCZ: Then you wake up in a shack on a beach, realizing you…
Un Om Bun: Have fun with your on-rails shooters then ladies.
Breedy_Mcfluff Feb 18 2014, 04:37 pm EST
Humble Bundle 11 is up and it is pretty gorgeous. Monaco, Antichamber, Gaucamelee!, Dust, Giana Sisters, and the goddamn Swapper.
  Whisky: Guacamelee is pretty cool, been playing that on PS3. …


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