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Mornin '14
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Shh... Thief is in the house. Started playing yesterday. I think I may not have even scratched the surface here in terms of play time. Maybe like an hour or so. And so far, I've stolen like a ton of jewerly and other valuables. Just where the fuck does he put it all and manage to be a fucking parkour champion at the same time?

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im_stardust Feb 22 2014, 07:57 am EST
Women with tattoos are sluts. And so are the other ones.
optimus slime Feb 22 2014, 08:07 am EST
Don't trust anyone.
CJ_Parker Feb 22 2014, 08:47 am EST
Mornin' and happy weekend wanking... or fucking if you manage to score with a non-tattooed non-slut!
FesterSilently Feb 22 2014, 09:44 am EST
Well, I, of course, blew a huge load when they announced Thief (4?), years ago, least half (if not *all*) of the playthrough videos have made me shudder a little bit, thinking they've fucked yet another of my cherished old franchises.

But. I'm *very* eager to hear what you guys have to say about it. ;)

On a personal (and wholly unrelated) note: Life has been a bit more of a bitch than usual this past year, and she's painted me into a corner. I'm embarrassed even to ask, but I could use a little help, if anyone's able. :/
  Vodoo: is that you man ?
im_stardust: You don't have any family?
FesterSilently: Yep, that's me, and... ...I've got my mom, who liv…
Vodoo: don't be embarrassed, no person should be. i hope …
FesterSilently: Hahaha...thanks for the thoughts, anyway, Vodoo. B…
Reikhardt Feb 22 2014, 11:01 am EST

I'm quietly looking forward to it. I loved the original Thief games and I quite like the new take on it, much like the Tomb Raider reboot.
Doomsday. Feb 22 2014, 11:06 am EST
im_stardust Feb 22 2014, 11:31 am EST
The last Tomb Raider was very, very weak in gameplay. They better step it up with some puzzles and proper exploring.

As for Thief, I think it will be average. I think even Thief 3 will surpass it.

We need some risks in this business. Everyone is following the same formula or borrowing one that works, while there are at least a dozen of indie games every year, with great ideas but not enough budget.
  FesterSilently: Agree with you about Thief (the new one): it looks li…
Cheddar: The new Thief is worse than average. It has high pro…
Breedy_Mcfluff Feb 22 2014, 01:42 pm EST
How's the boobs?
RenegadeCZ Feb 22 2014, 03:30 pm EST

Someone here at AT needs to review Rambo the Video Game. GOTY material for sure, it'd be a huge shame to miss this game. Just like the movies, it's gonna become a genre classic.
im_stardust Feb 22 2014, 03:37 pm EST
Hei, you are trying to be sarcastic for once...and not lame like most of the time.
  RenegadeCZ: Nah man, you don't get it. It's really fun when you p…
Whisky Feb 22 2014, 03:43 pm EST
Attention PS4 fanboys... Zen pinball released for the PS4 the other day on PSN. Go get it! it will "import" your PS3 tables too which is nice, I wasn't looking forward to re-buying a bunch of tables. The graphics are slightly better but overall I don't see a huge difference from the PS3 version.
optimus slime Feb 23 2014, 02:43 am EST
Update your "Games" page. I heard there are some new consoles on the market.

edit: talking about the filtered search

edit 2: also lol - ps2, xbox, gameboy, gamecube, nintendo ds
Marku5K Feb 23 2014, 11:01 pm EST
Ok, the most wanted game for me at this moment is Age of Wonders III. the damn thing is like Civ mixed with Might and Magic...!!!
  FesterSilently: Well, if you don't mind *waiting* a month...! :D …
Marku5K: Ohh shit! Out in a month, I didn't even know it had a…
FesterSilently Feb 23 2014, 11:22 pm EST
And, for anyone who's feelin' like re-playing the ORIGINAL Thief, give this mod a spin:​ture-mod/downloads/thief-gold-hd-mod-v091-ful​l-installer

And it appears there's an additional update patch, as well. Have fun! :D
Reikhardt Feb 24 2014, 01:26 am EST
I'd also recommend the Dark Mod. It's a stand alone tribute to the the original Thief games made in the Doom 3 engine:
Cheddar Feb 24 2014, 09:36 am EST
The new Thief has high production values and fails in every other way. It's an insult to the franchise, pretty much. Eidos Montreal fell flat on their face with this one. Whatever dev-team they assigned to the game is bad, and they should feel bad.

This game makes Deadly Shadows look like an unequivocal success by comparison. At least Thief 3 had a genuinely interesting plot, and Garrett was still properly Garrett (an unabashedly self-serving anti-hero, not this Robin Hood garbage being pedalled at us with the new reboot).


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