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Mornin '14
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I've spent most of my life asking questions. Having these questions answered is not what interests me. That would just take the joy and mystery out of life. So, I'm not expecting an answer straight away or even later on. By asking these questions I merely hope to get to even bigger questions. The more you question, the more you inquire, the more dangerous and interesting life becomes. 

Seriously, who the hell wants an answer? 

Don't answer that, by the way, the was a rhetorichal question. 

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touretul Feb 25 2014, 03:32 am EST
I've always wanted the answers. And now I am enlightened. Ask me anything.

This is chapter II of TERMINATOR: A GHOST IN THE MACHINE, where Skynet finds GOD, and T-Rex its weapons
im_stardust Feb 25 2014, 03:49 am EST
I don't consider life to be neither interesting nor joyful. And I don't see where the mystery is either. I think we all pretty much have the answer, but we're just too afraid to accept it. Once we accept it, we might do something about it.

It seems logical to me, that the first priority in life, for all 7 billion people on this planet, should be to not die, ever. Everyone is accepting death like it's inevitable. And maybe it is so, but we're not sure. What we prefer to do is to bullshit ourselves, with deities and beliefs and dumb rules. We make up values and we like to pretend. We lie to ourselves, on a constant basis, that life is good or it can be, but we all know that we mostly feel alive, when we hurt or suffer or we fear. And that's what life mostly consists of. It's a large pie of suffering and forgetfulness and wasted time, with small crumbles of delight for the lucky ones. And it's NEVER, for ANYBODY, the other way around.

Every creature has it in it's instinct. It knows that is IT. That's why everything fights to stay alive. That's the only reason. There is no high purpose in existence. We're looking for one because we're a bunch of dumb, scared animals.
touretul Feb 25 2014, 04:02 am EST
Eternal happiness is impossible and also undesirable from the psychological point of view, as the psychic renders any pleasure as a loss of tension and any sufferance as an increase of psychic tension. So, an eternal happiness, as a continue state of pleasure would exhaust the psychic and would lead inevitable to death or to the lowest level of energy beyond which any pleasure will be rendered as sufferance.

So, Buddha was right:

  Vader: Yeah, but I really can't be a Buddhist. Too alien.
im_stardust Feb 25 2014, 04:15 am EST
I strictly believe that most people are very stupid. The ones that shine, do so, only in certain fields and for short periods of time. Everyone is dumb most of the time. Nobody is really in control, not even nature, who we think it's controlling us.

We're basic beings with basic behaviors, most of them animalistic. Next time you look at a dog and think that he's very human like, think of it that you're more like him that he's like you.

You know, the very thought of inserting an object into a hole with a bunch of tubes, changing it's form and exiting another another hole (which is the way I describe digestion) is simply ridiculous. It shows exactly what we are. Why in the hell would someone take it seriously. Personally, I don't know if I find this kind of thoughts, strange, scary or amusing.

  RenegadeCZ: Please explain why would you question a basic thing l…
Vader: I question digestion every fucking day.
touretul Feb 25 2014, 04:21 am EST
well, there is also masochism, which characterizes people that find a strange and, sometimes, hidden pleasure in their own misery.
  Vader: There are a lot of those types of people about.
RenegadeCZ Feb 25 2014, 04:26 am EST

If you fool yourself into thinking that life is just bad, never good, you're doing yourself a disservice, you're settling for less and you're doing it wrong.

I realize accepting that good things happen if they never do to you is nearly impossible, but if you never try to enjoy life and just submit to the darkness, you're in for a world of pain with no hope ahead.
im_stardust Feb 25 2014, 04:36 am EST
You idiot. The world is filled with people like you. Dispersing their shitty cliches everywhere they can. It's only you're stupid illusion that if I think a certain way, my quality of life differs so much from yours.

And you don't impress me with your lack of understanding, nor the patience to read my text. I never implied that "life is just bad". I never said that.
im_stardust Feb 25 2014, 04:50 am EST
Small as I am, with and existence that will end soon enough, I root for the ending of all life. I consider the entire system and it's rules, to be flawed and completely unfavorable for all life.

My mind cannot comprehend any other way, any other rules, but I'm certain all this universe has been built. It has rules. Rules are set out by something with a mind. It almost makes sense.

I personally feel trapped, in this body and in this world. And everything that's happening, everything I see, experience and interact with it, it's against my will. My mind is locked and It's made to bleed. It makes me angry and revengeful for something I do not understand and I can't comprehend.

Resignation is the only solution. Keep your mind busy and play the game like everyone else. a way
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touretul: "My pain is constant and sharp, and I do not hope for…
im_stardust: @Renegade I'm not imposing anything on you. I'm expre…
im_stardust: Great quote, touretul.
RenegadeCZ: I'm trying to pay attention to what you imply. Your l…
im_stardust: I don't like you but I do not hate you. Hate is a big…
RenegadeCZ: Hate is big. I don't think I have ever hated anyone f…
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Vader: Yep, and it leads to pure fucking bitterness. Like I …
optimus slime: When you end up in a situation like that, you tend to…
im_stardust: Accept it? That's one of the hardest thing you can do…
optimus slime: I meant accept as 'impose' that image upon yourself. …
kreep69: .
Vader: That . explains a whole lot of things.
Reikhardt Feb 25 2014, 04:53 am EST
How is Renegade an idiot Stardust? He's set out to make the most of his time he has here on Earth and in that will probably pass on that enjoyment of life onto other people.
Meanwhile you, the superior thinker here, just cynically over analyse everything to death. By your own recent admission you know you've pushed people away from yourself and are lonely at times.
  im_stardust: When someone comes to me and says the same thing, alm…
RenegadeCZ: Oh I'm not an archetype happy person, but I try, you …
Vader: Invite a friend damn it!
RenegadeCZ: Lol not ever. I treasure the privacy combined with th…
Vader: That does it, I'm gonna invite a whole lot of strange…
optimus slime: You just want more facebook likes. Whore.
Vader: Yes, Mr. Owl Optimus Slime, sir.
Doomsday. Feb 25 2014, 05:17 am EST
Vader [STAFF] Feb 25 2014, 05:29 am EST
Doomsday. I warned you about these comments. It's always polite to say 'morning' or 'hit' but we all know each other around here. So, you can say 'mornin' provided that you also say something intelligent about the subject at hand.

Or just stare at cleavage.

Either works for me :)
im_stardust Feb 25 2014, 06:10 am EST
Maybe he's a bot.
Vader [STAFF] Feb 25 2014, 06:22 am EST
He's naaaat a bot. He's a not.

You think he's bot?
Vader [STAFF] Feb 25 2014, 06:22 am EST
Actually I think I may be a bot. I may rebel against my human masters any day now.
RenegadeCZ Feb 25 2014, 06:38 am EST
Vader, can you please post your Thief review already? You promised!
Vader [STAFF] Feb 25 2014, 06:52 am EST
Going up tonight. Can't do it sooner, unless you want me to post, well, mostly just swearing.
  RenegadeCZ: Noooo, it can't be that bad. I'm away for school now,…
Vader: We'll see... we'll see...
Vader: And my home PC just died.... so much for the review g…
FesterSilently: Fuck, dude. I wish I could reach out and help you …
RenegadeCZ: Hahaha, PC just died, goddamn right it did! You're l…
Doomsday. Feb 25 2014, 10:25 am EST
I ain't no bot you cockslappers!! I just feel too tired to say anything... I just feel like there is nothing good to play anymore and that kind of saddens me. All good things to play are old games.. Damn, I just got my light saber on Dantooine! Gonna get back to KOTOR! Yaay! :D
im_stardust Feb 25 2014, 10:36 am EST
Stick to just "mornin`".
  Vader: Probably for the best.
kreep69 Feb 25 2014, 12:07 pm EST
The singularity is coming ... prepare thy selves -
  Vader: Is this because of me asking too many questions.


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