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Mornin '14
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When a triple-A release comes along, it feels like a big deal. They've invested a lot into its creation and we're supposedly meant to invest a lot of time into it ourselves when it finally arrives. Thief is such a game. I've spent days playing it and trying to figure out why I was excited about its arrival, but also why I was ultimately disappointed. It's no secret any more, the game doesn't deliver half the thrill one would expect of it. Of course, in the end, I remembered that I wasn't all that excited. In fact, I criticized it after seeing various gameplay trailers prior its launch. The hunch I had was that we're going to get something standard and far from innovative. But I wasn't strictly hoping for something groundbreaking. I was just hoping for something a bit more gripping and immersive than this.

If I had to describe Thief in one sentece it would have to be like this:

"Living in the shadows, surrounded by dull people and strolling through an empty, generic world, stealing pens, plates and goblets, but mostly pens."

You can quote me on that, if you wish. That's probably how I should've ended the review. 

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Reikhardt Feb 27 2014, 02:58 am EST

On the subject of AAA games, has anyone noticed how quiet it's gone on the Watch Dogs front? The hype machine was in overdrive last year prior to it's initial release date but since it's slippage the PR machine has gone distinctly quiet. A bad sign, or are they heavily redesigning parts of the game around the new console tech?
Reikhardt Feb 27 2014, 02:59 am EST
Also, Vader are you intending to post a banished review?
Vader [STAFF] Feb 27 2014, 03:07 am EST
Oh hell, yes. But I'm afraid not until next week. Only just started to play the game properly. Thief took up most of my time.
RenegadeCZ Feb 27 2014, 04:43 am EST

Watch Dogs looked pretty solid when they first showed its gameplay, and that was on PS4, so I wouldn't bet on that. I hope they're polishing it and adding new features. It's gonna be pretty hard to succeed with looks alone after GTA 5. They better add a better driving model, it looked pretty clunky frpm what I saw. Although a horrific driving is becoming a standard. Look at Saints Row or Sleeping Dogs.
  Reikhardt: I kinda liked the driving in Sleeping Dogs. The motor…
RenegadeCZ: I guess you like driving trains, cuz the cars felt li…
Reikhardt: The driving in GTA 4 was terrible. Mafia 2's cars wer…
im_stardust: Are you JOKING ??? The best driving and the best c…
Reikhardt: Sorry Stardust but for me the cars always felt terrib…
im_stardust: Has nothing to do with the keyboard and test drive un…
RenegadeCZ: Reikhardt you're making me want to rip your stomach o…
Reikhardt: Ok, I'm going to reinstall GTA 4 and reappraise the c…
RenegadeCZ: TDU felt like unused potential. I liked the game worl…
cracker101 Feb 27 2014, 04:44 am EST
  kreep69: best. comment. ever!
shaneh39199 Feb 27 2014, 06:02 am EST
I 2nd that banished review.

funny how triple A games cost multi millions yet 1 guy. ONE GUY did banished. Mind you it took years but still. Talk about setting the bar high.
  Reikhardt: The production values are nowhere AAA though. That's …
silentbuttdeadly Feb 27 2014, 07:56 am EST
Holy sexy ass and puss in boots what is the botd's name?
  im_stardust: Keisha Grey
Un Om Bun: I'd bite chunks out of that creature.
CJ_Parker: u pervs!!!!111one11!
im_stardust: Me too. Literally.
antonphd Feb 27 2014, 09:08 am EST
why can't we have a great FPS stealth game? maybe it's time to stop complaining and start doing something about it.
im_stardust Feb 27 2014, 10:06 am EST
For multiple reasons, I rate Metro 2033 (both of them) the best FPS since Half Life 2.

Dishonored is the only game that came close to the Thief/Deus Ex series.

The Bioshock series are great, but the gameplay in this games is like a rabid dog on LSD. Waaay too much agitation and noise.
  Vodoo: i concur.
RenegadeCZ: Bioshock's gunplay was just so stale and and dull. Fo…
im_stardust: Actually, I think Rage was underrated. I, personally,…
Reikhardt: The gunplay in Rage left me cold.
RenegadeCZ: Same as stardust. It only pissed me off that they rec…
im_stardust: They fixed the texture part with a few patches. It wa…
RenegadeCZ: That wasn't even a complaint from me. The game looked…
KraGeRzR: I liked the RAGE spider robots.
Reikhardt Feb 27 2014, 11:50 am EST
Project IGI was a reasonably good 1st person stealth action game, but that was from 2000.
  CJ_Parker: Loved that game. One of the few "open world" shooters…
Reikhardt: .
kreep69: another awesome comment ... copycat! :P
Whisky Feb 27 2014, 06:28 pm EST
What was the PC game from the 2000 era that focused on stealth and hand to hand martial arts combat? Was that Project IGI? I remember that game being insanely hard.

Edit - OH I found it! ONI!

Edit 2 - very few of the reviews work any more but Gamespot's does and actually has screenshots. Not as good as I remember it, but hey it was 2001.​1900-2675313/

If you can find this on Steam or something for a buck, totally DO IT if the words 3rd person anime female martial arts do anything for you.

Edt 3 - oh look, I didn't even know Actiontrip existed back then. Shocking.
im_stardust Feb 27 2014, 11:37 pm EST
Oni - I remember that game. I liked it a lot back then.


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