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Mornin '14
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In video games, a good and immersive universe always needs a sense of scale and deep history. That's what it takes to make a believable world. Just give us some sense of it all. The characters living in this world must have a reason for their actions. They have to have a reason for doing what they're doing, be they evil or good. So, if you just say "oh this guy did it because he's crazy and his mind is consumed by some mysterious dark power." Guess what, folks, it just does not fucking cut it. 

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im_stardust Mar 03 2014, 05:55 am EST
I think immersion consists in level design, artwork, proper use of lights, shadows, colors and special effects. It never is about the best graphics, but the right graphics. And of course, you'd be amazed on how much a game can be changed with just adding the right sound effects and soundtrack.
All of this above, come first..After that it's adding the characters and then a story.
RenegadeCZ Mar 03 2014, 06:14 am EST

I think stardust is right. You can have a simple, straightforward and even stupid story, but as long as the characters and atmospheric environment grip you right and make up for it, you can be as immersed as it gets. Take Mafia 2, for example. The story unfolds very slowly there, and the joining the family/drug deal parts happen extremely quick.
  Vader: Not only that, but you have to have solid gameplay.
RenegadeCZ: Of course. It can be the breaking element, even if ev…
Vader: BioShock is a good example. However, it does introduc…
Reikhardt Mar 03 2014, 06:33 am EST

I agree with the above. There are plenty of games where the story isn't that great, but the world is so atmospheric you still want to play in it.
  Vader: The story is just crap. The game is atmospheric and t…
im_stardust Mar 03 2014, 07:18 am EST
Here are some games that for me nail down the atmosphere and become memorable pretty fast : Resident Evil 4, Silent Hill. Stalker, Dead space - of course the horror genre is usually horrible at characters and telling stories.

Or games that don't do much on felling or story, but rely almost strictly on gameplay,like Hitman.

Or games that nail almost all of them like Max Payne, Mafia, Bioshock.

I think there are different combinations and there is no real recipe. Depends on what kind of game you wanna create.
  FesterSilently: You know what game surprised me (by appearing on my m…
RenegadeCZ: True. Roaming the jungle in that old crapmobile was a…
im_stardust: I dislike the Far Cry series with a passion, so I wil…
Vader [STAFF] Mar 03 2014, 07:46 am EST
While you're thinking about this, folks, how about some awesome music?
  RenegadeCZ: Is that a score to something? Anyway, now that yo…
Vader: It was featured in Top Gear, and yet few people seem …
RenegadeCZ: I don't wear Top Gear regulalry.
Doomsday. Mar 03 2014, 10:33 am EST

A good story with engaging characters and gameplay are the most important aspects in a game for me, not the visuals! :D
Breedy_Mcfluff Mar 03 2014, 02:39 pm EST
Call of Duty seems to do everything in this whole post wrong. It's become the most dull, unimaginative, and bland universe I've seen. Soundtracks I don't care about, levels and scripted destruction that are as memorable as a Transformers movie, sounds that are 90% recycled. The characters are faceless, nameless, grunts. The stories have been crushed of anything interesting.

Dark Souls has a great world, though. Really good. Looking forward to II.
  RenegadeCZ: But it looked good and was damn intense. At least the…
im_stardust Mar 03 2014, 03:57 pm EST
With a new sequel being released every year now, you shouldn't really expect for CoD to be any good.
  RenegadeCZ: Activision has 2 studios on it, so in reality every C…


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