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Mornin '14
Filed under: DARK SOULS 2

So, what the hell is going on, you pathetic male omegas? Yes, apparently that's how Cheddar sees us. The worst part is, that he's probably right. I say probably, because I do mean problably.  

Incidentally, how many of you plan to self-punish yourselves when Dark Souls 2 hits the PC market? This question is directed at everyone except stardust, who, I'm pretty sure, won't even look at the game, even if I go back and actually change our review score to 10/10. 

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Cheddar Mar 24 2014, 06:41 am EDT
Wasn't even remotely referring to you, Vader.
RenegadeCZ Mar 24 2014, 06:47 am EDT

If they improve the controls and the graphics from the first one, I just might. Or not. I'm stuck playing GTA 5 when I can.

Oh and damn Cheddar, I want me some cheese now. I mean what kind of evil name is it?! I could change my screen name to Crispy Buffalo Wings, but that would be just too cruel.
  Cheddar: You know this is the only place anywhere on the net t…
im_stardust: On other sites he also goes by the name parmesan, moz…
Vader: Or Venezuelan Beaver Cheese.
Vodoo: is that like a Brazilian but without the wax ? i…
im_stardust: Ewww...
Vader: We've made stardust say "ewww" now that's something.
Reikhardt Mar 24 2014, 07:28 am EDT

Wont be playing DS2, the first game didn't appeal to me greatly either.

More of a Stilton man myself when it comes to cheese. Especially on a delicious burger with bacon. And spicy fries, homemade BBQ sauce and washed down with a nice Pint of Leffe Blonde.

Damn I'm hungry now.
im_stardust Mar 24 2014, 08:54 am EDT
Cheddar was trying to sound smart the other day. No woman is checking the actiontrip comment section; maybe only by mistake... so relax, people.

There are a lot of female serial killers, a lot of female psychos. Women can be very sadistic and merciful. They also can be violent and can enjoy violence. I also think their level of perversity is higher than men's.

They also have a higher resistance to both mental and physical pain.

I think their general level of logic and understanding is lower than men.

At least from the begining of our current species, men have been "pushed" ahead, because of their higher genetic strength, for building, hunting, etc. So, those type of activities build creativity, logic and intelligence, learning to build better tools, weapons..

After that we used our creativity for courtship, singing songs, writing poetry, painting, new inventions. Our disappointment, loneliness and suffering made us ponder the meaning of our existence in philosophy and other studies.

Nature is cruel, not humans. Our creativity made us much more cruel.

I'm not glorifying men. I kind of see both sexes as equal. I like to bitch about women more because they've hurt me more.

But I do think that men are more than a few steps ahead in some certain aspects of life.

I don't think one can survive without another and there certainly wouldn't be any utopia if all men died. It would a very, very sad day for all women.

Everything women do, do for men and to impress men. And everything men do, do for women and to impress women.

I also think that women can be the most beautiful creatures on this earth but they can also be the most disgusting.

And to get back in character. I think without men, women will still be stuck at discovering fire.
  Vodoo: not sure regarding the mental issue on pain but the p…
Vader: Wasn't that bit about private parts? Not about the wh…
Vodoo: no no, it was about the whole body. the clitoris d…
im_stardust: Feeling more pain isn't equal to resisting to more pa…
Vader: More pain physical pain just fucks you up emotionally…
Cheddar: "There are a lot of female serial killers" No, the…
RenegadeCZ: Mmmmm so tight...
im_stardust: Yes, but that porn has a lot of women doing and putti…
Whisky Mar 24 2014, 10:47 am EDT
Nah, I have a bad habit of throwing my controller at my TV anyway, don't need the pain that is Dark Souls 2.
  Vader: Well with Dark Souls 2 you'll do it all the time.
im_stardust Mar 24 2014, 11:09 am EDT
Tell me about. I just got a new keyboard. I'm a recovering rageaholic.

If Dark Souls 2 comes with a rubber molded face of Vader's ex-wife, so I can punch it everyttime I get slightly upset.... then maybe I'll give it a shot.
  Vader: I told you not to discuss personal shit on this site.…
Vodoo: i doubt it comes as standard with the game but i'm su…
Vodoo: Ohh Vader, you "beat me to the punch".
im_stardust: That's a joke, right? cause I don't remember you tell…
RenegadeCZ: Bring out the BANHAMMER!!! Or not... Cuz it's neve…
Un Om Bun [STAFF] Mar 24 2014, 11:33 am EDT
I desperately need to be the center of attention when I drink, so clearly I'm an alpha male.

One time when I was feeling particularly alpha, I talked so much and so loud that a waitress came over and respectfully asked me to chillax. RESPECTFULLY. Who's that who commands respect, you ask ?
  Vader: She must've been a hipster if she asked you to chillax.
Doomsday. Mar 24 2014, 11:36 am EDT

Home alone..... Sooo...... Masturbating... LOL!
  Un Om Bun: Good for you ! A real alpha male is always honest.
Cheddar Mar 24 2014, 01:48 pm EDT
Wasn't trying to sound smart. I just don't like misogyny by lonely internet males. It's a trend with this peer group, and it bothers me a lot. You guys lept into it with gusto the other day and no one else was calling you out on it.

And I feel that misogyny correlates with the proliferation of omega-type males in modern society. Seriously, it's like an epidemic. It's A Bad Thing, and people should be thinking about it.
  Reikhardt: I think I speak for most people on here: IT WAS A FUC…
Un Om Bun: If we can't be alpha males, we should at least be all…
Cheddar: Was it joking, Reikhardt? Was it really? Peop…
RenegadeCZ: It was all exaggerated, but there are real views expr…
Cheddar: @Bun It's a misconception that being an 'alpha' ma…
Reikhardt: I think you do have a point there Cheddar about socie…
RenegadeCZ: Oh my fucking god, Cheddar, you really need to learn …
Cheddar: Actually, the personality types (alpha, beta, omega) …
Cheddar: Oh yeah.. And 'oh my fucking god, RenegadeCZ,' mis…
Breedy_Mcfluff Mar 24 2014, 02:46 pm EDT
"I have no real research. This is just guessing. I might be wrong. Don't trust me. Do the read or research yourself and tell me what you find." - Stardust

This is probably the one absolutely true thing I have ever read from you. You expect people to do research for you, to support or disprove your conclusions? Are you serious?

You are a master troll. I admire that about you, because you really know how to set a bar so low. You're really great. Keep it up.

- Hugs from your friend, B_McFluff.
im_stardust Mar 24 2014, 08:41 pm EDT
This is all you've got?

I do not expect people to do anything. I was being honest that sometimes, I'm not sure If I'm right or wrong. People support or disprove my conclusions, just by answering. If they also read about the subject or actually know about it, before posting, it would also be better for all.

-Anyway, go fuck yourself!
Your buddy and pal, Stardust.
KraGeRzR Mar 25 2014, 01:56 am EDT
I agree that there's a problem here, but I think it's just Stardust, and I'm sure it's not really misogyny.

I don't think Stardust actually hates women, he just doesn't understand or like them very much.

I don't think half the shit that gets labelled "misogynist" these days even comes from a hatred of women. More just a poor understanding of and a lack of respect for them.
Breedy_Mcfluff Mar 25 2014, 02:12 am EDT
A lack of respect for women sounds misogynistic to me.

"If they also read about the subject or actually know about it, before posting, it would also be better for all."

KraGeRzR Mar 25 2014, 06:21 am EDT
Breedy, if that's all it takes to create the supposed epidemic of misogyny, then I'd like to report a similar epidemic of misandry, so where's my pound of flesh?

But disrespect and lack of understanding does not mean hatred, which is why I don't care for the requisite misandry counter appeal that also exists.


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