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Mornin '14
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How can we make a game sell, but without all the fuss of a triple-AAA project like say CoD? Simple. First of all make a Final Fantasy style turn-based RPG, but it has to be a side-scroller too, because generally people love that lately and that's a very hipster thing to do. Above all else, make everyone believe that this is a small project. This looks like it was a small project, but then creative director Patrick Plourde (who was also the creative director on Far Cry 3) decided to pitch the idea to Ubisoft and they, rather miraculously, agreed. He said that he had to convince Ubisoft that indie games like Limbo, Journey and Bastion have done well. Seriously? They needed convincing for that? What a bunch of dicks! So, they had to be told that hey don't need a massive investment to achieve tremendous sales later on. In fact, they need far less money with games like Child of Light. Only they have to take risks. Oh... risks. They probably had to smash someone's piggy bank so as not to climb the mountains of Ubisoft gold bullion that's probably guarded by Smaug. 

I'm happy for the developers, I really am, because this was clearly made by people who are passionate about their work. However, this is no indie game no matter how you pitch it. In fact, it never was an indie game. What pisses me off is that they're somehow trying to sneak this past us by waving a bunch of 'low budget game' signs. The game is in the hands of a big publisher. If they let the development studio work on its own it could turn out great. Then again, they could easily ruin it, if they start meddling in the creative process and decide to push the team with deadlines and so on. At the end of the day, they'll make money with this. People fall for this sort of thing - beautiful 2D art and semi-3D animation.  

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RAG Apr 08 2014, 03:06 am EDT
Actually from all the big corporations that make games I respect Ubisoft the most for the quality of their games and artistic merit. They also fund and experiment with smaller budget games (like the Homms and lately Might and Magic Legacy) so this is no one thing fluke.
Only if the could kill Uplay and stop trying to force DRMs on us (like they tried in the past) and I would be more than fine with their way of doing things
  Cheddar: "They also fund and experiment with smaller budget ga…
Vader [STAFF] Apr 08 2014, 03:07 am EDT
I cannot deny. Assassin's Creed 2 is still one of my favorites.
Kominar Apr 08 2014, 04:24 am EDT
Most game companies should do like Apple and return to their source of creating creative and fun video games instead of creating massive Holywood style 300M$ games.

Deadlines and restrictions interfere with creative thinking and ruin games with high potential.
Reikhardt Apr 08 2014, 05:04 am EDT

I really like the look of Child of Light. I personally don't care how it's funded/ published as long as the game is good.
And uPlay aside, Ubi are ok, their output is pretty varied and decent.
RenegadeCZ Apr 08 2014, 05:21 am EDT

Personally, I'd take a good AAA title over a great indie title any day. It seems to me that the latest trend is that indie and crowd-funded games are cool, and so are the people who play them, while the big expensive games are the evil here. I don't care who made the game and how much it cost. There are of course some very promising projects like Star Citizen or Deliverance (I'm not mentioning DayZ anymore, I think that game is gonna flop, largely because of the players-modded private servers are currently where it's at), but until then, I'm sticking to big games, with one or two indie games here and there just as a welcome distraction.
  Cheddar: DayZ can't 'flop' at this point. It's already well pa…
RenegadeCZ: My mistake, that wasn't what I meant. A lot of people…
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RenegadeCZ: Have you been watching the development process? It's…
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Cheddar Apr 08 2014, 06:48 am EDT
People are only 'falling' for games like Child of Light because the gamer consumer-base is becoming inundated with older adult gamers now, and games like this feel refreshing to them, a blend of the unconventional (relative to most modern games) and the nostalgic (relative to 'old-school' 2D side-scrollers). That's all there is to it, really.

That the trend was started via indie productions is only circumstantial. Ultimately, the presence or absence of the 'indie' label doesn't actually matter. Consider Shadow Complex's enormous success as a case in point.
Un Om Bun [STAFF] Apr 08 2014, 08:45 am EDT
Outcast remake on KS:​t-reboot-hd/outcast-reboot-hd?ref=search
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