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Mornin '14
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Could I have been supercritical when it comes to The Hobbit movies? Why don't I like these movies as much as I have liked The Lord of the Rings trilogy? I dunno, maybe it's the blatant lack of source material that left The Hobbit rather poor in dialogue and lore. Or maybe it's the heavy emphasis on stunts and action. Or maybe I'm just getting old and these things are no fun for me. I mean I was really hyped before the release of both movies. The original was cool. By Desolation of Smaug just left me disheartened. Like I no longer believe in the saga. At least not this one. To me, the difference between The Hobbit movies and The Lord of the Rings movies is almost like the difference between the kiddie Star Wars prequels and the classic Star Wars trilogy - the first one being all CGI and no heart, and the second one being awesome in every fucking way.

The whole thing is debatable to say the least. And it all depends on whether you are out to just switch off your mind and have mindless fun or if you want to really be immersed in the world and characters. I have to say that the second Hobbit movie really didn't do much for me.

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RenegadeCZ May 02 2014, 03:10 am EDT

I liked An Unexpected Journey much more than I did Desolation of Smaug. UJ felt like a fairy tale in made in the LotR style. A light-minded and fun adventure, with great atmoshpere and likeable characters. DoS was mostly more of the same, but I got sick of the action and the "epicness" of it pretty quickly, starting with Bombur spinning in a barrel and ending with Thorin surfing on a river of molten gold.
Reikhardt May 02 2014, 06:26 am EDT

Who cares about Hobbits, look at the _n! Dribble Dribble....
  Un Om Bun: Crazy women are the fuckin best !
Vader [STAFF] May 02 2014, 07:40 am EDT
Fair point. Looking...
BmmB May 02 2014, 08:24 am EDT
Hobbits are gay and those movies are too! But to be fair, how can you like those lame movies after LotR? LotR movies are magnificent and epic (IMO; my standards may be mediocre, but I really like them), without even trying too much. The books are also magnificent and epic, so it was a given (in hands of proper director). Hobbit book compared to LotR is not such an awesome material.

And please, stop already with being such romantic about SW movies, the older three at least. They are not great. The story had potential to be great and the lore is definitely great. Heck, my top game of all time easily is KotOR (the first one!) and I like all six SW movies to a degree. And I recently have seen all of them again. And you know what? After being in love with the older three, now I see I like the revenge of the sith the most. Because it seemed the most serious of the bunch, although far too short. I liked the struggle Anakin had to go through on his path to becoming Vader and all grim and serious atmosphere in that movie. Also, it is much more pleasant to the eye given the newer special effects and that shit. The OT was amazing back then, but nowadays it looks as ridiculous as it usually happens with old "pew pew" space movies. Although "pew pew" space movies are always ridiculous. All six SW movies were always pretty kiddie to me. SW games always seemed to explore that universe in much better way.
Morkrul May 02 2014, 09:49 am EDT
Whisky May 02 2014, 01:21 pm EDT
I didn't care for the LOTR trilogy... I was bored one night and Hobbit came up on HBO. I watched it for an hour and nothing happened. Screw all of 'em.
Terminator May 02 2014, 03:10 pm EDT
I'm a fan of The Hobbit movies. Of course they can't match LOTR, but they are still good. Looking forward to the next one :)
DRAVNT May 02 2014, 08:34 pm EDT
I'm a fan of the Hobbit, LOTR and SW but I'm not a crazy nut when it comes to the films...wouldn't catch me at any of those conventions...

But saying that....does anyone have any crazy party plans for May 4th?


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