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Mornin '14
Filed under: FOOD

What do you usually have for breakfast, lunch and dinner? Here's my usual food agenda:

  • Breakfast - some pastry, followed by a mandatory cup of coffee
  • Lunch - don't really care, as long as it has some meet and vegetables
  • Dinner - usually sandwiches with pickles and mayonnaise.

Oh and I must add that I have snacks, like, constantly. Between meals I mean.

I must also stress that I drink a lot, and I do mean, a lot, of coffee. 

Now then, when was the last time any of you got laid?

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Reader Comments
touretul May 14 2014, 03:47 am EDT
every meal for me is a salad
Vader [STAFF] May 14 2014, 04:32 am EDT
Ah, a vegetarian. Well, I don't know what to say. Except perhaps that you're very smart and brave.
  touretul: Yeah, I'm a vegetarian. I also eat A LOT OF MEAT.
Morkrul May 14 2014, 04:53 am EDT
cereals and coffee for breakfast
lunch whatever, usually try to make it balanced
and dinner are sandwiches
(try adding some sriracha sauce to your mayonnaise-containing sandwich)

and haven't got laid since january... damn it
damn ex gf
oh well, uni is more important than sex anywyas
  Vader: Is it though? Well it is. But is it?
Morkrul: damn straight it is! i get way more pleasure from med…
Reikhardt May 14 2014, 04:59 am EDT

Breakfast: Something with eggs.
Mid Morning: Something protein rich, like plain yogurt mixed with fruit (500ml tub)
Lunch: Something meaty
Mid afternoon: Similar to mid-morning
Dinner: Meat, starchy carbs, veg.
Before bed: Milk and fruit.

Except on Friday nights, Dinner: Takeaway & alcohol
And Sundays anything goes.
  Vader: Starchy crabs?
Reikhardt: Definitely carbs.
touretul: starchy carbs - beans, potatoes, also bananas, but I …
PigMaster May 14 2014, 05:31 am EDT
Morning is coffee, usually 2 cups and some cookies.
Lunch depends on where I am, usually light meal as I don't like to be heavy during day time and dinner is a big meal, meat and veggies and stew and whatnot followed by coffee and a joint.

And like 6 weekends ago.
  Vader: Mmm... morning coffee and cookies sounds terrific.
Vader: 6 weekends ago? I like the way you memorize sexual …
PigMaster: It's always a one night stand, cause I'm sort of a do…
optimus slime May 14 2014, 08:28 am EDT
Breakfast: some of something (usually pastry); coffee.
Lunch: a lot of something, with a bit of something on the side.
Dinner: maybe some leftover somethings from lunch or something new or maybe some restaurant; wine or beer; whiskey or brandy.

I don't have a strict diet or any sort of plan of what kind of food I will eat. Depends on the mood and proximity of various food. But I will always eat all of it.

Weak and a half ago, with increasing rarity.
kreep69 May 14 2014, 09:06 am EDT
Breakfast - Brunette
Lunch - Blonde
Dinner - Redhead
Dessert - 4-way
RenegadeCZ May 14 2014, 09:46 am EDT

I'm a poor student. Don't ask me what I usually have for a given meal, cuz I won't know what to reply. What I have availible, probably. Yeah, my diet isn't very balanced or regular when I'm away from home.
Doomsday. May 14 2014, 11:58 am EDT

Thrilled to hear about a Darksiders 3 possibility!

Breakfast: 1 glass milk, 1 egg, 1 kebab and 1 whole wheat bread.
Lunch: Anything me mum, now the wife, makes for me!! :D
Dinner: Same as lunch! :)
  Vodoo: oookay.... bon appetit Oedipus.
RenegadeCZ: No pussy for breakfast? I am disappointed.
Doomsday.: I have pussy and tits for breakfast and dinner! :D
RenegadeCZ: That's more like it.
Whisky May 14 2014, 03:01 pm EDT
Coffee. Sandwich. Something for dinner and booze.

And some time last year.... married so anything more than 2 times a year is a total shock.


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