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Mornin '14
Filed under: RIGHT, WRONG

The main problem is that everyone thinks they are right, no matter what the subject. Most of the time we are all wrong and I just know I'm right about this. Feel free to correct me though. Ah, now I know what you're thinking, see? You're probably all like: "Vader's finally gone off his trolly." 

The thing is, you'd be absolutely right. 

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Doomsday. May 20 2014, 06:48 am EDT

False alarm on the pregnancy. Periods are back. PHEW! Hehe! Have been doing the withdrawal method for sex but will shift to condoms now.
We want to take some time before bringing in a few little Doomsdays! :D
Probably go to Malaysia and Turkey for trips.

Man I miss my 'alone times' already... Will send the wifey back home for a few weeks to give my self some time to play some games and watch TV Shows..
  PigMaster: What other methods do you use, doomsday? Can you get…
Un Om Bun: Remember not to honor your wife by beating her. It's …
RenegadeCZ: Doesn't that apply to you more than him, PigMaster? …
Morkrul: start with anal sex, it's baby-proof or when she's o…
BmmB: Or she can just get on the pill. It's actually benefi…
Vader [STAFF] May 20 2014, 06:51 am EDT
Yeah, look I know things can get very personal on AT, but I didn't mean for them to get THIS personal - ya know, you telling us how you're pulling your cock out just in the nick of time and how you plan to use condoms from now on etc.

I supposed this was bound to happen sooner or later.
PigMaster May 20 2014, 07:24 am EDT
I don't have a problem admitting i'm wrong, when i'm wrong
  Vader: That's a very healthy attitude. But don't overdo it. …
PigMaster: true
Reikhardt May 20 2014, 07:45 am EDT

Vader is off his trolly. And of that I know I am right.
  optimus slime: Wish I had a trolly to go off of.
PigMaster: wish i had a troll to go off of
Reikhardt: Well Stardust has stopped posting PigMaster... Maybe …
Whisky May 20 2014, 12:18 pm EDT
I'm playing Stick It To The Man on PS4 (free from PSN). Neat graphic layout and catchy soundtrack.... but I HATE using the stupid trackpad thing on the dualshock 4. It just totally takes me out of the game to have to stop what I'm going, look down, place finger just SO to use it, then resume playing. I wish there was a way to turn it off. Also it's another game trying to justify the speaker in the controller which is the dumbest thing ever (next to a trackpad) in my opinion.
RenegadeCZ May 20 2014, 04:53 pm EDT

I almost always assume I'm smarter than other people. Just today, I played some GTA 5 some of my crew. We had a go with this track called "Expert Stunts 2". The description advised to take one bike, the Bati for the course, or, if you're stunting pro (I'm not), to take the another bike, the Akuma. I already had a custom Akuma, so I my thought was that this can't go wrong. It did. I spent 70 minutes (+30 min to the leader, -20 min to the last guy) on the track, as some of the stunts were nearly impossible on the Akuma. Long story short, I should have listened.
Breedy_Mcfluff May 21 2014, 03:14 am EDT
"Vader's finally gone off his trolly."

You've been that way since the website's tagline went to shit. Then again, I'm probably wrong. You've probably been off your "trolly" long before that. :P
Morkrul May 21 2014, 07:34 am EDT
how was the old tag?
what we lack in quality, we make up in stupidity?


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