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Mornin '14
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Looking at Metacritic right now and there appears to be a shortage of Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 reviews. It looks like the gaming press is already shifting its eye towards next-gen. Not saying that this is wrong or anything, but it just seems weird to to me that there are seriously no reviews for certain 360 and PS3 games. For example, Wolfenstein: TNO and Bound By Flame

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RenegadeCZ May 23 2014, 03:39 am EDT

Yeah, since, you know, other people actually bought the consoles required for their work. Unlike someone, ehm.
  Vader: Don't blame me. Blame the economy.
Vader [STAFF] May 23 2014, 04:20 am EDT
Last-gen already. PS3 and Xbox 360 are already last-gen. All it takes is a few triple-A games and... PoooF! Gone.
Reikhardt May 23 2014, 04:52 am EDT
  Vader: Hello.
Reikhardt: Sorry have nothing to add here, this is a subject of …
PigMaster May 23 2014, 05:32 am EDT
How is this different from the last time the console Gen was replaced?
im_stardust May 23 2014, 07:20 am EDT
Hi there

About Dark Souls 2.

Slightly encouraged by some folks around here, I decided to give Dark Souls 2 a shot.
You’d imagine that a gloomy, medieval, twisted “silent-hill-ish” atmosphere with nonsensical characters, ludicrous dialogues and a half-existent and confusing story would tickle a bitter, depressed loser with time to kill, in the right spots. And it did. And only because of it, I’ve kept playing until the end game, while adding to my daily repertoire : more frustration and addiction.

Because that’s what Dark Souls 2 is. It is food for the hateful and the frustrated. It combines different maps with: large amounts of loot; drop-rates; MMO-like bosses; aggressive, unforgiving and terribly annoying mobs and in between: questioning, boasting and complaining on the forums. It is a single player game for the multiplayer gamer. And it is a test of patience, which does not require extensive knowledge of the game (at least for the first playthrough), quickness of mind or a certain talent, but mostly repetition and the correct timing.

This type of game is catalyst for bad emotions (usually what online games are) For an average person it creates frustration and displeasure with only an illusion of self-satisfaction. In time, it creates vast amounts of hate. For a lot of people, the hate is already there. The game just brings it quicker to the surface.

All of this feelings I mentioned make us be more unforgiving, more egoistical and why not more vicious with one another then we already are. The “good” side for a lot of this kind of players is that the lack or reduced contact with other human beings, which creates apathy, fear, cowardice. So, ironically, we become in some ways similar to those lost, senseless characters in Silent Hill or Dark Souls.
After finishing Dark Souls 2, I tried to give Dark Souls a quick dip just out of curiosity.

The combat was just as clunky and unpolished as I said it was and with that choppy framerate. And if that wasn’t enough, it was time to cringe on my chair, focus and start killing more annoying critters just to get forward in the game, for no apparent reason. I immediately stopped, asking myself : what in the hell for?
I do understand one’s fascination with this game. People have a continuous motif in trying to prove themselves and to themselves, in one way or another, especially when they’re young. Regrettably, in the wrong places.

About mouse and keyboard.

It is a mistake telling an experienced PC gamer like myself that a certain game is meant to played on a controller. It almost feels like an insult. I’ve played every possible genre in the gaming industry on mouse and keyboard. I’ve used mouse&keyboard in finished games on NES, N64, PSX using emulators . In certain MMO’s you have dozens of shortcuts, which you need to remember and use quick . And it doesn’t get more challenging than that. A controller may be a different experience but it does not ease my playing experience. At this point, I am comfortable with a keyboard&mouse even when I’m not.

About Watch Dogs

Watch Dogs is a GTA clone, following the same “success” formula of Far Cry 3 and Assassin’s Creed. “Towers” that open activities on a certain portion of the map, forced mini-games and side missions, pointless collectables, cheap and cheesy writing.
While reviews are not out yet (most of them will vary between 8-9 and hopefully not less) , I remember that a lot of dopes here, tried to argue with me that Watch Dogs was next gen and that is going to destroy GTA 5.

Now that the moment of truth is here, a decent argument could simply be that GTA 5 sold 33 million copies and I’m fairly certain Watch Dogs won’t come anywhere near . But not only that GTA 5 is bigger, more fun oriented, more complex ( gameplay wise) but even the graphics in Watch Dogs, which most of you praised as Watch Dog’s highest value, might not be or just be slightly better than the graphics in GTA 5.
So here’s virtual kick in the balls and virtual punch in the face from your friendly troll, Stardust, you morons! (you know who you are).

Side note : Transistor and Child of Light are two of the most gorgeous, heart-warming games I’ve played in years.
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RenegadeCZ: Hey, good to hear from you. I guess I'll stay away fr…
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Barzenak42 May 23 2014, 09:38 am EDT
I want RED DEAD 2 already !!! E3 annoucment ? We will see but since Rockstar never has an offical showing maybe a XBONE One exclusive....hope not.

Dark Souls 2 rocks and I recommend Demons Souls too. Means getting a ps3 but worth it. Besides- PS Plus is a superb value comapred to Live.
Breedy_Mcfluff May 23 2014, 11:19 am EDT
Metacritic can suck a dong.

I'm nearly finished with Braid (finally), but I'm also playing FC3 Blood Dragon. Both are enjoyed in short-burts, like Borderlands 2. Still gotta play through ME1 with femshep, then its sequel. Then play through ME3 when it goes on sale with DLC and shit.

xoxoxo, fuck you
  Reikhardt: Mass Effect is certainly best experienced as Femshep.…
Ballistica May 23 2014, 01:42 pm EDT
Wolfenstein is fucking awesome.
Morkrul May 26 2014, 11:57 am EDT
good to have you back sterne-staub


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