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Mornin '14
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Today's Memorial Day and gaming news appears to have suffered on account of this. Either that or the industry is asleep on this slow, slow Monday morning. By the way, check out the first gameplay footage from The Order: 1886, if you've missed it during the weekend.

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PigMaster May 26 2014, 05:41 am EDT
good day
i just made sure i will not study english at Uni. did the test, came out 139 out of possible 140 points.
also, new x men is not bad. not amazing, but is a fun movie to watch.
the movie has nothing to do with the original comic, but it does well in keeping the atmosphere and general feel, which is what's important. i'll give it a 6/10, on account of the over-hype, but i think it's worth watching at the cinema. now, off to see godzilla!
  Vader: Yeah, gonna watch X-Men this week and need to watch t…
RenegadeCZ May 26 2014, 07:09 am EDT

Yeah. No Game of Thrones this weekend. To hell with it.

On a more positive note, I spent about 10 hours yesterday with Watch Dogs and I don't think I'm even in the second half of the story. I really enjoy it.
A couple of little things I really like, but may not strike other people as important: inside the car view when driving-unexpected, but definitely welcome. Good flow of traffic, with great amount of cars spawning. Also, if there is the same limitation like in GTA or SR that only a certain selection of car models spawns at once, here the amount is much greater so you don't even notice. This thing has always aggravated me in other games. I'm hoping this will become normal in next-gen. Beautiful and rather realistic rendition of Chicago. I think it's very well able to take Liberty City's spot for best videogame city ever. I like the fact that streets are narrower than in GTA, so you can't go 4 wide in every lane anymore. Often it's so tight you can't even squeeze yourself between two cars.
So yeah, just a few things I think won't be mentioned in any ordinary review. It will all be hack this stealth that graphics something else, but I doubt any reviewer will care to point out these details that show how much care did Ubi put into making this game. Even though it reeks of AC, things like these I think are enough to differentiat WD from it.

EDIT: Oh man, they really downgraded the graphics a lot. I thought it would look like the trailers on max settings, but far from it. I play on medium/high with some of the effect turned off on my GTX 560Ti, and the difference from max is barely recognisable. Alright, I guess I'll go another year without GPU upgrade easily.
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PigMaster: the books and series complement each other, giving di…
Reikhardt: Those points you make about WD are interesting. One o…
RenegadeCZ: It's similar here. I only wish the driving would be b…
Reikhardt: Well I recently stood corrected on the handling of GT…
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