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Mornin '14
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Yeah, I usually try and think of smart things to write, but unfortunately my thoughts never stray too far from mind-crunchingly mundane topics such as the weather, women, sex, alcohol, games, porn, movies and food. Who the fuck wants to read about that, when that's all they see and talk about? Hm, I find it ineteresting though that my brain decided to keep sex and porn apart as individual subjects. The distinction is crucial. As for those other topics, well, I can't think of anything interesting to say about any of them today. Except maybe the weather, which was fuckin' weird as hell in the past month. Two weeks ago, we had the worst floods in the history of our country. Yesterday, we had an insane hail storm. It's fun to watch nature butt-raling mankind so effortlessly. 

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Reikhardt May 27 2014, 06:25 am EDT

More people comment when you talk about your fucked up relationships.
Vader [STAFF] May 27 2014, 06:36 am EDT
Well, I guess I'm a bit fucked up after my divorce. Not too fucked up. I mean I'm still pretty damn sane and I know how to conduct myself in a relationship. Still, I tend to run into women who are fucked up. Single women who are my age (around 30-35) are seriously fucked up. There's a reason why they've been single for a long time. It's mostly because they've completely shut themselves into a fucking cocoon. No room for any emotions whatsoever.

I can't live like that. I'm not a fucking teenager.
PigMaster May 27 2014, 06:51 am EDT
teenagers are nothing but cocoons, they're a bag of hormones, pheromones and bad brain electricity.

wish i was a teeneager. at the very least, when i was a teenager, doing drugs didn't look so sad. it's used to be - oh boy, lets do some drugs. nowadays it's more like - my life is shit, drugs will help me forget. no they didn't. i'll do some more.
i don't do drugs anymore. except for weed. i love weed.

women my age usualy tell me i need to get my act together and all that, but i have no idea what it even means.
  Vader: You need to get your act together in the sense that y…
PigMaster: exactly my point!
optimus slime: "Weed makes no sense unless you have a job. You then …
Vader: I'll remember that. Although I was never a big fan of…
Morkrul May 27 2014, 07:29 am EDT
it's a sad, sad world
but like kubrick said, "[...]however vast the darkness, we must supply our own light,"
and for those people who have shut themselves in a cocoon, sometimes they realize they don't want to be in a cocoon, but it's hard doing that by themselves.
You can help them get out, but only if they want to.

cheers mate
  Vader: Cheers. That's a good thing to say :) Yeah, in the mo…
RenegadeCZ: I don't think "shat" is the correct past tense of shu…
PigMaster: i think it is
kreep69: Either way works -…
RenegadeCZ: Eh. It's a joke on the girl shutting herself away fro…
Morkrul: well man, vader, dude, you gotta keep pulling up and …
RenegadeCZ: Yeah. It was more like a (attempted) witty remark wit…
Morkrul: well, as chemists say: Garbage in- garbage out (take…
Vader: Yep. It seems that's all I'm doing lately. Pulling an…
Morkrul: word
im_stardust May 27 2014, 08:07 am EDT
In Watch Dogs.

1. The vehicles have 2 level speed : stop and very fast. Who are the testers for this game? What's with the burn off and short camera trembling when you press the acceleration button? Why in the fuck would you implement this?
Have you ever tried to park a car in this game? Especially a sports car? You'll see what I mean.

2. The cockpit camera is a nice addition but why couldn't they make the camera more flexible so you can also look left and right.

3. There is no vehicle customization, no garage for storing your cars.

4. The vehicle spawn, almost always spawn your vehicle a few blocks away, which kind of makes it redundant.

4. No toggle for headlights, no toggle for starting/stopping engine. (The "hide in the vehicle" will have to do.)

5. No radio stations and horrible soundtrack (especially that soft rock trash)

6. The vehicle crash sounds make the cars look like they are made of paper. Have you ever heard 2 cars crash into one another? They are loud as fuck.

7. Poor/Mediocre design of vehicles.

8. You can’t shoot from inside a car.

I can’t really say anything good about the driving part. I can’t believe it’s that difficult to match GTA 4 which has the best car driving/crash physics and the most fluent car control.
  optimus slime: Welcome back. What about the rest of the game?
RenegadeCZ: I can agree with most of that. I don't think the inab…
im_stardust: Did you play "stop a convoy"? Or having to stop or ki…
RenegadeCZ: I have. I get your point, but I also realize why they…
im_stardust: Get your facts straight. You could shoot from the …
RenegadeCZ: Wait, you can do something to shoot out of the car in…
im_stardust May 27 2014, 08:39 am EDT
A few short things about women that maybe you already knew. I'm just gonna highlight them for you.

Confidence - this is the most important thing. It blows them away. Not looks, not the measure of your dick and not money. If you are not confident, you're fucking screwed, end of story.

Patience - this is your best bet for any success. Patience in every one of your actions.

DO NOT, I repeat DO NOT tell her how you really feel. Only when you are "deep inside" the relation, but even then, you shouldn't be completely honest. Which brings us to honesty, never be completely honest!

Women/girls are programmed to "fall in love" with the douchebag. You know, that jack-off alpha male asshole, that treats her like shit? Most of the times cheats her and sometimes even beats her?

Even if she seemed kind and adorable and smart and who knows, maybe you really loved her or had a big crush on her and she maybe she broke your heart. FUCK HER. What goes around, comes around. She'll get what she bargained for. Don't feel sorry for her.

Ultimately, it's all about luck, good women are hard to find just as hard as it is to find good men. And for them to fall for you, it's even harder. But remember, confidence and patience are your best bet.

And, for fucks sake, be kind, even to people that treat you like shit. Kindness goes a long away,

I have great certainty in what I wrote here, because, well, I fucked up and failed at all of them. And maybe I deserve my constant pain and my misery.

I would still like to be a good person and I would still like to believe in some things but like George Carlin said (and many others) we're nothing but semi-civilized beasts. For me It's just hard to find any sort of belief that can stand out.
  PigMaster: Are you fucking kidding me? You do realize that each…
im_stardust: Keep leaving in your dream world. I said be hone…
PigMaster: keep living in your own lonely little world. honesty…
Morkrul: personally i go for honesty too, if you're asked dire…
im_stardust: I don't have the strength for this anymore.
RenegadeCZ: Women generally rely much more on feelings than reaso…
Vodoo: we are atoms with a false sense of consciousness. …
Morkrul: EDIT: we ain't no atoms with a false sense of conscio…
PigMaster: I believe he was refering to this specific debate
Vader: And this is why I missed stardust, because he makes g…
BmmB: Vader, being 34 myself, I tend not to waste my time a…


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