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Mornin '14
Filed under: E3 2014

With only a few hours of sleep, we continue to focus on the E3, which has exploded in our faces like a long-suppressed ejaculation. All sorts of announcements and goodies were paraded across the showfloor, as the industry's top publishers unveil their latest projects. The next-gen console scene is teeming with life. We'll be posting Keri's impressions of the Microsoft and Sony press conferences shortly, but before we do, I'd just like to turn your attention towards a few cool-looking indie games that have made appearances during this year's show. More on that in a bit.

I'm doing as best I can here to upload as many shots and trailers as possible, and believe me, there's a shitload of kick-ass media to go through. So, brace yourselves it's gonna be a fun day :) 

In addition, good news coming for PC gamers... Stay tuned. 

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Doomsday. Jun 10 2014, 04:27 am EDT
Reikhardt Jun 10 2014, 04:29 am EDT

Tomb Raider: Guardian of Light getting a sequel! Splendid news.
  Vader: Yeah... it's good news. Not particularly exciting new…
Dick_Swet Jun 10 2014, 05:09 am EDT
Where's muh Watch dogs review?
  Vader: Going up tonight, didn't have the time to put the fin…
Vader [STAFF] Jun 10 2014, 05:24 am EDT
Soon... soooon!!!
  RenegadeCZ: Hah, you missed the window entirely. Nobody cares abo…
im_stardust: Indeed.
Reikhardt: I do.
RenegadeCZ Jun 10 2014, 06:20 am EDT

I'm just excited for a working tachometer in GTA 5.
im_stardust Jun 10 2014, 06:27 am EDT
If you've played online games, you'll know that there are types of players that almost completely ruin your experience.

You've got people who as soon as they join the game, they go afk.

You've got players which are very new the whole gaming business. They are useless and you can't depend on them to play as a team. They usually camp in a corner somewhere, oblivious to the game objective.

You've got the "rushers", the inpatient players who will repetitively rush forward, die quick and blame it on the rest of the players for being slow.

You've got the obnoxious, arrogant elitists who play more than 12 hours each day, every day and you, as a casual or average gamer, stand absolutely no chance.

You've got the "dumb" cheaters, who ruin a few rounds for everyone and they either get banned or they just leave out of boredom.

You've got the fewer, harder to found, smart cheaters, but who are sometimes 100+ kills further than anyone else, including the good players.

You've got the high ping players.

You've got the glitchers, who use the game's bugs as their advantage.

You've got the spiteful, hateful players who teamkill and insult.

Finally, you've got the people who complain about many of the ones above, sometimes rightfully, sometimes wrongfully. What I figured is that "the whiners" are usually the ones who really want to and will play as a team.

And for some reason, especially in MMOs, there are a lot of players who are jumping and running around, especially in neutral (cities) areas. Sometimes they stop at you and give you the "tauren look".

Anyway, that's why when I see gameplay presentations like the ones in The DIvision or Rainbox Six Siege, I find them to be ludicrous.
im_stardust Jun 10 2014, 06:40 am EDT
I also hear this dumb shit in multiplayer games : "I play for fun, not to win". This idea defeats the whole purpose of the game. It's similar to quotes like "enjoy the road not the destination".

In any invented game, in any business, there is a competition. Life itself is a competition. Everyone is playing to win. Who do people respect? who do people idolize? And who lives a better life?

This is they type of quotes that come from losers who are trying to make themselves feel better with bullshit.
  Reikhardt: Yawn, so you got enough votes to stay then did you?
im_stardust: I did. But even If I wouldn't have, you thought I wou…
Reikhardt: A decade of being self-obsessed, weak little troll eh…
DRAVNT Jun 10 2014, 08:44 am EDT it just me or does the BOTD look like she took a poo?
PigMaster Jun 10 2014, 08:46 am EDT
Ok, so yesterday i got to play fifa 2014.
Now, i've been playing pro evolution soccer for so long
Yesterday i was reminded why

And ... I know it's a long way away but - is there any news regarding cyberpunk 2077?
  kreep69: There will be more info on that around 2075.


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