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Mornin '14
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You know something, I'm glad Rockstar Games announced GTA V for PC and next-gen consoles. That is good news. However, it doesn't make me half as happy as I would've been if they announced Red Dead Redemption 2 - possibly just Red Dead Redemption for PC (even that would've been enough and I'd rather play RDR again than GTA V). Rockstar San Diego's Red Dead Redemption is not just a shooter with cool action and an open world ready for exploration, it also has one hell of a story. The characters and the tale it tells are way better than what I've witnessed throughout my entire GTA V playthrough (which was fucking long, by the way). I'm not saying you shouldn't be happy about GTA V coming to PC. I just wanted to point out that I feel RDR is far more enjoyable on so many levels.

So, how about it Rockstar? Red Dead Redemption for PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

Yep, we whined and begged for GTA V PC and now we want RDR. The rants never stop. And I think Rockstar blood-well likes it.

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im_stardust Jun 12 2014, 05:03 am EDT
All major GTA games have been on pc. Starting with GTA III, all games have been released approximately a year after their console release.

While I've been almost certain of a pc port for GTA V, Red Dead Redemption was launched in 2010 and It's been 4 years since then. I do not know what their actual reasons are, but the chances for a port to PC are almost null. Maybe for a Red Dead Redemption 2, maybe.
Vader [STAFF] Jun 12 2014, 06:01 am EDT
It's possible because it was made by Rockstar San Diego. It was also a production teeming with problems and there were numerous reports of people working their asses off for that game and not getting paid.
im_stardust Jun 12 2014, 06:16 am EDT
What's possible and when? Rockstar only announced GTA V. Forget about it. It's no longer profitable.
  Vader: Yeah, my mind is working twice as much with half the …
im_stardust: Red Dead Redemption had a lot of success. I think Roc…
Vader: To me that's the best game set in the Wild West.
RenegadeCZ Jun 12 2014, 06:21 am EDT

Your rants never stop. I'm happy for GTA on PC.
  Vader: Nope and they never will and yes I am happy about GTA…
im_stardust Jun 12 2014, 06:36 am EDT

I think a lot of you are using words without any logic.
  RenegadeCZ: Vader said "the rants never stop". You really ought t…
im_stardust: Doesn't matter what Vader said. It's what you said. …
RenegadeCZ: How does it not matter? Vader suggests that people "n…
im_stardust: I can't insult your intellect because you don't have …
RenegadeCZ: Yeah. You failed and now you're trying to bury it in …
im_stardust: Your internet lingo is failing, because you're using …
RenegadeCZ: Tell me about it.
im_stardust: Tough you didn't use correct punctuation, I did under…
im_stardust: Because things have gotten out of proportion. For exa…
RenegadeCZ: Yes, please tell me about your righteous anger cause…
im_stardust: Righteous anger? meaningless insults? You're getting …
Morkrul: rant rant rant
im_stardust Jun 12 2014, 06:50 am EDT
Is every comment about something a rant, now? And any argument, that may or may not contain curse words, considered trolling?

Or anything more than "Morning. I'm masturbating!" à la Doomsday, is beyond your intellect?
  Vader: Where would the world be without opinions, eh? And yo…
im_stardust: "Opinions are like assholes. Everybody's got one and …
Vader: You either die a pussy or you live long enough to see…
Morkrul: life, man
Vader [STAFF] Jun 12 2014, 07:22 am EDT
Somehow I knew this discussion about Rockstar and RDR would develop into an argument about what the word 'rant' actually means.

Which is fine... as long as we're all here.
  Reikhardt: I'm not here, I forgot to come and post today.
Vader [STAFF] Jun 12 2014, 09:52 am EDT
Ooookaaay, got the Watch Dogs review up. Finally. The article includes a take on both PC and Xbox editions.


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