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Mornin '14
Filed under: E3 2014

I was browsing through the news this morning and I discovered that Harrison Ford has injured his ankle on the set of the Star Wars: Episode VII. Noooooo!! Haaaan!! Han is injured... Once I recovered from that devastating piece of information I turned back towards gaming. For the past week I've been looking at various publications and the way they cover E3 is just staggering. Trouble is we don't have the equipment or the manpower to cover the show in such a way, but I'm sure most of you are aware of that. Oh as if we've ever managed to compete with the likes of Gspot and IGN, both of which have their own fucking booths at the show. Still, I do hope that the more modest coverage we've been providing for the past few days suits you guys.

To tell you the truth, I've never really seen the E3 as much of a thing one could get excited about. At least not anymore. The sheer amount of people and so-called celebrities parading triple-A games around and pretending to know what the fuck they're talking about, the heaps and heaps of video game journalists and sweaty video game nerds fighting and clawing their way up the asses of all the top publishers just to get as much exposure as they can... man it's all just one huge army of slobbering geek-zombies jerking off one massive cock. So, where's AT in the presence of that massive cock? I'd say we're somewhere at the base of it, gently stroking the balls.

We're happy to do our bit.

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KraGeRzR Jun 13 2014, 03:39 am EDT
Keep it real down there at the balls Vader
Vader [STAFF] Jun 13 2014, 03:44 am EDT
Don't tell me what to do while I'm stroking the balls!!!
Doomsday. Jun 13 2014, 03:47 am EDT

I like it when someone strokes my balls! Aaaaaaaaahh!!
ActionTrip, TekSyndicate and PakGamers are the only gaming sites I visit. :)
  Vader: Thanks I guess :)
Vodoo Jun 13 2014, 04:08 am EDT
the abolishment of the booth babes wouldn't also be a reason for your diminished E3 excitement would it?

of course not, of course not...we're upstanding gentlemen in these parts.
  Vader: Diminished excitement because of the lack of booth ba…
im_stardust Jun 13 2014, 04:25 am EDT
I was hoping to see a Fallout 4 but after Skyrim, I started to dislike Bethesda.
  Vader: Yep, apparently they've fucked up Elder Scrolls with …
RenegadeCZ: Who gives a shit about ESO. It's not made by the same…
touretul Jun 13 2014, 04:37 am EDT
  RenegadeCZ: They did? Why?
Vader: Haven't heard anything about the booth babes of E3 at…
Reikhardt Jun 13 2014, 04:53 am EDT

I was wondering why there were no booth babe collections out there. Sad times, doesn't anybody think of the poor models who've lost out on some income because of this?
All this psuedo feminist crap wont improve the appeal of games and attract more women until the game devs start making games for girls.
  Vader: I'm not saying that the E3 should be filled with slut…
Reikhardt: Exacty.
touretul: yeah! more girlie games. that's what the industry nee…
asmail Jun 13 2014, 05:29 am EDT
Don't worry, we get all the E3 news on those other websites, and then we come here to hear you bitch and complain about it.
  Terminator: I'm guilty of this too. The major websites were way a…
Neil Jun 13 2014, 05:50 am EDT
No Elite Dangerous news? Go on! Just for me!
  Vader: There you go -…
Neil: Awwwwwww! ;)
Vader [STAFF] Jun 13 2014, 05:50 am EDT
Actually writing a post on it just now :)
RenegadeCZ Jun 13 2014, 06:38 am EDT

I look forward to the new Pokémon something-Ruby/Sapphire games. I don't play Pokémon games anymore, but those 3000+ hours I spent with 3rd generation as a kid is something I'll gladly relive, at least for a while.
  Vader: Never could understand the appeal of Pokemon.
RenegadeCZ: Don't take this as a criticism, but for a gaming jour…
im_stardust: Renagade probably looks like a pokémon.
RenegadeCZ: Yeah! A motherfucking Machoke, you little bitch!
im_stardust: Curse words don't work well with pokemon names.
PigMaster Jun 13 2014, 08:56 am EDT
isn't there like something you're really getting excited over at the show?
is it all just massive boobless booths and dull sequels?
many titles look great...but is there anything exciting?
  RenegadeCZ: Oculus Rift excites me every time I see it used well.…
PigMaster: It's still a long way away, till vr is both affordabl…
RenegadeCZ: The new version devkit goes at 350$ if I'm not mistak…
Terminator Jun 13 2014, 08:02 pm EDT
This year's E3 was excellent. There were good game demos, exciting announcements, etc. Witcher 3 was the icing on the cake. I haven't enjoyed E3 this much in a long time :)
Morkrul Jun 14 2014, 06:15 am EDT


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