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Mornin '14
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Okay, we're about to wrap-up our coverage of the E3 2014, which, I must say, had some good moments, but too, some completely dreadful ones. Still, I'm happy that we've managed to stay on top and cover most of the stuff. At least all the stuff that was interesting, if there's something that we've missed, please let us know (and don't be assholes about it either). 

Now, let's get cracking. First up, the comic, then we have more E3 hands-on previews coming in. 

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PigMaster Jun 14 2014, 04:25 am EDT
Happy weekend ya'll!
World cup was beautiful yesterday!
One of those once in a lifetime games.
Vader [STAFF] Jun 14 2014, 04:45 am EDT
I'm glad a lot of people are actually enjoying the World Cup. I wasn't able to follow any of it, because of the E3. Not saying that I would follow it even if it didn't clash with the E3.

Also, I'm not saying that I would follow it at all since my country got kicked out during the qualifications.

Also, I'm not saying that I would follow it even if my country did qualify for the World Cup.

At this point, the only way you could make me watch it, is if you included semi naked big-breasted women, playing in wet T-shirts. Then I'd watch.

Lost interest in soccer a long bloody time ago...
  PigMaster: my country didn't qualify as well, but if you even s…
RenegadeCZ: It was football, I guess.
Terminator Jun 14 2014, 05:18 am EDT
What was so dreadful about E3 this year Vader? Everything I saw was good.
  CJ_Parker: Dude, fucking Skynet needs to upgrade your firmware s…
im_stardust: I think his processor got smashed with a hammer.
Terminator: I liked you better last week, when you were begging p…
im_stardust: You should have been there to say "no". Who knows?....
Reikhardt: He wasn't begging people to say yes really, it was ye…
Vader [STAFF] Jun 14 2014, 05:20 am EDT
Everything. No. Not everything. C'mon. There was good stuff. But please tell me, what exactly blew your mind so much?
  Terminator: Witcher 3, Arkham Knight, DA 3, AC Unity, the new Ali…
Vader: I dislike using the term to "fill someone in" but yea…
Terminator: *shrugs* This is the state of the gaming industry. Th…
Vader: That doesn't mean I'll just sit here and say it's all…
Reikhardt Jun 14 2014, 07:14 am EDT

Thoroughly enjoyed the Holland - Spain game last night, plenty of beers, friends round enjoying a great game with as neutrals.
RenegadeCZ Jun 14 2014, 09:37 am EDT

I wish I knew about something you missed so I could be an asshole about it.

And on the topic of the World Cup:

"Football." -everyone

"Not football." -me
im_stardust Jun 14 2014, 02:31 pm EDT
Yeah, we know. You're watching Pokemon.
  RenegadeCZ: I wish I could.
im_stardust Jun 14 2014, 02:36 pm EDT
Can't blame you, really. 10% talent and the other 90% is split in half, one is luck and the other is falling on the ground, pretending to be injured.

Again, I'm watching it because of the atmosphere, the emotion and for that 10% talent.

And I always root for the losing team or the one with least chances to win.
im_stardust Jun 14 2014, 02:55 pm EDT
And by the way, it's FOOTBALL, rather than soccer.

foot+ball = football.

End of the fucking argument.
  Reikhardt: Amen.
PigMaster Jun 14 2014, 10:54 pm EDT
I don't get it, you don't like football, yet you'd watch it for the atmosphere?
you get all emotional for every goal or dangerous move even though you don't enjoy the sport?
or do you mean the atmosphere at big screenings like pubs or public places?
im_stardust Jun 15 2014, 12:45 pm EDT
I like almost every sport. And I appreciate every athlete, because I know it's hard work to get where they are.

By atmosphere I mean the people cheering in the stadium.I also mean being with your friends in a pub or at home, supporting your favorite team. There's much more than that but I won't get poetic.

By Emotion, I mean the tension between the players when the score is really tight, the happiness when they succeed and score, the happiness when they win, etc.


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