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Mornin '14
Filed under: THE EXPENDABLES 3

Bloody hell. Everyone's in on this thing. Didn't enjoy the previous two movies that much. Hell, I even enjoyed Escape Plan more than The Expendables. Nonetheless, it's always fun to watch these trailers, they make me smile and remember all those awesome action flicks from my childhoon. 

Also, hmm, where's me Snake Plissken???

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PigMaster Jun 18 2014, 01:37 am EDT
Most people I've talked with who didn't like the first 2 movies,
simply took them too seriously.
Understand that unlike Escape Plan, Expendables is not a serious movie, on the contrary, it's a parody, same as Scream was for slasher movies.
It's all about classic 80's / 90's action heroes and explosions.

I think Serious Sam is a good analogy. There's no attempt at making sense, an original or even interesting storyline, just a proper action movie.
I loved the first 2 movies.
RenegadeCZ Jun 18 2014, 02:07 am EDT

I loved Expendable 2, and if this more of the same, just in a grander package, consider me interested.
Vader [STAFF] Jun 18 2014, 03:58 am EDT
im_stardust Jun 18 2014, 04:07 am EDT
Please tell us what you loved about the Expendables 2.

Because it's not an action movie and it's not a parody. It's a new attempt to insult the viewer, a smart and easy way for Stallone to make money and a test for the consumer to see how much he can take. Apparently, the consumer will watch and like anything. From Twilight to Expendables to Game of Thrones. It doesn't matter.

I'm getting fucking tired of the stupidity and mediocrity of the people on this website. This is the only place I post and If I'm honest with you, I just developed a habit, I do not enjoy it.
im_stardust Jun 18 2014, 04:28 am EDT
And nothing is good or even great. Everything is amazing or "amaaaaazing" or epic. And people don't like things anymore, they love. Everybody loves stuff.

If you say "I love The Expendables" and after that "I love my wife", it's a possibility you might get some people confused.
  Reikhardt: Yawn, here we go again.
Reikhardt Jun 18 2014, 04:45 am EDT

Not seen either of the Expendables movies, but they look like harmless fun.
  Vader: Fun? Probably. Harmless... harmless... harmless... …
Reikhardt: Ok, wrong choice of word. Simple. That's better.
Vader [STAFF] Jun 18 2014, 04:46 am EDT

To be honest, I never met anyone who said The Expendables was amazing. Or "I love The Expendables"
im_stardust Jun 18 2014, 04:51 am EDT
Pray that you never will.
RenegadeCZ Jun 18 2014, 05:07 am EDT
You take it way too seriously. I don't "love" expendables the way I "love" a well crafted movie, or the way I "love" Star Wars. Expendables is fun, the action is good, the dialogue and story are macho and silly, but still enjoyable. Plus seeing so many action stars in one movie just for the sake of having so many action stars in one movie is definitely cool.

It's not a serious movie. It's not even too good of a movie. But I still have fun every time I get to watch it somewhere. I couldn't care less if you don't like it.
im_stardust Jun 18 2014, 05:22 am EDT
Don't breed.
  RenegadeCZ: Bend over.
PigMaster Jun 18 2014, 06:19 am EDT
we're all so mediocre
ok, so i didn't love the movies, i enjoyed them. fucking semantics.
either way, they're fun movies, taken properly.
and E2 was just more of the same E1, and I enjoy stupid action movies at the cinema.
what's your fucking problem with that?

and you know perfectly well the difference between loving a movie or a song or your pet or anything else and your love to your family etc. i take it we're all idiots, right? because we love everything?
CJ_Parker Jun 18 2014, 10:54 am EDT
HAHA Mel Gibson that drunk fuck
Morkrul Jun 18 2014, 01:45 pm EDT
there seems to be some gun violence in this one
  Vodoo: i like you :))
Vodoo Jun 18 2014, 03:00 pm EDT
when those old men stand up and you know, walk about, is that CGI ?

joking aside, if they wanted to make the Serious Sam of movies, they should put more puns and one liners in it.....good ones.

what im saying is everything about the script, the dialogue etc. was poor in the previous two. (except for chuck norris, that i liked)
stochinblockin Jun 18 2014, 09:56 pm EDT
I "liked" the second Expendables only for having Chuck Norris.


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