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Mornin '14
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X-Men: Days of Future Past is quite good. In fact, it's better than good. Maybe it's because I haven't been at the cinema for a long time, but I really enjoyed the hell out of it. Everything seemed in place, from the visual effects, fight scenes, the characters and the acting. The story, which involves time-travel shenannigans, is actually solid, maybe not 100% polished, but I was prepared to overlook that. The movie manages to tie into all X-Men flicks rather well, extending the bond that has existed between characters of all the movies that came before. In the end, of course, when I've had some time to sleep on it, I realized that the plot was actually kind of stupid. My brain could be melting. Still, there's no point in denying - I had fun watching Days of Future Past.  

There another post about movies. This will make PigMaster happy. Hey, at least the post is... trailerless!  

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PigMaster Jun 26 2014, 06:01 am EDT
hey! i'm always HAPPY! fucking pharrell williams happy!
i simply hate these trailers we're getting when you get the whole story line, half of the cool scenes - the most important catch phrases and pretty much everything else.

I also enjoyed the new xmen flick. I read the original comic in my teens and the movie really brought the whole atmosphere to life.
the main characters were changed and the main events etc. but the atmosphere was kept, the main idea is the same and all in all, it's a decent 7 out of 10 in my eyes.
I was sober at the cinema as well, which is a bummer when it comes to this kind of flicks but I was surprised.
I'm looking forward for the next in the series, though i know it will never be a pg16 and up. that could really improve the movies. wolverine has razors size of a fucking samurai sword and he only uses them for doors and metal pipes.

also, you fakes don't know what's IDDQD and IDKFA means ha?
those were the main cheats for DOOM (the origianl, one was god mode, the other was all weapons and ammo. 32167 gave you 5 black dragons in Heroes of might and magic 2. i'm not sure how I remember these codes, but they stuck to my mind.
  Reikhardt: The oldest cheat code I can remember was for a game c…
Vader: Ever use a cheat code for a C64 or ZX Spectrum game, …
PigMaster: no, but now i wish i did
run_like_snot: I used to make my own speccy POKEs so in yer face
Reikhardt: Now you're just bringing back the horrific memories o…
Vader: Type-ins... lovely.
RenegadeCZ: FQFQSAA. A valid control input, but almost like a che…
Vader: I used to cheat a few times in NWN. The original. Som…
PigMaster: really? NWN? that's neverwinter nights, right? i reme…
satangel: ZEBEDEE, the most famous cheat for one of the best Sp…
GrgoljBlaster Jun 26 2014, 06:21 am EDT
Very enjoyable movie and the only 2014 flick that I had to see again in cinema (wanted to rewatch Lego movie before it came to BR RIP but was too late). Some people complained that it didn't have enough fight scenes but I feel that would've made it less enjoyable. Also - dat slowmo scene in the kitchen!

Got a recommendation for ya - Edge of tomorrow. Now, I know, it's another movie with Tom Cruise, but trust me on this one especially since it's kinda gamey (won't tell you why) and is actually pretty interesting and doesn't make you nod-off before the credits roll.

edit: another protip - if you want to save some money on tickets, go to Roda Cineplex on mondays. 3D movies are less than 400 RSD on mondays (they don't charge extra for 3D glasses like fucking CinplexX) and the seats are comfortable. Just be sure to watch the movie in room 1 as it has bigger screen and modern 3D projector that doesn't make the movie almost pitch-black.
  Vader: Edge of Tomorrow's next. Heard it was good, even thou…
GrgoljBlaster: It's not a masterpiece but it uses the base mechanic …
Un Om Bun: How would you compare it to Oblivion ? A movie that I…
Vader: I guess Oblivion wasn't complete rubbish. It tells a …
Vader: Hm, I realized what I just wrote was like saying: "th…
PigMaster: oblivion was complete rubbish edge of tomorrow is gr…
GrgoljBlaster: @Un om bun, Vader tbh haven't seen Oblivion so I can'…
Vader: 400 RSD is the local currency. It means 400 Rock …
PigMaster: I bet i could find a gay horse owner who'd trade his …
Reikhardt: How do this go from movies with Tom Cruise in to trad…
Vader: The conversation had a perfectly natural flow to it.
RenegadeCZ: Vader and his RSD. He loves them I bet.
Vader: I don't mention RSD. That was Grgolj the Cheerful.
Vader: I tend to love $$ and €€
RenegadeCZ: So no Rock Solid Dicks for you?
PigMaster: so, which country is it whose currency is rock solid …
Reikhardt: URGay. Home of the vampire footballer.
GrgoljBlaster: Dickistan, ex Cockmenistan country
Reikhardt Jun 26 2014, 07:09 am EDT

Forgot to say morning.
  Vader: How the hell could you forget something like that?
Reikhardt: Beer. Yesterday's to be precise.
Vader: That's beer for ya. Not drinking that any more. Only …
Reikhardt: I'll never give up quality ales. It was my fault for …
RenegadeCZ Jun 26 2014, 07:32 am EDT

I'm hearing that the new Transformers movie is even more retarded than usual. Well, hopefully the action is good.
  Vader: Yeah, I've read a few reviews. The critics have tarni…
vanguard: The action is good. And the story way better than dar…
CJ_Parker Jun 26 2014, 02:59 pm EDT
Summary of today's AT mornin' post comment madness: All of you fuckers have ZERO skill and taste.
  Reikhardt: And you sir, are devoid of social mores.
RenegadeCZ: Not a sir. A mere peasant, he is.
Reikhardt: When one has the upper moral ground one doesn't debas…


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