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Mornin '14
Filed under: PARKING

Oh my God, I just had the most wonderful morning... at the impound. This is the 3rd time they've towed my little car. 2lions thinks I'm an idiot and he's probably right. Actually, he's completely right. Only an idiot would allow this to happen three times in less than a year. However, let us remember that this is a man who once had more parking tickets than he had hair on his body - and bear in mind, 2lions is one of the hairiest human beings you could ever hope to meet.

So, what else is new? Ah yes - get Divinity: Original Sin for FREE on ActionTrip! Don't forget that.

Also, I'm gonna return to the game, because I still didn't quite grasp the mechanics. Gonna need a bit of time with this one. And yeah, Un Om was right about the performance issues, the game is a bit choppy from time to time. Hope Larian patches that soon.

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Reikhardt Jul 03 2014, 01:53 am EDT

Do you live in the city centre? How come there are parking regulations in a residential area?
Vader [STAFF] Jul 03 2014, 01:56 am EDT
Yes. My building is in the city center, very near the main city square. So, it's totally fucked up when it comes to free parking spaces.
Reikhardt Jul 03 2014, 02:26 am EDT
Ugh, that's rough. You need to move to the suburbs and get away from the operatic orgasmer while you're at it!
Vader [STAFF] Jul 03 2014, 02:27 am EDT
I am trying to move to the suburbs, but it's tougher selling a flat than you think... no buyers.
RenegadeCZ Jul 03 2014, 02:40 am EDT

Happens to the best of us. When the cops kill you near your personal vehicle, they impound it. Then you have to pay 250$ to get it out of the impound, or take it yourself, guns blazing.
  Reikhardt: Think you've been playing too much GTA ;)
RenegadeCZ: Nonsense.
Doomsday. Jul 03 2014, 03:37 am EDT
run_like_snot Jul 03 2014, 03:38 am EDT
i'm playin the game at 2560x1600. near full settings. i've turned off vsync, motion blur and depth of field. runs like butter
Vader [STAFF] Jul 03 2014, 05:48 am EDT
To tell you the truth, I'm not gonna read too much into this, because my rig is basically a dinosaur.
Vader [STAFF] Jul 03 2014, 06:25 am EDT
Now, is it just me or is looting and trading a bit frustrating. All the loot you grab along the way cannot be sold for gold. You always have to trade an item in return? Wtf? How the hell am I supposed to empty my inventory and earn money? I get the old-school RPG realism here, but as it turns out, even when you improve Barter skills, you still have to ask for items in return for the ones you want to get rid of. That's just lame.
Vader [STAFF] Jul 03 2014, 06:29 am EDT
Oh wait, I got it now. If you want to sell like a fish or an axe, or any item, you have to choose a specific amount of gold from the trader's inventory and then barter. Bloody hell this is old-school. Selling is gonna take ages...
  Vodoo: punch me if im wrong but from your description the sy…
PigMaster Jul 03 2014, 08:22 am EDT
like Fallout series, you had to put your items in the offer slot, then take some stuff from whoever you're trading with and put them into the other slot and see if they take the offer
CJ_Parker Jul 03 2014, 08:58 am EDT
Mornin' you asshole-poking cocksuckers! :p ... Oh and Twoie is an idiot, too, but just as lovely an idiot as you, Mr. Vader, Sir! :D
Vader [STAFF] Jul 04 2014, 04:18 am EDT
Now if I didn't know any better, I suspect you're angling for a free game!


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