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Mornin '14

Hey guys! I'm glad I finally managed to finish our Divinity: Original Sin review. It took me fucking ages and do you know why? The answer is simple. The game is bloody huge. There's so much in it to do and enjoy.

Also, I formally apologize to Un Om Bun for ignoring his cries to try out this game before release, but I was just too busy watching tits on the Internet. I'm that predictable.

Oh and on a totally different note, this is how every E3 should be covered.

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CJ_Parker Jul 29 2014, 04:04 am EDT
Vader [STAFF] Jul 29 2014, 04:09 am EDT
Un Om Bun [STAFF] Jul 29 2014, 04:12 am EDT
I still remember begging you to post about the game's Kickstarter while it was still in progress, but nooo, you couldn't tear yourself away from tits for five minutes. And now you ended up liking the game a lot more than me.
  PigMaster: I seriously don't see anything wrong with preferring …
Vader: Hm, tits between games would be ideal. Or games right…
Vader [STAFF] Jul 29 2014, 04:18 am EDT
How the hell can you tear yourself away from tits? I ask you...



Well, I saw the tits eventually. I mean light, light. I've seen the light.
optimus slime Jul 29 2014, 05:02 am EDT
Tits: Original Tits
  Vader: Tits: Original Grin
Reikhardt Jul 29 2014, 05:04 am EDT

Now you've seen Un was right about D:OS, how about listening to him again and watching Withnail & I?
  Vader: He may not be right this time.
optimus slime Jul 29 2014, 05:10 am EDT
The lustful looking mustache men with hats are getting riled up. You better start listening to them before they get even more lustful.
  Vader: That's good advice right there.
PigMaster Jul 29 2014, 05:44 am EDT
I think I'm going to adopt a pair of tits as pets, so I can play with them every day.
Anyone knows a good tit-pet store?
  Vader: The Internet is your oyster.
kreep69: This is called being a sugar-daddy heheheh.
Vader: It is? Okay. It is It is?
PigMaster: Are pet tities expensive?
Vader: That depends. What size are we talking about here?
PigMaster: Average size, I guess. Quality is more important to m…
Vader: Hm, I was hoping for a bit larger. All natural too...…
RenegadeCZ Jul 29 2014, 06:49 am EDT

I don't know if I'm man enough for that game. It looks hard.

And that Conan video is pretty good. A little condescending, but still a lot better than that prick from BBC.
  Vader: It's the condescending bit that makes it fun.
PigMaster: Conan is brilliant! Check his attempt at tinder and…
Vader: I also enjoyed the civil war reenactment :)
Myst Jul 29 2014, 07:45 am EDT
Any chance you'd be reviewing The Last of Us?
Vader [STAFF] Jul 29 2014, 08:02 am EDT
  Myst: Well the game got re-released in remastered form so i…
im_stardust Jul 29 2014, 08:44 am EDT
Divinity: Original Sin is a game that's slightly above average, but nowhere near a 9 score.

And Larian are horrible at game art design.
  Vader: Why so harsh?
im_stardust: A score over 9 is near Baldur's Gate 2 or Kotor. You …
Vodoo: i often agree with your skepticism but this time, i h…
im_stardust: An 8 is good. That's slight above average like I've s…
Vader: Sometimes I rate games higher because I want to encou…
Neil Jul 29 2014, 08:44 am EDT
In other news... ELITE DANGEROUS Beta released today!
  Vader: Hm, ah, hm, ah
RenegadeCZ: Thanks for the heads up, I'm gonna check it out. I'm…
Neil: Christ, the community have even created their own hea…
Terminator Jul 29 2014, 04:36 pm EDT
It sounds like the next Godzilla movie will have Mothra, Rodan and Ghidorah in it. That is fucking awesome!
Vodoo Jul 29 2014, 05:14 pm EDT
i would like to stress that Pillars of Eternity will be FANTASTIC.
  optimus slime: I second that stress.
firelord2005 Jul 29 2014, 10:20 pm EDT
You're right, that's how E3 should be covered.
Vader [STAFF] Jul 30 2014, 07:07 am EDT
It's what I'd do if I ever got the opportunity to cover E3.


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