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Mornin '14
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I'm struggling to understand what this means. Casey Hudson leaving BioWare could be another sign of EA tightening the noose around the studio's neck. Hm, or rather extending the crack of its whip. One would think that the co-founders leaving is a bad enough sign. Okay, so BioWare hardly went down the sewers after Zeschuk and Muzyka left, but the studio sure as hell changed how they design games. Just rewind and think about it, and you'll come up with the same conclusion. Casey has contributed to major projects at BioWare and I still can't figure out whether his departure signifies the sentiment: "well, BioWare and EA are kicking off with a new IP and a new Mass Effect game - I've had enough of that shit." It could be that he's tired of leading big-budget projects. That shit becomes stressful as fuck. It could also mean that he's had it with EA's sequel-crunching policies and that he's decided to form a small, independent studio and try out his own game designing skills.

It could also mean something entirely different. Hell, we'll never know, until the guy talks. Still, being a big-shot producer at BioWare clearly meant that he's got enough cash to quit such a job and rethink his life. To cut a long story short, he's rich and he can now do whatever the fuck he wants. Personally, I would move out of the gaming industry entirely and just enjoy other things in life. Like, sex. Lots and lots of sex. Seriously, what's it like? I keep forgetting. At any rate, after he gets bored with all the sex he just might make a cool game. A game about sex. 

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Breedy_Mcfluff Aug 08 2014, 02:28 am EDT
Wasn't he the one who not only pretty much created Mass Effect, but single-handedly ruined it's finale?
Vader [STAFF] Aug 08 2014, 02:32 am EDT
He was a producer and project lead, so yeah he pretty much ran things up there. Still, he was not solely responsible for writing the Mass Effect Trilogy storyline and its conclusion. Other writers and producers were worked on it we can be sure of that.

Many, many people were involved with Mass Effect's story, including Mac Walters and this guy​ex-bioware-writer-discusses-dropped-ideas-for​-mass-effect-trilogy-ending
  KraGeRzR: Mass Effect was better written when Drew Karpyshyn wa…
Vader: The story was a lot more interesting to me in ME 1 th…
Breedy_Mcfluff Aug 08 2014, 02:44 am EDT
True. I may have had reading from rumors rather than facts. Being project lead, he did some pretty great things, but can't escape doing not so great things.

Appears like Bioware isn't even Bioware anymore. It's just EA Alberta or something.

God, I need to replay ME 1 and 2, then finally buy 3 with the Citadel DLC. I have yet to see the finale sex scenes with that annoying Ashley or whatevs.
  Vader: EA Alberta sounds immensely gay.
im_stardust Aug 08 2014, 02:45 am EDT
Good riddance. Mass Effect's gameplay was deplorable. And so were the rpg elements.
Vader [STAFF] Aug 08 2014, 02:56 am EDT
I agree about the gameplay. May not be this guy's fault tho. Could be EA's or God's.
Morkrul Aug 08 2014, 04:41 am EDT
maybe it's stardust fault
  Vader: No way.
Terminator Aug 08 2014, 05:38 am EDT
I think Casey had enough of EA's bullshit. EA has turned Bioware into a shadow of its' former self, like they have done to several other companies. I wish Casey the best in his next job.
  Vader: Actually, that's wishful thinking. I'd like to think …
Terminator: True. EA might have forced Casey out of Bioware.
Vader: It's a very EA thing to do.
CJ_Parker: Well, what would YOU do if a no talent hack rapes you…
Doomsday. Aug 08 2014, 05:47 am EDT

Its ALL Stardust's Fault!! ALL OF IT!!!
Vader [STAFF] Aug 08 2014, 05:57 am EDT
I don't think so. If it was, the Mass Effect 3 ending would've been darker and way better.
CJ_Parker Aug 08 2014, 06:23 am EDT
For me personally BioWhore has never made a game *really* worth playing (no, not even BG or KotOR which were both BORING as FUCK). Dragon Age was OK. The Mass Effects were OK. SWTOR was kinda fun for a while (the storyline at least, the repetitive end game sucked like in any MMO).
In essence I really don't give a flying shit who stays or leaves at that mediocre developer. Fire all of them fuckers for all I care! That'd be good for laughs! :D
  Vader: They're hardly a mediocre developer. But they do make…
Vader: Lately anyway.
CJ_Parker: Scratch lately. They are the kings of boredom. Always…
BmmB: Well, it seems you know about gaming as you know abou…


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