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Mornin '14
Filed under: WEEKEND
Five hours of sleep... good enough. It's a tremendously lovely weekend and I intend to make the most of it. What about you guys? Going anywhere interesting? Playing anything interesting?

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optimus slime Aug 23 2014, 06:15 am EDT
Vader [STAFF] Aug 23 2014, 06:16 am EDT
Me neither.
PigMaster Aug 23 2014, 07:05 am EDT
i'm going to do drugs
is that anywhere?
Vodoo Aug 23 2014, 07:16 am EDT
as a matter of fact yes, though "interesting" is not the word i would use to describe Shadowgate.

im afraid Un Om Bun's prediction falls flat with this one; even so if uttered from the perspective of the nostalgic geezer with spectacles so rosy they're indistinguishable from a baboon's anus, then Shadowgate is everything it presumably promised it would be.

HOWEVER if one is to be unbiased and objective, the game is torture simply for sticking so much to the original source material.
the interface is sluggish, the commands too obtuse in interaction with anything and why the hell can i PICK UP shit i don't need but can't discard them if they serve no purpose nearly 2 hours later ?

Shadowgate, for those like me who haven't played the original, is a first person point & click adventure but annoyingly feels much more like one of these cheap hidden object puzzle games which ironically has more puzzles than Shadowgate despite claiming it has "countless" of them on the Steam page.

another mechanic which if done right would have been good, the instant-death mechanic where one wrong choice and you die. back to menu and reload a convenient autosave or quicksave. the problem is, you don't die because you fucked up a puzzle, no you die because you chose the wrong action for an object. clearly that candle is a trap device because i inspected it and told me this candle seems unusual....ohh wait, no it didn't.

the graphics are fine, hand painted wallpapers that don't move and the sounds in the game are equally good, the voice acting of that 1 guy is more than acceptable but everything is just....
come on man, Might & Magic got resurrected and turned out ok, Monkey Island got 2 remakes and they were a big improvement and last but not least, Legend of Grimrock which i think is a yard stick for any game trying to bring back old memories for both veterans and newcomers alike.

why would someone exempt Shadowgate from criticism because it's "faithful" to the original. that's like doing a lobotomy today because it used to be a valid medical treatment 60 years ago.

developers, don't sell your shit based on nostalgia when you should be using it only as a foundation to build upon.
  RenegadeCZ: That lobotomy analogy was pretty good.
Un Om Bun: I'm not bothered in the least by all the things that …
Vodoo: the commands are indeed crystal clear but in performa…
BmmB: Yeah, lobotomy analogy I like. The rest was good too.…
Reikhardt Aug 23 2014, 07:24 am EDT

Busy selling imaginary items on Steam for lots of Steam wallet funds.
RenegadeCZ Aug 23 2014, 08:39 am EDT

Had a lovely game of airsoft today. Crushing noobs is much more satisfying in real life than it is in videogames. The cries of pain get real!
  im_stardust: Would I be allowed to sneak behind you and tactically…
RenegadeCZ: My mom is dead.
Vodoo: i approve, airsoft is a fun long as you do…
CJ_Parker: Airsoft is for pussies. Why dontcha go to Iraq or som…
RenegadeCZ: I wouldn't say I'm a tryhard, but I'm definitely an e…
im_stardust: You moron.. You are comparing a "death at any mome…
RenegadeCZ: War is terrible, not a single doubt about that. Most …
im_stardust: Running in the a minefield would give a great rush, w…
PigMaster: both of you have no idea what the fuck you're talking…
Un Om Bun [STAFF] Aug 23 2014, 11:23 am EDT
I recommend a little horror game called Five Nights at Freddy's. It's creepy as hell.
Vodoo Aug 23 2014, 07:53 pm EDT
Vader you numpty, instead of covering silly sequels this year you should have payed attention to the rebirth of Hexen/Heretic !!!

apparently Techland has been working on a first person Diablo game clad in the sexy occult dresses of Hexen/Heretic.

the game is called Hellraid, it's being rebuilt on a new in-house engine Chrome 6. (Dead Island used Chrome 5 which is also used in the following video, the game will soon have the new engine for a preview this autumn). final ETA 2015.
  im_stardust: You've played Skyrim, right?
optimus slime: I totally forgot about this gem. But cramping everyth…
Vodoo: yeah but unlike Skyrim the combat is better, tighter …
Vader [STAFF] Aug 24 2014, 04:20 am EDT
Hey everyone one, this is Vader the numpty. I just noticed that our latest comic is in the lead in the Weekly Webcomic Wrapup at Joystiq, so please vote if you can​bcomic-wrapup-has-one-week-til-pax-prime/

Numpty out.
  Vodoo: you're winning numpty (^_^)
Reikhardt: Voted, good luck.
RenegadeCZ: Awkward Zombie (Farcissism) seems like a decent pick!
Vader: Vote for them then.... ... traitor...
GrgoljBlaster: Featured on Kotaku, too :)…
kera33 Aug 24 2014, 07:24 am EDT
actually I have just rediscovered FF XIV .. and you know how MMOs can be... But I am waiting guests so I am now leveling the janitor's job ..
Terminator Aug 24 2014, 04:55 pm EDT
I started playing Dragon Age: Origins again. Excellent game from start to finish. It's also a reminder of how good Bioware USED to be.
  Reikhardt: Except the painfullly dull Deep Roads....


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