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New Dragon Age: Origins Trailers
We've received a two new trailers for Dragon Age: Origins, all of which offer more gameplay footage from BioWare's approaching RPG. The first movie shows a dialogue scene from the game:

The next trailer features combat, tactical moves being pulled off by the main character and his party:

To learn more check out our impressions of Dragon Age: Origins.

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Seothen Aug 23 2008, 09:30 am EDT
Looking forward to it - my worry is that it isn't going to sell the number of units that EA will be happy with, and then EA says, 'Sorry, that'll be the last PC-only game you make.' Or maybe it will sell enough to make anyone happy, but then EA still tells them no more PC-only games.
  CJ_Parker: Yep. Since the holy saints from BioWare are so well k…
Seothen: lol - Yeah, the particulars here were more important …
Un Om Bun [STAFF] Aug 23 2008, 10:01 am EDT
So it IS possible to release trailers showcasing dialogue. Bethesda could fuckin learn from Bioware, but I guess they need to hide their "streamlined", ADD friendly writing for as long as possible. Fuckin cock suckers. Enough with your fugly bloody mess perk and miniature "nucular" gunz ! The retards are already sold, so why not try to seduce us intellectuals too ? Ahem.

Ok, what game was this again ? Aaa, Dragon Age. Well, it feels like a deja vu of a deja vu. Typical knights and monsters in typical fantasy environments, splurting boring, recycled lines. And to make things worse, the game will be a trilogy, or god forbid: episodic. Yuck ! Pay the full price for a small dose of the same old same old.
  Templ: The above post feels like deja vu of a deja vu. The p…
Copperr: Yeah, everything this person posts is whining and bit…
Un Om Bun: There must be something we can do about him... but wh…
Littlebastard: even I change my post habits most of the time, even t…
soverign: HI GUys!!
Littlebastard: Hello person that makes internet threats how are you.
soverign: I'm vundabah, as I feel honored to have been addresse…
Copperr: On the 2nd thought, probably an attention whore who j…
Copperr Aug 23 2008, 10:05 am EDT
On my shopping list.
Vodoo Aug 23 2008, 10:15 am EDT
off my shopping list.

speaking of deja vu, nice rip off from LoTR at the end of the video.
how sad, before videos and screenshots started to appear i was so enthusiastic about this game but now not much.
it has no feeling; the atmosphere is as dull as it was in NWN and the dialogue......god help me.

im sorry but i expected more.
Carbonated_Vodka Aug 23 2008, 10:17 am EDT
Its basically NWN 3 , and with the dirth of PC games these days ,it will sell well.

The gameplay and dialogue don't seem bad, but its nothing we haven't seen before, my only worries are the lack of truly new features.

Comprehensive multiplayer suport would be enough to keep most people happy.. And maybe a multiplayer mode like DOTA .
Vader [STAFF] Aug 23 2008, 10:17 am EDT
Christ, man! Pull yourself together!

  Vodoo: were you aiming at my face or my other ass ?
Vader: Both, bitch! But I was too scared to look. So, what d…
Vodoo: left butt cheek, and there's candy everywhere.
Vader: daym
Ren3d Aug 23 2008, 11:35 am EDT
Looks too neverwintery for my tastes. God, the characters look so ugly. Or is that just a bunch of war torn ugly dudes?!? Mass Effect looked so much better in character animation. Anyways, these guys suddenly remind of the Cenobites.
Doomsday. Aug 23 2008, 03:01 am EDT
i am going back to playing The Witcher..
Supcic Aug 23 2008, 05:49 am EDT
Bioware needs to lay off these Sword and Sorcery games and start working on KOTOR 3.
  araczynski: screw KOTOR, stick to swords and sorcery.
FesterSilently Aug 23 2008, 07:00 am EDT

Too many diverse and off-the-wall comments - I completely forgot what I was thinking.

Really, though - considering BioWare's track record (with me), I'm sure that at the very least, I won't dislike it. - at best, I'll fucking love it.


And, yah - I've loved (nearly) all of 'em: Baldur's Gate 1 & 2; KotOR 1 & 2; Icewind Dale 1 & 2; Planescape Torment; Neverwinter Nights 1 & 2; Mass Effect...
  CJ_Parker: Quite a few of those are Black Isle and not BioWare g…
FesterSilently: Um, okay Mr. Angry-Pants. "Dumb-ass"? Really? …
CJ_Parker: Yeah. Really. Asshole. - And I don't know where you'r…
Ftmch: I just lost my hope in humanity once again.
FesterSilently: Well, how about that, Mr. Parker - you're right! A…
CJ_Parker: Yep. Sometimes it's just fun to act like a naturally …
Ftmch: I did not realize that no ^^ I have to much experienc…
Terminator: You ain't the only one Ftmch!!
soverign Aug 23 2008, 09:40 am EDT
Might Run on my Computer Fuck Yes!!!

And I Loove tacky fantasy RPGness, we don't get enuff on our PC's
VooDooPC Aug 23 2008, 12:24 pm EDT
Swords = Lightsabers, Sorcery = The Force. Just name your character Luke Skywalker and you are pretty much playing a Starwars game.


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