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New Hitman, Kane & Lynch Games On the Way

Thank God Io Interactive is doing something besides Mini Ninjas. Eidos confirmed today that the creators of the well-known Hitman series are, in fact, working to bring back everyone's favorite silent assassin, Agent 47. CEO Ian Livingstone uncovered this in an interview. That's great news. We've been waiting so long for a new Hitman game.

Additionally, Ian revealed that Eidos also plans to release Kane & Lynch 2 sometime in September this year.

Seems Eidos still sees potential in the Kane & Lynch franchise. It's really a shame this game didn't turn out better. As it stands, it has so many design flaws and technical problems. Also, a lot of people just didn't like it, so I guess that leaves only financial success as the publisher's main motive for keeping the license alive. Time will tell if the next one will flop.

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Jedrus May 11 2009, 05:34 am EDT
Oh yeah.
It's about freakin' time.
Vader [STAFF] May 11 2009, 05:38 am EDT
Yes, Eidos turn this into a good news day.
Spud May 11 2009, 05:49 am EDT
i dont know about you, but i like Kane & Lynch, gave me lots of fun times.
Baulderan May 11 2009, 06:08 am EDT

YEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!! I loved Blood Money, and always ALWAYS wanted another Hitman game.
im_stardust May 11 2009, 06:12 am EDT
I don't understand why a poorly rated and also a poor game like Kane & Lynch gets a sequel.

Vodoo May 11 2009, 06:20 am EDT
i hate good news, they're never good.
the magic coin trick is only good as far as your poor judgement goes, when that disappears so does the charm.

for those who lack intuitiveness of metaphors: old games are good because they're unique from a time when creativity was the basis for anything and everything.

games turn to shit when they become fashion shows, changing superficially with every money grabbing sequel.
  im_stardust: What do you mean by old games? Good games ship eve…
Jedrus: Your pain is my pain.
Vodoo: i guess i was a bit indeterminate there, i meant old …
im_stardust: I do not agree. There is no such thing as a downfall …
Cheddar: Vodoo, I would agree more with your point if not for …
im_stardust: What makes Blood Money the best in the series Cheddar??
Vodoo: i wouldn’t call any game's success (and by that…
Cheddar: stardust: I daresay most people would agree that Blo…
im_stardust: But I do not see why the last was the best. Except th…
Cheddar: I'll agree on the lack of any significant new innovat…
Terminator May 11 2009, 07:13 am EDT
Sweet, I love hitman.
tei187 May 11 2009, 08:07 am EDT
K&L sucked because of the ending - you were fucked this way or another. kind of like GTA4 (except the hardware configs). still, i've heard there was going to be a movie with bruce willis and billy bob thornton (good choice, btw). we'll see how it'll come up.

another hitman? hmm... what i'm afraid of that this'll become something like tomb raider - it's fun but how many times can you do the same things all over again? on the other hand - how can you not love playing a psycho mass murderer... but silent... sneaky, eh? however, it'd be fun if there were actually more ACTION in hitman.
archangel5 May 11 2009, 08:17 am EDT
Amazing day for us stealthy gamers! New Hitman and Thief games on the way.
Whisky May 11 2009, 08:24 am EDT
Ugh Kane & Lynch had so much potential but it was all wasted. I sometimes fire it up just to play the bank job and the getaway... the only really fun part of the game.

I got stuck in the middle and just gave up. Too buggy.
Doomsday. May 11 2009, 10:50 am EDT
The_Reverend76 May 11 2009, 11:33 am EDT
thank god!!
Cowflab May 11 2009, 12:36 pm EDT
More Hitman = Good for gamers...Good for gamers = Money for IO!
Cheddar May 11 2009, 12:51 pm EDT
I always expected another Hitman game after Blood Money. The ending was pretty ambiguous for a reason, I think.

Besides, the Hitman as a character study has a lot of potential. There's a great capacity for character growth there, and that can be easily utilized as a powerful dramatic device in future installments of the franchise.
The Heart Of Darkness May 12 2009, 03:10 am EDT
......Vodoo knows what I wanna say, but I'm just too heart broken to say it.
  Vodoo: can you please get my "name" right for once, i had be…
Cheddar: Congrats, I actually had to look up "solecistic" just…
The Heart Of Darkness: oops. My bad.
Ftmch May 12 2009, 05:56 am EDT
This made me happy.

the hitman-franchise is one of my favorites.


And I liked the concept of Kane & Lynch, even if the game wasn't very good, I hope the sequel will be better.
Blurg May 12 2009, 06:20 am EDT
Kane and Lynch was ok, not great but certainly not bad. It got a lot of flak for the whole gamespot blunder that it didn't deserve. Blame should instead have been put on the advertisers and not the game developers.
  Ftmch: Yeah, it was better than many games, but still, it ha…
tei187: and it ended up like shit... flush...
Whos_the_Who Jul 14 2009, 12:59 pm EDT
Agent 47 baby!


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