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Next-Gen Gaming Not Doing So Good at the Moment
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Our review of Killzone: Shadow Fall is coming, folks. Until then, it might interest you to know just how some next-generation console titles are doing right now.

Ryse: Son of Rome, powered by Cry Engine tech, hasn't been praised much. In fact, it landed to lukewarm reviews and a generally disappointing crowd of gamers who are eager to taste next-gen gaming. Well, this is hardly the game to hail the arrival of what one would consider to be the next generation of video games. Clearly, we're just not there yet. If titles like this are supposed to represent the next stage of game evolution, I'm really not looking forward to what's coming. Fair enough, there are still many promising titles still under development, but so far, I don't think we've seen anything that current-gen (or past-gen) can't offer.

Call of Duty: Ghosts, which we did enjoy, frankly, didn't make much of an impact either.

After all the promises and hype, Dead Rising 3 turned out to be, well, just okay. Nothing more.

Maybe we were expecting too much and true next-gen. games are yet to come.

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Moesha [STAFF] Nov 21 2013, 07:11 am EST
Launch title blues.
Vader [STAFF] Nov 21 2013, 07:12 am EST
Un Om Bun [STAFF] Nov 21 2013, 07:57 am EST
So consoles have reached 2007 pc graphics. BIG. FUCKING. DEAL.
IcedEarth Nov 21 2013, 11:15 am EST
Due to a mixup with Amazon, my PS4 pre-order didn't get fulfilled (I'm not out any money). I'm actually kind of relieved. Between hardware and software issues and a lack of quality launch titles, I think I dodged a bullet. After reading some of the hands-on reviews of the hardware, I think I've also been swayed to go with an XBox One whenever I do hop on the next gen. In the meantime, I picked up 3 great games (Ass. Creed 2, Dishonored, and Dragon's Dogma) for my 360 the other day for $40 at EB Games. Time to catch up.
Terminator Nov 21 2013, 03:15 pm EST
Ryse: Son of Rome is being advertised on TV all the time in my area. I'm disappointed to see this game can't match the hype.
Cabled Nov 21 2013, 04:22 pm EST
Next-gem, this-gen, last gen it's all bullshit anyways. Good games win, meh games meh. But it's actually cheaper now for a studio to hype the hell out of a meh game than make a good one. Advertising is cheaper than development by a factor of about 10.
  mcthornbody: In 3 years most pc's will blow away anything the cons…
mcthornbody Nov 21 2013, 05:54 pm EST
Consoles are about to get left in the dust. No Oct Rift support ever for a console that is supposed to last 10 years? They are so fucked. Steam, your doing it right.
DRAVNT Nov 21 2013, 07:56 pm EST
Not only Steam but also Kickstarter. Can't wait to get my grubby little paws on some of those games that got crowd funded.

But really, who or why should we be surprised about next-gen games sucking a big one?

Mediocre games have been the expected norm for a long while with only a few titles actually shining above the rest.

Heck, even some of the shining new ones get pretty boring a bit too quickly IMHO.

Used to be we'd spend a few hundred hours playing some games and leave feeling incredibly satisfied. Now, we're bored after a few dozen hours (or sooner).

Might be we're all becoming jaded and the glitz n' glam don't impress us....OR the games are actually just getting more pathetic.
IcedEarth Nov 22 2013, 10:44 am EST
^ GTA V is the first game in a very long time where I've found it fun to just fuck around in the world. The online portion is especially good for this. The last game I remember this sort of fun was the first Halo game on XBox. I spent countless hours with friends having Warthog jousting matches, playing with the ridiculous vehicle physics.


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